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I'm not sure if it looks nice or not, maybe I have to see it myself. But why an old sensor (although not bad) and why the D600 AF? The D600 sensor with D800 AF would have made more sense.

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TrapperJohn: Looks nice, but it also looks like a standard large, fat DSLR with a retro body. I'd love to dig my old F3 out and use it with a digital back (now there's an idea) but this doesn't really advance the state of the art any.

Is Nikon missing the point? The Oly EM5 wasn't successful because it looked like an OM1. It was successful because it was smaller, quite a bit smaller, and so are the lenses. It may look old, but it's packed with new ideas. And it's the new, interesting approach that makes it appealing, especially the lack of bulk that makes using it less of a chore and more, well, fun.

Look at the Canon 100D, it can be D7100 size

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praktinafan: I still use the boxed version of Aperture (comes on a DVD) and so I can not upgrade to 3.5. This update only works with an AppStore license! Bummer

It is possible: change the language to English and restart. After that you can update.

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It's too small. I would like to have space for a jacket/sweater and some food as well

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