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Henry M. Hertz: the real question for many is how does the D800 fares.
it looks like there is not much improvement over the D3s.

now 36 MP on a sensor will not make it easyer to shine on medium and high iso.

and spare me the downsampling crap....

i don´t buy a 36 MP camera to downsample all my images. that is plain stupid.
i buy a 36 MP camera because i want to print real big or crop the hell out of the images..... so no downsampling possible.
in fact i do nothing like that.. but that would be the reason for a 36 MP camera and it´s huge files.

if i print a maximum of A3 there is no reason for a 36MP camera and i rather go with a faster camera and less MP.

haha if it makes you feel better?? the d3s and D4 are just about the same in higher ISO's look at the charts again. I had one one on order but now I can keep my D3s and buy some 1.4g lenses instead !

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