Dylan Johnson

Dylan Johnson

Lives in Canada Ottawa, Canada
Works as a Security Guard / Photographer
Joined on May 18, 2012
About me:

My name is Dylan Johnson and I am the owner and creator of CaptiVision Photography.

Three years ago my wife bought me my first camera, and I took up the art ofphotography. I brought my camera everywhere with me, and took photos of everything. At first I was a bit hesitant, not because I didn't like photography, but because I didn't think I could see well enough to be a photographer. I never imagined that just a short while later I would start my own company, shoot huge bands such as Sloan and Raine Maida, fundraisers for the Children's Wish Foundation, be featured on CTV's Regional Contact, and have a full page publication in Metro News Ottawa.

What separates me from other photographers is my inherent perseverance in overcoming challenges. The biggest challenge that I've overcome so far in my life has been my visual impairment. I was born completely blind. I had cataracts in both eyes which were surgically removed when I was a few months old. I had a few more eye surgeries growing up that were all successful. While I was able to regain a lot of my sight, the surgeries left me with glaucoma. The glaucoma is under control, but my vision is far from perfect, and it's as good as it's going to get. Fortunately I found photography, which has helped me see better than I could have ever imagined possible.

There are definitely a number of difficulties associated with being a photographer with a visual impairment. One of those difficulties is trying to prove to people that you have what it takes. I feel like I have to constantly prove myself and convince people that my disability is something that I've learned to work with, rather than work against. It's made me the person, and photographer I am today. My disability requires me to pay extra attention to small details that other photographers may overlook. This is definitely an advantage I have. Small details can mean the difference between an amazing shot, and one that might have been.

The genre of photography I enjoy most is event photography. This includes concerts, sporting events, and fundraisers. The rush you get when you're standing on stage with a band, looking out at all the screaming fans, listening to the thump of the bass and crash of the drums is just phenomenal.

I also love shooting maternity and newborn photography. I think it's such a precious time, and everyone should be able to look back and remember that beautiful time in their lives, from being pregnant, to bringing a little miracle into the world.

When I'm not shooting for a client, I enjoy experimenting with photography in my spare time. From super macro shots, to shots of the moon, to wildlife and landscapes. There's just something I love about being able to get so close to something, without actually being close to it. It helps me see the world differently, and sometimes makes me forget that I'm visually impaired.


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