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  • Replied in 1440 vs. 2000
    This can be a matter of some subjectivity. What does the user want? I doubt that that there are many equal answers. These days, I am mainly a wildlife searcher, birds mostly, and for me not only ...
  • Replied in Capybara.
    Capybara - or Capivara in portuguese -Brasil - is quite common in brazilian rivers and marshes. It's name has tupi indian origin, meaning Grass-eater. The biggest rodent in existence, it swims and ...
  • Thanks, Mr. Ingraham. It has only 3 levels of EVF brightness, and was set in level 2. Moved to level 3.
  • Created questions Dark EVF in P900
    Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I have a question about P900's EVF. Whenever I use it in conditions of cloudy sky but plenty of light, it gets dark, making almost impossible a clear view of the ...
  • Blowing up the D810 image to reach dimensions equal to the one from P900 is understandable, IMHO. But if this is the aim, why should one blow up the image from the P900 for?
  • Yesterday afternoon, a friend and I took pictures of a couple of hawks that did not let nobody getting close to them. We took pics from30+ yds. I used a Nikon P900, friend used a Canon T5i plus ...
  • Thank you. Starting download now.
  • Created questions birdwatching mode
    OK, I'm dumb. But how can I set a P900 for birdwatching mode? Thanks.
  • As a lesser amateur wildlife photographer, reach is an important issue, not as a substitute for careful stalking (gritty joints actually can be a plus for moving slowly) but for filing the frame ...
  • Replied in SX 50 vs SX 60
    If general image quality is your priority, keep your SX50.
  • Great pics! The best I have seen from an SX60... Tell us about distance, focal length, flash used, in a word, EXIF, please!
  • Cities like Recife are benefited by seabreeze, but only near shore. Rio, afar from the beaches, often reach 40°C, as does northeasternTeresina city, Piauí state. (They joke saying piauians that go ...
  • Northeastern hinterland of Brazil, 6 to 8 months/year. Then comes rainy season - less 2°C, humidity up to 75%. We get used to...
  • Thank you. You see, some 'pundits' use to say things like this with such an emphasis that doubt creeps in the mind of a novice, nevertheless senior as myself...
  • Keeping a DSLR and lenses in an environment of temperatures from 33ºC to 35ºC most part of the year, humidity around 50%, may bring harm to the equipment ? Thank You.
  • I am one of those that tote a superzoom instead of a big/heavy tele + DSLR, when do not have a specific object of interest. I mainly take pics of wildlife and stray dogs (very common where I live, ...
  • Just wonderful! It seems that you can keep your left eye as a step one. Just kidding, wish you  a fast recovery.
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