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Marty4650: It really isn't clear if this will be included with the $9.95 CC subscription, or in addition to it.

If it is included, then it just makes CC a better deal. If it isn't, then it is pretty expensive unless you really need the program.

Mark, that is correct. I already subscribe to the $10 photography CC plan and when I go to the page to see Portfolio pricing, it lets me know as a CC subscriber, it's already included.

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On article Nikon's New D5 and D500 Push the Boundaries of DSLR (733 comments in total)
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Franco8: "Push the boundaries of DSLR" can someone inform me what boundaries have been pushed.

Well read the damn article and find out. You apparently read the title but couldn't somehow make it past that.

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cpt kent: You first. Let me know how it went....

Come on Josh153, don't ruin the Adobe hate circlejerk, it's the last thing many here have left in life.

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CaMeRa QuEsT: Nikon, how about a firmware fix for both the deep shadow banding and the green cast issues? These are the only 2 cameras you have ever made that have deep shadow banding, a flaw you have been able to avoid on the D7200 which you have stated is using the exact same sensor as the D7100.

The banding only shows when you horribly expose a shot and try to recover it. I suggest setting for proper exposure from the get-go.

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On Connect post iPhone 6s and 6s Plus come with 12MP camera and 4K video (198 comments in total)

4k video and higher resolution on pictures, yet they still insist on making an intro 16GB model that is likely to have around only 12GB of usable space. Are there any other flagship phones in this day and age doing anything less than 32GB?

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Brian Wadie: I'm feeling left out as I don't find any problems with either LR or PS CC 2015, most unfair as I have nothing to moan about ;)

Chin up Brian, something will come along eventually. :)

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Jim Evidon: Except for some disclaimers that pop up when I open CC2014 and sometimes the need to drag images into CC2014 to work on them, it works flawlessly and I have seen no need or reason to upgrade to CC2015. It has yet to crash or close prematurely as P.S. 5 did on occasion.

So now there's people on the internet who are paying the subscription but refuse to update to the latest version? Geez, I can't keep up with all the elitists out there these days.

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On article Adobe announces final Camera Raw update for CS6 owners (470 comments in total)
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mediasorcerer: why doesnt dp review do a feature on all the potential negatives to cloud based photographic software such as adobe cc subscription, do some real investigative journalism, support the artists and expose the corporate greed, manipulation and huge risks associated with paying through the teeth for and relying on cloud software and storage for photog artists?

you call yourselves photographers here? yet ive never seen one article positing all the potential negatives to this subscription based nightmare waiting to happen?

frightened to create some controversy in the online community and stand by the consumers for once? without us, you would have nothing.

all you do is talk it up without fair and unbiased perceptive duality of argument for and against.
i bet you wouldnt have to look far to find many pros who have had nightmare problems with cloud based softwares.

you dont seem to have problems finding negatives to cameras in reviews, but not the software?
unless im mistaken?

They don't need to do an article on "negatives", any time an article has the word "Adobe" in it, the comment section will take care of that for them.

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smokinman88: Still slow, I wish they would fix this....maybe it's time to switch to Capture One.

I just stressed LR6 a bit, ran through about 50 RAW images on the filmstrip just to get them to load. I got LR6 up to slightly over 2GB RAM usage before I got bored. It slowly climbed as I made my way through pictures.

If you have LR open for a while and are making lots of changes, it can definitely bog down your system if you don't have the hardware to support it. But you're working with a lot of huge pictures, it's to be expected.

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Joriarty: The story should read: "Microsoft creates new unlimited OneDrive storage option, gifts subscribers free Office 365".

Pity they don't have a Linux client...

This is correct for me. I purchased an Office 365 subscription when they increased the included storage to 1TB. Microsoft keeps sending me emails because I haven't installed or used my 365 license, I guess they think I don't know what I'm doing. :)

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sandy b: The lack of trust does not seem to extend much past DPR. 1.8 million subscribers. Up 405,000 between Jan and March.

DPR is just another internet site where most posters have false notions of representing the majority when, in fact, they make up for less than 1% of people who have interest in the specific topic.

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pdcm: All those people who locked into Adobe's Cloud based CC programs; well it will be all your fault for allowing Adobe to have this control over us. It was a very, very silly thing for you to do. And you have also ruined it for the rest of us who didn't fall for it. So thanks for nothing :(

There is other software out there, switch to something else and quit complaining. "All your fault"....blah blah blah.

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On article Apple to cease development of Aperture (425 comments in total)
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DotCom Editor: Here's the question no reporter has yet asked, so I will: What incentive did Adobe offer to Apple to get Aperture killed off?

I seriously doubt that Aperture was in any way serious competition for Lightroom.

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On article Apple to cease development of Aperture (425 comments in total)
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Digitall: Next smart move from Apple is, Aperture free for all. A logical step.

Not if it won't stay updated.

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On Connect post Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 3 tablet to replace laptops (270 comments in total)
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DarkShift: No, I would never use a 12" touch screen for anything as complex piece of software as Photoshop is. Plus the screen would get too greasy already after 30 minutes use.

@DarkShift - I agree that a 12" screen is not ideal for something like PS, however this device is directed more at portability. While you may not have the need for a dedicated SP3 at home, it may be worthwhile if you're the type of photographer who is on the go and has the need to edit or preview photos in the field. So the 12" screen sounds horrible in traditional editing but having a sub-2lb computer with you at all times could be a huge plus (if you have a need for it, of course).

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On Connect post Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 3 tablet to replace laptops (270 comments in total)
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keeyoni: Can you connect to an external monitor?

@Mike - You could have just typed "yes" and it would've been even less effort on your part.

@Damon - An external monitor can run at a different resolution than the Surface screen, not sure how this hinders user experience.

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On Connect post Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 3 tablet to replace laptops (270 comments in total)
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SeeRoy: Unfortunately I bought an SP2 128 last November. In a nutshell it's a complete Piece Of Sh!t. Now I know why they slashed the prices last week, adding insult to injury. Now a further injury... I just hope the SP3 is as bad as its predecessors and holes Microsoft below the waterline. Vist the "support" site for an overview of the spectacular range of faults exhibited by these overpriced, unreliable, ill-conceived piles of junk.
Buy a budget tablet and a decent ultrabook or laptop at the same price. As a tablet the SP range is simply tragic.

WOW....completely trashing a product and not giving a single word about why you don't like it. I question that you even own one.

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Reactive: Don't forget to sign the petition (not that the greedy execs at Adobe will ever listen to customers):

Exactly, greedy bastards! That's all Adobe is, they're just in it for the money. Makes me sick. Too bad they can't be more like Nikon or Canon or Sony or Apple or Microsoft or any other company out there, who aren't in business for money, but for customer service and helping the little guy. Adobe is one of those rare breeds that does everything just for the bottom dollar.


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On article Nikon D4s unboxing: It's arrived! (258 comments in total)
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Jason Rickerby: DPReview is actually going to review the top of the line Nikon body? Why not just look at the Nikon press release and post a preview? Here's some templates, one from Oct 18, 2011:
and an other from Mar 7, 2012:

Why not review the Canon 1D X, so you have a comparison to have with the Nikon D4s? This review was apparently going to happen:

Reviewing the Nikon D4s and not the Canon 1D X would be odd, considering:

I never understood why people clamor for reviews. Do you really need a score assigned to it that badly? Read the forums and look at sample pictures to make up your own mind.

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Louis Dallara: Maybe we need a boycott of 500px, any photogs want to remove there photos?This is obscene, and I thought micro stock was a rip off, this takes to to a new level.


Nope, it's a product that 500px offers, price is all that matters. There are no "policies" at play here, you're reaching. Some of you don't like what 500px is offering so you're trying to get support to boycott them, for whatever stupid reason you think you have for being the leader in this unneeded rebellion.

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