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it is very easy to solve this problem: the NPPA should discuss what is allowed an what not an how long a photo is a photo made by a photographer or a picture is a picture that is based on a photo and changed on a computer.

My personal view is, that everything you could have done in a darkroom to develop a photo should be allowed. Real Photoshop-Work to change the content should not be allowed.

Changing the content of a photo is bad in the sense of a photography or documentation (not as "art" - then it should be allowed).

Maybe the can determin, if they want an photo-contest or an art-contest.....

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On Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path article (1405 comments in total)
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RomanP: I bought the full frame for the Bokeh. I finally get to shoot with the 50mm 1.4 as intended. Everything else is pretty comparable.

Hi Richard,

you oversee two facts: at first: every sensor-sice and cam has its right, because if not, it would disappear very quickly from the market. second: most of us buy their gear beacause we want it, not need it (except pros).

That what I read out of your opinion is, that a better camera-system does not make me a better photographer.

And the reason, why a change from APS-C to FF is full of compromises, is, that near nobody has the money to do that in one step at one time (to sell the old but still good gear to buy a new one). In this times of changing - yes - we all make one compromise after the other.

.... because between the start and the goal there are many steps ..... so our equipment is changing in accordance to our ability or to our willing to invest money in our hobby....

In fact, 30 years ago you would be world-champion with a Fuji X 10/20/30, a Sony R 100 III or a G 16, an Lx 100/Leica D-Lux or an Nikon 8700 ........ or an APS-C-body .... or a 4/3-Cam ....

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30 years ago no cam had an integrated flash. Today, most of the cams have an integrated flash. And for many people this flashes are enough.
That is one reason, why less flashes are sold.

That means, that the target-group is becoming smaller and smaller and only the pros, semi-pros and realy enthousiastic amateurs do need a flasch today. But - these people often have more than one unit.

The other reason is, that cheap no-names ar sold too - and they seem to do a more or less good job.... for less money.

I am a fan of quality an will never buy a product only because of the price.

I was very satisfied with my Nikon SB 800 and I'm still very satisfied with my 2 Metz 50 AF-1. Because I have to replace my SB 800 I wiill buy an Metz AF 64 AF-1.

To buy Metz-Products is the only way to support this company to be able to give us good quality flashes in the future.

PS.: To rise ISO is no way to replace a flash - both methods have completely different effects ....

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That's very sad ...
... another european manufacturer is gone ..

... the real reason is, that the customers (HE GUYS, THIS ARE WE) are not ready to pay good money for good quality....

I hope to be able to catch one of the last 52 AF 2 for my D610 instead of my old SB 800 that is gone a few days ago (to complete my two Metz AF 50)

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Review preview (895 comments in total)
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Kodachrome200: this is to much camera to make and then not have basic controls like postioning af points be easy and something you can do on the fly. this is the problem with a lot of mirrorless cams too. My iphone has this figured out.why cant cameras made for enthusiasts realize that this is important

HowaboutRAW: I agree with you. To use the center-AF-Point ist much much faster than to switch to another point

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On Nikon D750 First-impressions review preview (1422 comments in total)
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Alex Satrapa: Can this camera behave as a CLS commander with the built-in flash the way the D7000 can, or do I need to add a Nikon flash like I do for the D5300?

even my D70 10 years ago had this feature....

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On Fujifilm X30 (beta) real-world samples article (95 comments in total)

To all the guys that compare the X30 with the RX100 III:

Both cams are on a very high level and both have advantages and disadvantages.

RX 100 III: slightly better image quality, presumably at higher iso, smaller body, less zoom-range, awkwardly VF, slippery body, hardly usable with both hands, better to use with one hand (it is your personal choice wether this is an advantage or an disadvantage)

X30: biger, better zoom-range, more practically VF, can used with both hands (like you use a DSLR - what is in my personal opinion a clear advantage - but this can be completely different for others), external flash via hot shoe

So it is a mather of taste which cam is better for you.

For me, the Fuji is better because of the excellent zoom (that I enjoy on my X10), it is realy great to work with - very similar to my Nikon equipment, I also esteem the grip of the body.

... but it's a mather of taste .....

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2962 comments in total)

It is typical for Sony that everything they can't do based on the knowledge of photography they do with an higher afford of technique.
They built a great cam with great technical data.
But in a slippery body.
with a technical great viewfinder, but you have to pull it out and pull it back before you can use it - not comfortable and not fast for fast shoots.
Also the flash: you have to put the cam from your eye and pull up the flash.

Sonys approach to photography is from the technical side, they have great technique and put as much as possible in the unit.

The approach of Nikon/Canon & Co is from the side of the photography, they first think on the photographer and than they develop a technique ....

That's the difference.

Beside my Nikon DSLR-Eyuipment I love to use my Fuji X10 because of the manuel zoom - that's also a realy fast lense that is fast to use and in the same way I use my DSLR - great from the point of view of a photographer (also it has not the same IQ than the Sony).

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On How Peter Hurley became a top portrait photographer article (49 comments in total)

It is a nice story and I'm wondering on how many different ways it is possible to reach a goal......

I think, the point in his case is, that he was open-minded all his life and he has done everyghing with his full passion ......

Great story, thank's!

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On National Park Service bans drones in Yosemite article (170 comments in total)

I'm a photographer and as another hobby I fly rc-airplanes. But I would never ever do that in a National Park.

... some people would do everything only for her own advantage ..

So this decission is absolutely correct!

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The only interessting point is, that he has taken photos form prisons.
So far so unusually.
But that's it.

The photos are taken at night from a tripod with no special technology and it seems with no love or special view......
only at night from far away ....
and in b&w - also nothing special..

So the photos look booring to me .....

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ill, that's only crazy an ill ..

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On Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent article (321 comments in total)

Hungary seems to be a third-world-country. The gouverement changes the law to it's own advantage for years without thinking ahead...

I live in Vienna and I think that Hungary is not able anymore to go the way from a east-Country to a west-Country, they turned around a few years ago and they are going back to the past...

It's a pitty and sometimes it is alarmingly

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On Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent article (321 comments in total)
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ZAnton: Same law in Germany exists for years.

that's incorrect

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what do dpreview think ist "free" if you have to purchase for download?

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That is very dangerous for Nikon becaus of the european Competitive authority. This can cost Nikon 10 % of their worldwide (!) turnaround!

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On Nikon Df preview (2792 comments in total)
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Marla2008: This is not only very ugly, it's also insulting to the intelligence of its target audience. It SO screams "let's milk the money of the wealthy retirees". Faux retro and marketing cynicism at its worst. I initially thought the Sony A7 (which I have on pre-order) was ugly and looked put together from non assorted bits, but it actually manages to look rather sleek and sexy compared to this monstruosity.

You seem to be to young to understand this concept



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Most of these photos are from this fantastic film:

a 90 min. Film, better than every Universum, you could do a screenshot every few minutes and send it to a foto challange.


It's about the beginning of the world and the changes human beeings have been made .....

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On Roundup: Digital Cameras for Kids article (64 comments in total)

After an "old" but still good CompactCam from her mother my dougther has got a Olympus waterproof and shockresistant cam that did a wonderful job during our last holidays on a sailingboat. It was a great fun for her to take any kind of photo on the boat, on the water, under the water and on land and as i gave her a strip around her arm she could not drop it (into the sea). It it was very relaxed for me because I did not neet to worry about the cam.

But I WANT TO ASK ALL THE DPREVIE-MAMS AND -DADS the following question: what happens after shooting? My doughter watches some photos on the cam. But she has not checked that the photos should be selected, partly deleted, putted in to a file. Sometimes she asks me for printed photos (what i do immediately - I try very hard to be a good dad ;-)

What are your children want? prints? see the photos only on the cam? on the PC? Do they want it on their mobile phone?

I'm interested, how other photographers handle their children's photos.

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On Roundup: Enthusiast Zoom Compact Cameras article (421 comments in total)
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Tinjaw: I know this isn't the best/appropriate place to ask, but please forgive me as I want to get people to answer this that have read this guide.

I have never owned a "real" camera. I don't know how to use one. I have decided to buy the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 as B&H had it for $299 (oddly the white versions was $449).

I am going to buy a book and some online courses to learn how to use it and take photos.

*My Question is* What low cost flash should I purchase that will work with this camera that will be good enough to use while learning? I have no idea what I need/should buy.

At the beginning you should consider that all Cams (from 50€-8.000€) don't do anything else than: measure the light (in different ways), regulate the shutter-time, the aparture and the focus and sometimes they change the iso-settings. The different cams do that in 1 million different ways.

I would recommand you to use the manual-modus. And try a little bit, check the cam and the results (that you can immediately see on the screen). Use the histogramm on the display.

Flash: dont' buy a cheap flash. The flash of the Panas work realy well and is enough for short distances and for fill-up-light.
Only if you realy need more flashpower than buy a good one (not a cheap one). At the beginning the on-bord-flash should be enough.

Another advise: go through the manual, page per page. Usualy the manuals of the manufaturers are realy good to learn about the cam AND about photographing itself.

Goot luck with your LX7 - it's a real good cam!

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