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  • Post is always post, and can't alter or add the information that was filtered away before information was captured.

  • @jvkelley

    He should have said he is familiar to angle of views the 35mm gives from given focal length.

    Give her a m4/3 or 6x7 and she might have a difficulties to visualize the angle of view when...

  • Being professional doesn't mean you are skilled or talented. Being professional means someone is willing to pay to you to do something they can't, have time, or otherwise doesn't like to do.


  • And knowing can you pull without quality loss photo from -3EV or from -5EV is important. Seeing the photo trough EVF how it will look at that moment is more crucial than using OVF and guessing did...

  • @Karl "Maybe you should watch the video by Scott Kelby why he switched to Canon - he switched partly because of the ease of image review with the thumb wheel..."

    And maybe he should get a E-M1...

  • "models lacking the thumbwheel, only get embedded dials, less efficient, because one cannot spin through any/every exposure setting without touching it just once."

    Olympus E-M1 disagrees with you....

  • "Check the financial stats for both companies... Canon is No.1 for good reason and leads the competition"

    "S**t must taste good. Millions of flies can’t be wrong."

  • The Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro is already here. Sharper than most (if not all) 300-400mm from Canon/Nikon and with 1.4TC you get 420mm equivalent angle of view.

    Weight and size is about twice less.

  • If someone at dpreview doesn't know all the benefits from shooting 4k, then that isn't qualified to talk about video.

    I give couple examples

    1) uploading 4k video to YouTube gives higher bitrate...

  • How about demand for 25fps? Do you whine about it too?

    Now E-M1 is unacceptable to video recording at all in ~70% of countries when ever there is fluorescent lights. 30fps records lights...

  • @Mostlyboringphotg " I stand by my position that the correction should be to educate the consumers that 50/2 lens is 50/2 on FF or on crop and not call it a equivalent 100/4 lens on a crop and 50/2...

  • What if every objective manufacturer would engrave the angle of view?

    Instead 50mm it would be a 46°
    Instead 28mm it would be a 74°
    Instead 85mm it would be a 28.5°

    And what would happen?

  • The sensor size doesn't matter.

    It is about the technology how the pixels are manufactured, what electricity levels they use, how efficient is the photo-diodes capability to resolve photons etc....

  • @tko: I believe you should go back to your garage and continue fixing your car ;)

    You have 30x20 paper and a 15x10 paper. Lets say that bigger is "35mm" and smaller is "m4/3" just for argument....

  • @tko: I believe you should go back to your garage and continue fixing your car ;)

    You have 30x20 paper and a 15x10 paper. Lets say that bigger is "35mm" and smaller is "m4/3" just for argument....

  • Higher pixel density helps to compute sharper image using aperture past diffraction point.

    With digital technology we can bend the rules and use smaller apertures (larger values) because we do not...

  • That "Full frame" thing applied only to 35mm sensor is just nonsense and is from old film age when 35mm film was used on pocket cameras where the imagine circle was smaller (because camera was...

  • 7-14mm doom, 14-150mm zoom and 75-300/100-300 zooms are not enough?

  • In many situations JPEG is better than RAW. Why? You, can get exactly the final print required quality easily and don't waste time for RAW. Time is money, delivering a photo to get money can be...

  • Commented on Fujifilm X-T1 Review preview

    You can! Get a battery grip like HLD-7 and you can swap battery on the fly! I do it often. I have three batteries and one is in body, grip is used and when it is time I swap the battery in grip and...

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