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sense601: Images clearly show lack of backside illuminated sensor and IBIS. Also, bokeh on #8 is bad.'s not for everyone. Have a like :-)

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On article Readers' Showcase: Steven James Martin (48 comments in total)

Images clearly show lack of backside illuminated sensor and IBIS. Also, bokeh on #8 is bad.

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RaghavBaijal: How did you use F2 Aperture on a F2.8 Lens??!!

Didn't you read the title? Just realign the plasma injector coils and modify the antimatter diffusor with a higher particle frequency, et voila...f2. Works with every lens.

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User9362470513: Some of the best OOC jpegs on the market? A quick comparison with the Sigma Quattro Dp2 studio scene blows that nonsense out of the water.

No offense, but trying to disprove the statement "some of the best..." by comparing it to ONE supposedly better product only proves that logic is not your strongest point. Here, I'll help you: The Sigma might be lightyears ahead of the X-Pro, but if the X-Pro is better than the rest, the statement still holds.

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Reilly Diefenbach: DXO is second only to CaptureNX2 for interface clunkiness. Image browser strip has to be clicked away in order to get a still cramped view of the photo. Give us a full height pic for the love of Mike. Where are the autohide left and right panels? Clueless. Zoom and grab the pic and move it around? You have to click on the hand first.
DXO, you've got a lot of work to do, and I don't mean more modules. Get a copy of Lightroom 4 and see how simple and fast beats slow and laborious with tiny buttons every time. Lightroom's lens correction is close enough, too, so DXO's utility get smaller every time out. The only use I have for DXO at this point is to correct superwide pics and sharpen up the corners with Lens Softness, but it's rare these days. Did I mention Lightroom is $100 on sale vs DXO $200 to use my D800?

There's a shortcut to hide all palettes. Really easy to find, that is, if you want to. Moving around the image? It's done in the same way as in every editing software I know - by holding the space bar.

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Wonderful shot...a real pleasure to look at it. Thanks & congratulations.

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On article Street Photographers test freedom to shoot in London (184 comments in total)

Interesting. However I too believe we would have seen a different outcome if the security guys and the police had been unaware of the video guys. My experiences here in Germany are that you can shoot almost anywhere even with a larger cam. The only thing that would alert security would be a tripod in a train station or at the airport. For underground stations here in Frankfurt, you can get a free permit for non-commercial shots without any trouble.

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