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too sharp? That's not accurate, it's more like "film was never this detailed."

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how is that possible to have so much bandwidth at 1000 fps at 4K resolution?!?!

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DisplayMate just released article about iPhone 5 color display and not surprisingly, it outperformed Galaxy S by a large margin. iPhone 5 has perfect colors and has accurate gamut and doesn't need re-calibration out of the box.
Just the facts.

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Despite much needed features (especially autofocus during video), 600D seems to look better than 650D. I wonder why.

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Iron Mike: a 15 in display with 2880x1800 resolution will make stuff so small it will be very hard to see, including text. The 1080 resolution on my 16 in laptop is bad enough, this will only be worse...

No, they won't be tiny at all. The MacOSX scales the text and controls nicely... the text and controls will STILL be roughly the same size as you normally see. It won't be tiny like you'd see on Windows because it cannot scale well for high DPI display.

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photoaddict: The images don't look impressive. If I were to decide on a monochrome camera, Sigma SD1M would be the one. Sigma seems sharper and has more "depth" to it. The images from Leica looks flat and boring.

maxoney, it falls apart in color at high ISO but not in BW. BW stays relatively clean even at high ISO.

Sigma looks significantly better than Canon in high ISO BW imaging.

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The images don't look impressive. If I were to decide on a monochrome camera, Sigma SD1M would be the one. Sigma seems sharper and has more "depth" to it. The images from Leica looks flat and boring.

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oh boy, i think ill sell my canon gear for nikon gear... nikon just seems to be outperforming canon significantly in the past couple of years. Good job, nikon!

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Wow! I am extremely impressed with all the sample images shown from that camera! I could buy it just for a camera!

I really love the 800 ISO sample - it looks a lot more "analog" and more organic. Love the colors.

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On The 15 Minute Makeover: Photoshop Beauty Retouching article (168 comments in total)

i very much enjoyed the tutorial... I learned a couple of new tricks despite using Photoshop for many years!

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GearGuru: I was just thinking recently how, by today's technoligal standards, that removing a card and putting it in a wired card reader to transfer images seems a bit primitive. Here's what I'd like to see: 250 GB (for now) solid state drive built into camera body. When I'm done shooting, I fire up the computer, pair using Bluetooth, then proceed to download images from camera, wirelessly.

Until then...

I have used CF and SD. I much prefer CF for its size, durability, and simplicity. I have never bent pins or experienced any problems. On the other hand, SD are too small, fragile and flimsy. I've had more than a few SD cards break. One the shell cracked open and another the lock mechanism came out and on another the plastic struts that separate each contact broke off.

I understand that a new format may be needed to address performance issues, so I'm open minded on a new format. Let's just get it dialed in so we can limit the number and different types of media cards.

I had pin issues in the past so I am glad to see CF go.

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ACLU sure comes handy at times!

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On Early Bird in the Starting over. New beginning. High expectation. challenge (2 comments in total)

what kind of bird is that? It's a colorful bird! Great picture!

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On Happy Birthday I'm 36 in the Dystopia challenge (15 comments in total)

but you capture it so well that deserves a first place!

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