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  • I noticed the photographer responded to the question about his color processing. You can click on the first flickr link to see the response yourself off to the right side. He didn't offer much....
  • I agree with John about the aspect ratio. Have you considered cloning? It would take a few tries to get the lines to match perfectly, but given the repeated pattern, it should be possible to make...
  • Replied in C&C please
    The image is definitely worth saving.  I love the concept of the edit.  I agree with Steve that the one issue is the lighting.  The top part looks like it was taking at night and the bottom part...
  • Replied in Waterdroplet
    Waterdroplet photos certainly have some intellectual interest- seeing the shapes they form frozen in time and the whole physics of it.  But I've seen enough of these photos that the intellectual...
  • Replied in Pause
    You should call it, "Three Dummies Looking in the Wrong Direction" Nice eye finding this scene, jbf seanazz wrote: Pic taken on a walk round Crouch End. Cropped and converted.
  • One thing that would have helped is some fill light on his face, but you did a great job on the framing and you captured a fantastic moment. Thanks for sharing, jbf
  • Really nice shots.  I like the processing.  You pushed the saturation, but it suits the images and you didn't go too far.  Makes me want to go there, jbf
  • You're lucky to have such an adorable little model to photograph. I recommend checking out Lisa Holloway's work if you haven't seen it. She specializes in outdoor, natural light photos. She posted...
  • You posted this in the right forum, which is to say, you posted it in the wrong forum. Okay... that statement requires an explanation. :-) If you want professionals to answer your question about...
  • Good question.  There are photos from quite a few photographers on the site.  I spent a few minutes searching the web to see what I could find.  I checked out a handful of the photographers'...
  • Added 2 photos to their gallery
  • Really great images.  I encourage everyone to check out your website. jbf
  • Nice job on these.  I'm sure some people won't get the first one, but I think it's very creative.  One comment on the third one- the lighting is great but it'd be much better without the background...
  • Nice job on these. I agree with one of the other posters who said that the first one is the standout. The last two are interesting as well. I do have some constructive criticism on these images,...
  • Commented on Painful Rain in the steelwool long exposure challenge


  • I like these photos.  They show a lot of personality.  If I may make one suggestion, on the first photo try a very tight crop and see how that works.  What I'm thinking is to crop just at the top...
  • Doss wrote: Been done before? F$%# that! This is one of the most unique and creative things I've ever seen on this forum. I respect that you find the these photos unique and creative. I also see a...
  • Commented on _DSF0430 in the Large Aperture challenge

    Anyone just glancing at this is going to give it a low score, but it's actually kind of cool.

  • The teacher adds a lot to the shot, but I agree that none of the crops are a clear winner. Besides fitting the teacher into the scene, the other big problem is the bottom of the frame. The teacher...
  • Replied in Fire Alarm..
    My advice fwiw is to do one of two things with this scene if you have a chance to re-shoot. To feature the alarm, eliminate the brick wall and fill the frame completely with the red alarm. The...
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