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On Nikon D7100 Hands-on Preview (492 comments in total)

Cite : "The D300s has been locking increasingly anachronistic." ha ha ha ... it sill is the better body.
One-click 100% magnification ? dream on baby.
AF-ON button : yeah ... omitted

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D7100 Hands-On Preview (311 comments in total)
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pentaxfun: I think I'm gonna go on a hunger strike until Nikon releases an optional version d7100 that has an AA filter.

With the d800 vs d800e articles on here as well as other highly respected photography sites/sources, the consensus was uniformly in agreement with each other that for the vaaaaaaaaaast majority of shooting situations, the image quality was better WITH an AA filter than without one. That the non-AA d800e was only superior in VERY specific, narrow, niche, rare, shooting situations, at very specific narrow aperture range in very specific conditions, but in the rest of the vaaaaaast other shooting apertures and conditions, the regular d800 yielded better results. And thus, the d800 was much better for the vast majority of shooters than the d800e, which was only better for those who did a very specific, narrow range of photography.

So, I guess I might starve to death in about 1.5 to 2 months or so. Oh wells, it was nice knowing you guys :(

This is 24mp on a DX sensor which surpasses the D800 resolution. Therefore the critical range for moire is pushed even further. NX2 has a correction algorithm for that.
Bottom line : Moire is an absolute non-issue on this body.

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On article Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 review (546 comments in total)

Without the EVF attached it's uncomfortable to shoot over a longer period of time.
With EVF attached it's in no way "pocketable" anymore.
Sluggish AF in low light. A bummer. The RX1 is basically a dream for low-light photography on intimate locations where a D4 wouldn't be appropriate.
Sony, make it work with the RX2 (courtesy Tim Gunn).

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By reading the posts of others I suspect that the concept of an entry-level camera is not fully understood. Prospective buyers have no clue about all the tech stuff but simply want a "good camera". It's then up to the salesman what he can talk the consumer into. I would guess that almost no entry level cam buyer has ever heard about RAW not to mention software like LR or NX.
I'd further guess that the kit lens is the only lens that ever touches this body.

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fmian: Does anyone know what kind of deposit is required? I would imagine it's at the full price of the camera in case the 'borrower' does not come back.
Why cannot one just find a retailer with a good return policy instead?
Paxtons in Sydney offers a 45 day return policy. No questions asked.
Surely 45 days is better than 48 hours?
Also, not sure about the UK, but in Australia it's within a consumers rights to return a product they are not satisfied with. I believe the allowed time is 1-2 weeks.
At least, that is the rules we abided by when I was working for HN.

Seriously, would you like to get "used" cameras (or whatever) most of the time because some wackos randomly gather (buy ?) stuff they can't afford but are fond of to try and play with ?

After 2 weeks of utilization a consumer good can hardly be called new anymore while 48h of careful handling hopefully doesn't do too much harm.

I personally though would prefer a return policy that immediately returns cash to the customer if the device is flawed from the very beginning. In most EU countries this is not possible. Once bought you have to live with it.

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This is what the average Amazon customer anyway does.
According to many posts @dpreview this is almost standard procedure in the US ... lol
But definitely a novelty in the EU ... err UK.

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Fatality: By the way, to all the people who are planning on buying a new monitor.. Instead of buying one 30" monitor, I recommend getting two monitors in dual-head configuration -one 24" IPS and a second smaller cheap TFT monitor. Keep all of your tools on the TFT monitor (except the color palette) and do all of your processing and color work on the IPS monitor. It's less expensive this way and it's also better on the eyes since you can always turn off the second monitor if you don't need the extra screen real estate, plus you can conveniently adjust the position/angle of the second monitor. I'm using this setup since 2000 for 3D, digital imaging and illustration work, it's working really well for me..

(some advice to novice users) :)

In theory a good advice. I tried it myself but ...
When using a drawing tablet (Wacom) a big amount of "drawing estate" of the tablet is used for the 2nd monitor. Leaving less for the primary monitor = reducing resolution & precision.
Even though I run a dual monitor config I restricted the tablet drawing estate to the primary monitor.

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It's so ridiculous. Smartphones provide us with 300dpi and even more while PC monitors deliver an abysmal low dpi count.

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 6D In-depth Review (530 comments in total)
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yabokkie: 6D is unbelievable.

5D3 is already the cheapest camera that I can think (sold at an unreasonably high price though). 6D is below the lowest expectation except the size, which is not bad.

for those who are thinking of stepping up to the world of 35mm fullframe, D800 with 24-70/2.8 and 70-200/2.8VR2 should be the best choice.

Have you been working at Nokia ?
Your judgement is so far off. You have no clue what customers are inclined to spend their money on.

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 6D In-depth Review (530 comments in total)

I'm deeply impressed and overwhelmed by the sensor. Plays almost in Nikon D4 territory !! Wow !!! That said from a Nikon user & lover !!!
At ISO 6400 (RAW) it's pretty close to the D4, much better than D600 and makes the A99 look like a P&S (sorry Sony).

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On article Nikon D5200 added to our studio comparison database (186 comments in total)

Today it's not about the sensor, it's all about the body that makes the difference. Dunno about DR but regarding noise the 5200 plays in the same league as the D800.

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On Connect post Samsung Galaxy Camera in-depth review (82 comments in total)

At least this one has decent specs (compared to the poorly designed Nikon beast)
23mm wide angle is quite impressive !!!

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On article Just Posted: Nikon Coolpix S800c Review (79 comments in total)
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marike6: Many complaining about the score from DPR should notice that other camera sites like ePhotozine and PhotograpyBlog also gave the S800c an "Above Average" rating in their reviews with assessments like "decent IQ with good color reproduction". At lower ISOs it does have decent IQ (see the review samples at Universal or SF) that's inline with other 1/2.3" sensor cameras. In fact I've seen other similar small sensor compacts with much worse JPEGs.

As far as why review this camera, it's one of the first Android cameras with connectivity and a mobile phone form factor. Whether or not enthusiasts are excited by it, as a category first, DPR did well to review it. For those who say no, should DPR also not review other similar "new concept" cameras like the Canon Powershot N, just because they might not be of interest to hard core photo enthusiasts?

Only because there are even worse "cameras" out there doesn't mean that this concrete Frankenstein-gimmick is bearable.
It's definitely not. Nikon is pulling legs with their customers by offering such a half cooked piece of crap.
Imagine you would shell out a few hundreds just to discover that the camera is nearly unusable and gives an extremely unsatisfying experience. You probably wouldn't be pleased.
This is a very bad piece of technology and that fact should be stated as what it is.

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On article Just Posted: Nikon Coolpix S800c Review (79 comments in total)

This camera is a kiddy gimmick for an 8 year old.
The basic idea might spur interest on the tech savvy ones among us but then ... well then it should be state of the art camera with Android 4.2 and some serious photographic capabilities surpassing other similar cameras. But none of this applies. It all boils down to crap.

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On Sony NEX-6 Hands-on Preview (229 comments in total)

NEX-7 in the meantime seriously suffers from its poor sensor. Sony is well-advised to issue an upgraded NEX-7 alike model with an up to date sensor.

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On article First Impressions: Metabones Speed Booster (354 comments in total)
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fmian: Except that at widest aperture the resulting image becomes darker. Read the preview. What is the point of taking a f/1.4 lens to f/1.0 if its darker? Plus chromabs are increased and contrast is lost. Not to mention it makes the lens softer on the corners, and introduces vignetting.
For the price of this adapter, you can get a second hand original 5d body and not have to worry about compromising image quality. Since that's what we all care about.

Try to find a 24mm f1.4 (FF equiv) lens for an APS-C body !!!
You get some FF features on an APS-C body. Therefore you have to take some compromises. So it's simply a matter of what counts the most for your style of photography. Life is always a trade off.

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On article First Impressions: Metabones Speed Booster (354 comments in total)

Due to rendering the AF useless it's definitely a niche product. Anyway, it looks attention-grabbing since for the enthusiast photographer (not the pixel peeper) it delivers some attracting features enhancing the possibilities of the camera.
Well done.

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I like the new trend that many of these P&S now start at 24mm. Unfortunately it still has a slow lens mounted. Others do better.

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cgarrard: Hmm the new 800mm or a new car? One thing is for certain, the lens is not likely to depreciate in value like a new car will :).

I would guess that this lens is as difficult to get as a new Lamborghini.

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On article Mobile-friendly forums launched (102 comments in total)

Maybe the inclined user might give a serious feedback on usability at different screen resolutions ?

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