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On Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path article (1408 comments in total)

I use a Nikon full fame 28 - 300 on a D7100. I love the combination. yes, there is no true wide angle, but it suits my morning walks to shoot Twin peaks visible from Longmont, Colorado. I buy a lens as I feel drawn to it and over the years have a full gamut of focal lengths. Sometimes I don't use a lens for a while and then something strikes me and I use it all the time. Ultra wides - the 14 to 24 is not useful on the 7100 - at least, it hasn't appeal to me so far. I like to use the Nikor micro 105 on the 7100. I have tubes but I get better clarity and I like the crop.

I think everyone will have a different use for a lens - some I might not have thought of.

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On Adobe launches Lightroom for iPad post (130 comments in total)

what about a droid version??

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On Service lets you order prints of any Facebook photo post (115 comments in total)

We now live in a world that profits from so many dishonest things. 80% of the laws in the US are to control morality and you can't.

We shouldn't need to be regulated to be honest. This is, regardless of what is or isn't legal, wrong. It's disgusting period.

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On Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? article (1509 comments in total)

I have a D800 - an amazing device - I don't hang out on this site much - but I have used it since May. I moved from a D700 and D300. It is the best camera I have ever used

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On Facebook pushes photo prominence in timeline article (83 comments in total)

I see no difference in any difference on my page. The ineptness of FB to showcase photos is amazing. Highlight shows only part of the photograph. They simply are not doing much right and this extends from harassing member with phone calls to sell advertiosing to pages that change constantly, to software that dramtically changes the appearnace of photos. If a change is being made, it hasn't aoccured yet.

In addition, they encourage participants to make new friends and punish you for doing so, never respond to help requests or repsond to questions about suspensions. What investors need to know is that FB is filled mainly with people posting saying that explain how easy life is if only . . there are exceptions. For a photographer, Facebook is just a big billboard and I see no changes in what they are doing

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T3: One significant new feature of the T4i is the addition of selectable RAW size: full RAW (18mp), M-RAW (10mp) and S-RAW (4.5mp). With my 60D, I do most of my general shooting at M-RAW simply because it's plenty of resolution for my needs. Plenty of times, you just don't need full 18mp for every shot, but you still want the flexibility of RAW. I shoot most of my wedding images at 10mp M-RAW, with full RAW reserved for the portraits or large group shots. That's quite helpful when you're shooting 2000+ images per wedding, In prior Rebels, you didn't have the option of M-RAW or S-RAW. Now this new Rebel offers M-RAW ans S-RAW! Cool.

Now Rebel shooters who find themselves running short on memory can switch to M-RAW instead of switching over to JPEG. This is a good option to have.

no, the D800 offers 3 levels of sensor use 35mp and 15mp - even with FX lenses

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On Nikon D800 preview (1106 comments in total)

It amazes me how many people are complaining - the first thing out of their mouths is complaint without seeing the camera. If 36MP provides sharp clear images - will that be a bad thing.

Personally, if this gets good reviews - I have a D700 for sale

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