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Lea5: I don't understand those photographers who love to shoot dramas and want to get famous with it. I had intervened, trying to cool down the guy. Doing nothing and shooting the whole drama and releasing the images would make me a a..hole! That's my opinion.

"After I confirmed one of the housemates had called the police, I then continued to document the abuse — my instincts as a photojournalist began kicking in. If Maggie couldn’t leave, neither could I."

"The incident raised a number of ethical questions. I’ve been castigated by a number of anonymous internet commenters who have said that I should have somehow physically intervened between the two. Their criticism counters what actual law enforcement officers have told me — that physically intervening would have likely only made the situation worse, endangering me, and further endangering Maggie."

Did you even read the write of the events? They (she wasn't the only adult present) probably handled it in the best possible way.

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mfouks: According to the review it looks like the Pentax K5 is just as good if not better than the D800 (83% vs 82%) and betters it in many categories. Is this really true?


You're focusing too hard on "feature" bullet points and percentages while ignoring the big differentiator: full-frame vs cropped. The price:performance ratio is better on the K5 (it needs to be to stay competative with Canikon), but none of it's many features will make it's sensor size any large.

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