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With the macro lens it is hard to tell the difference between poor corner sharpness and the very narrow depth of field macro lenses have. Looking at your macro picture I would say it is the latter and the edges are simply out of the focus plane ...

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The interface may not be optimal, but it is Android, so 3rd party devs can make a new interface if Sammy releases enough info to let them

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Looking at the pictures with good light I have to say I am impressed.

Sad that I would never even consider buying a phone without microSD. A Galaxy S3 or S4 is a great tool because it is expandable enough to use as a phone, camera, music server, GPS and mini-laptop. You need 100Gb to do all of this well and the S3 delivers 100Gb with a 64GB microSD card.

All those RAW files are bound to take up a lot of space.

There is nothing even remotely comparable in terms of speed, accessibility and ease of maintenance as having your entire music collection on a microSD card. You never need to sync again except when you buy new tracks. On-line solutions do not even come close because the tracks are not cataloged properly

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On Niki Feijen's haunting images of abandoned houses news story (219 comments in total)

Love the pictures and don't mind the HDR effect at all ....

The pictures look staged though .... but that isn't too much a sin

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On Here's what ads on Instagram will look like post (4 comments in total)

I guess it is better than the little bars than no one in the history of cell phones ever clicked on on except by accident?

At least we may have an interesting picture to look at .... ;)

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On Samsung announces curved Galaxy Round post (144 comments in total)

The curved shape may be very handy as it may handle better and fit body parts better .... Also, when face down the screen is no longer the lowest point so scratching may be reduced.

looks like the edges may break easily when the phone is dropped ....

Won't know until I have one in my hand to try.....

The other features seem gimmicky but again you never know.

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There are 2 camps

Camp 1 will agree because they want creative works to generate as much income as possible in as many ways as possible.

Camp 2 doesn't want to pay directly or indirectly for this.

Basically the US gov made a stupid mistake paying 0.8 million for a public monument and not getting the rights and the artist is cashing in on it.

I would have been interesting to follow the flow of money all though this monument project to see how it flowed and into who's pocket but we will never know that.

Judging from the picture at least the artist is talented .... sometimes we pay 0.8 million for an eyesore.

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On Curved smartphone screen from Samsung coming soon post (27 comments in total)

Interesting but these displays are not covered in gorilla glass so how long would they last is a valid question ..... but if they are dirty cheap to make then I could see real application.

Folds are really really tough on material .... I just cannot see any laminate design lasting more than a few 100 folds and with folds come kinks when you overfold. But this is obviously the future in certain applications

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A 79$ upgrade price is most unfortunate considering what you actually get and that Adobe never patches the bugs in PE they just release a new version for 79$..... I normally wait a few iterations and get it on special. An upgrade from 9 or 10 should be much cheaper ..... and a lot of the time the new stuff doesn't work well.

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On Hands-on with the 20.7MP Sony Xperia Z1 post (81 comments in total)

Very Impressive phone .... when my S3 dies I have another option besides Samsung now.

If the camera is good this would be a very flexible phone because is isn't crippled with respect to storage as it has microSD.

64gb of microSD means most of us can carry our entire music collections on the road without ever syncing again so it also makes the perfect audio player. Files also transfer orders of magnitude faster when you plug the card directly into a computer VS using USB based MTP.

If it isn't wildly overpriced this phone should do very well.

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On Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review article (1202 comments in total)

Red shadow noise with low contrast detail please

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On Just posted: Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS Review preview (100 comments in total)

For a rugged camera the LCD seems terribly exposed with no cover. One scrape against a rock and the rugged camera would be near unusable ...

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On Leica announces $1300 special edition 'G-Star RAW' D-Lux 6 news story (266 comments in total)

Nice looking camera ...... but not 1000$ nice

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On Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Zoom camera/phone hybrid news story (222 comments in total)
In reply to:

zaurus: All compact cameras just got killed.

I have an S3 and I believe it has a dual core and I have yet ti find anything that slows it down, so the number of cores isn't really of that much importance until software catches up.

I wonder why Samsung would put such a low rez screen in the Zoom assuming you are correct .... that would be sad ... we will see.

As for looks, I have an S3 and I think it looks just fine for a phone and this one looks not all that different. If you are so hooked on looks perhaps you should buy the new Hass and make your statement ;)

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On Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Zoom camera/phone hybrid news story (222 comments in total)

Agreed about the lens being too slow but looks like a very interesting camera/phone:

1) It has a decent camera that's always with you because your cell is always with you

2) The Galaxy S3 and S4 have a great audio system and the ability to put in a 64GB microSD card == ~100GB == it is an IPOD killer in its own right but when you factor that its always with you because your cell is always with you, there really is no comparison. (You do have to buy good headphones as the Samsung ones aren't really good enough)

Taken together I would say this could be quite a product (if the camera lives up to the specs) == pretty much everyone else will be playing catch up.

I wonder how much carriers are going to charge for it? 10,000$ and your first born? They are going to gouge for sure.

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On Wireless charging now for Samsung S4 post (5 comments in total)

Where is the S3 version?

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On Classic lines when clients want you to work for free news story (142 comments in total)

As a side note the value of money is being quite deliberately destroyed and relatively soon everybody will be working for free.

The power structure is changing. It used to be that if you could make money you could have a good life. In the "everything for free model " somebody decides whether you have a good life. This is a inevitable consequence of fewer and fewer people controlling more and more and our shift to a service economy where eventually every service will be saturated and the value of work devalued to a bare minimum.

Career opportunity and not money will be the prime determinant of success by the next or next next generation.

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I was an avid HTC user and would love to keep buying them BUT microSD is simply a must have feature and HTC no long supports it.

If you use your phone for music or as a picture mobile viewer for a large picture library nothing can currently replace or even remotely compete with microSD. Otherwise microSD is pretty optional.

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The sad truth is that yet another stable family oriented occupation is being replaced by basically nothing because of greed on both sides of the fence. Newspaper owners want work for free and people want the news for free. A perfect death spiral evident in almost every aspect of society.

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For many people like myself, newspapers have become as dispensable as the professional photographers are to the newspaper's managers.

There is a trust disconnect between much of the public and newpapers and everyone knows that pictures and video can be doctored cheaply and easily.

The photographers are only the first to go because they are the most defenseless. Any informational medium that relies solely on advertising is a compromised medium because there is a huge trust disconnect. I used to pay for a newspaper because I believed in them as an organization. I no longer do as I feel that things that need reporting are not being reported.

The whole newspaper model has been dead for quite some time. The only sources of info I still have some interest in is semi-public sites where many many real people can post their views in a semi-moderated manner. IMDB is one of the more interesting examples but slowly that is being corrupted too.

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