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Interesting .... but no microSD and a 100$ whallop for 64GB

I am well and truly sick of Android and all it's battery mayhem. It seems Android has become a buggy mess. If FireOS was written from the ground up to actually manage your privacy and battery life this phone may actually survive.

Android seems totally incapable of preventing apps from constantly waking up phone even when it is locked in your pocket. Better Battery Stats helps but often doesn't because Android isn't really set up to identify what is actually waking your phone = deleted wakelocks and wakelocks you can't control

Once a month I am troubleshooting because my phone can't make it through the day in my pocket unused because of some update, issue or other. I don't even load new apps anymore because it is just too much trouble. Sometimes it is Google apps at fault, the Play Store for one. Try forgetting to manually kill that task and see what happens.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 First Impressions Review preview (1282 comments in total)

Thank you Sony and Pana for making cameras like this again.

I used a FZ30 for years longer than I should have just because it was such a great camera in good light. It's dynamic range and low light capabilities left much to be desired though.

If the Pana engineers can deliver a competitive dynamic range compared to M4/3 this camera will be a very powerful and versatile tool.

From the test images on DPreview it looks like the high ISO performance is only adequate, but this offset by not having to change lenses, which is huge IMO. It looks usable up to ISO1600 which allows some indoor photography without a flash.

I am a little puzzled why they didn't make it at least splash resistant as it seems it would be easier for this type of camera.

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A simple but groundbreaking idea .......

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I think the pictures are beautiful and more than a little creepy

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 First Impressions Review preview (1282 comments in total)

At last a successor to the FZ30/50

It has no where near as good high ISO performance as an OMD E5 ....

But to never have to change lenses again ...... what a dream

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I can't really tell how good the effect is ..... but it will all come down the quality of the masking and edge detection .....

Actually at the resolution shown the effect isn't that bad ....

Still, this camera doesn't make all that much sense. The effect tweaked a little would be good for macro shooting to choose the best focused picture maybe.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2970 comments in total)

In good light this camera takes very pleasing and detailed pictures. If I didn't have a M4/3 and wasn't worried about ISO1600+ I would buy ..

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On Behind the Shot: Shredded article (84 comments in total)

What a picture ......

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On 1939: England in Color (part 1) article (220 comments in total)

Lovely pictures with that certain something....

Interesting that an engraver could afford a nice vehicle at that time. There must be more to the story....

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Had a look at their website and they certainly know what is important to me as an end user.

I love the fact that they use CyanogenMOD as the OS, because I am so sick of being locked into my carrier for slow updates and bloated crapware installed that takes hours to disable. And no battles to root.

I am guessing CyanagenMOD plus the 3100Ah battery may give a very good battery life. I had to disable a huge amount of Google and non-Google crap to get decent battery life on my S3.

Now I know why HTC went all out on this years phone and defied Apple by putting microSD back on their phones. They are scared and they should be.

If this phone is reliable and stable (which is should be with Cyanogen if the hardware is good) I will not even consider buying a phone from a carrier again. But I am sure Bell Canada and the American carriers are lobbying as I write this to keep the phone out.

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The lack of MicroSD is discouraging but the 64GB flat memory space mitigates this issue. Doe anyone know what it is made of?

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On Fujifilm X-T1 Review preview (583 comments in total)

Looks like a great camera and the image quality seems almost as good as a Oly EM5 and it is about the same price.

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Might be a interesting product but 150X magnification is probably stretching it a bit. Looking at the web site the quality at 150x isn't bad, but not equivalent to a microscope.

Unfortunately bacteria require 1000X mag to visualize usefully.

Still a very interesting product .... I will probably put my 25$ in

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On Oppo Find 7 features QHD display and 50MP images post (61 comments in total)

DPreview ... please do a review on this camera with respect to shot times and quality.

This is old tech but it works, I used to use PC version of Registax and it worked well.

If the 10 shots are quick enough this may work well.

It is a lie to say this is 50mp, that is almost fraudulent

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On HTC launches One M8 with new 'Duo Camera' post (47 comments in total)

Whats this ..... A HTC phone with microSD??????

Hallelujah ....... HTC exists as a phone company again for me.

I am sooo happy as HTCs were may fav phones before they pulled the plug on microSD.

Thanks HTC

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On Kodak reborn: A look at JK Imaging's 2014 lineup article (195 comments in total)

Why is the 12-45 lens so big? It is the same size as my oly 40-150 and almost looks like it was made in the same plant.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview (492 comments in total)

It seems that the dynamic range on the RX10 is sufficient and the high ISO performance is also sufficient. I would say that this is a great camera and if I were to buy from scratch I would probably buy it. No lenses to change, everything you need in a single package in a small camera bag.

This is the camera I dreamed Pana would make after the FZ30 but never did.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview (492 comments in total)

Finally a successor to what Panasonic started with the FZ30 and abandoned.

If I didn't already have a camera that produces better images than the RX10, I would probably buy one when the price drops.

Looking at the image quality it does seem that the RX10 has a considerable penalty in both high ISO detail and dynamic range compared to M4/3 BUT in terms of actual use, in many ways the weather sealing and the flexibility on not having to change lenses all the time offsets the reduced image quality and slightly slow AF.

If you have to change lenses you have missed the picture opportunity.

I loved my Pana FZ30 and still have it, and I used it long after cameras with much better image quality and dynamic range were available for the simple reason that when the light was good it was always up to the task. The lack of dynamic range and the slow tele end were what made me move on.

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On Oppo Find 7 features QHD display and 50MP images post (61 comments in total)

Has most of everything I want, on paper at least .... I wonder if NA carriers will ever have it.

About the pixel density. IMO a higher pixel density has no perceivable advantage when zooming into a picture or web page ..... it all comes down to whether you can see the pixels or not.

Actually, the reverse is true .... a higher pixel density will let you read smaller text easily unzoomed .... to a limit. I would guess Apple has already reached that limit with Retina.

But a higher pixel density could be valuable if a magnifying pair of glasses were included with the phone. It would still be impossible to use the touchscreen as your finger would be too large.

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On Samsung explains the Galaxy S5's ISOCELL sensor post (49 comments in total)

I am also very curious how this performs .... my S3 camera is useful .... but like most smartphone cameras .... the usefulness is limited to good light.

It is hilarious that every S5 related camera
news item I found mentions nothing of this .... only things like selective focus.....

Thankyou Lars for actually posting something newsworthy about the S5 camera.

A better camera and 128GB of microSD are worth something in terms of usability.

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