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  • My choice was to pair my 7D with a 6D.  They compliment each other very nicely.  The extra features that the 5D MkIII brings to the table are overkill for landscape photography.
  • We have two of these.  One as pictured and one with wide wheels for the beach.  Very useful when you have a lot of gear to transport.
  • Yes. It has a built in autofocus motor and the camera will focus at f/6.3.
  • For portraits I shoot with a 70-200 f/2.8 on a full frame camera. The 50mm is far too short to provide a comfortable working distance for head shots.  The 90mm limits you to a single focal length.
  • With stationary subjects I know what I want before I put the viewfinder to my eye.  With action shots, I know what I want, have the viewfinder to my eye, and wait for the moment to occur.
  • Wow, 8 to 5.  Anyone in business for themselves would consider that part time work.  Even if they had the time, what makes you believe that you are entitled to a personal, specific, response to ...
  • Two of my friends and I have had Lifepixel convert  Canon DSLRS to infrared.  We are all pleased with their service and the conversions.
  • I pre-visualize the scene, moving around to gain the proper perspective and composition.  Only then do I look through the viewfinder, adjust focal length, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO and take ...
  • A look at the lost & found bin of any major hotel will provide the answer.  Chargers are left behind quite frequently.
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  • No, they are not like a bi or trifocal.  They automatically and seamlessly correct for focus distance regardless of whether the eyes are looking up or down or straight ahead.  Pure magic.
  • My cataract surgery was performed in April of 2011.  Prior to the surgery I was nearsighted and wore tri-focal glasses.  I opted for Tecnis 1 Multifocal IOLs  made by Abbott Medical Optics.  My ...
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    Cheating?  I guess that depends on your criteria on what constitutes an "honest" photograph.  As far as "looks horrible", that depends on the skills of the person post processing the image.  My ...
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    Certainly some fit your description, but some don't.  Recently I had the pleasure of mentoring, via internet (I'm based in Florida), a serviceman stationed in Hawaii on the Minolta SRT-101 that ...
  • People liked getting a new phone every two years when they thought they were free or could be had for $100 or so.  Now that they see the real cost of $600 or $700, many have rethought their need ...
  • Not all pros were forced.  Many pro's, myself included, saw the value that the CC model provided us and signed on well before CC became the only option.
  • Both the Wasabi and Sterlingtek batteries recommend here have internal circuitry that protects from overheating and shuts down charging when they are fully charged.  They also track percentage of ...
  • I use Wasabi batteries in my Canon 5D, 6D, 7D and my Panasonic LX100.  They are excellent.  I'm sure their batteries for the 7D MkII are just as reliable.
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