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On Samsung introduces PM1633a, world's first 2.5" 16TB SSD article (119 comments in total)
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dwill23: I read some comments and the same ol and ol comes up again and again. "Too much capacity is too risky to use". I call HOGWASH on that.

When I sold 32MB (yes mega byte) CF cards for $100 at Ritz camera NO ONE DARED to buy the 64MB cards and the 96MB cards for the exact same fear. "I might lose everything if the card fails".

Now a days we have photographers not wanting 128GB when they USED to be scared to dead of 64GB. This is an endless silliness that I'm so sick of.

I wouldn't trust one of anything, you get 2 or more and make a nice RAID. The fact that it is 16 TB or 16 GB is irrelevant, the problem still stands.

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On LG G4 camera review post (98 comments in total)
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M4ENY: Lars Rehm thank you for a detailed review of the G4 camera...
My question is which mobile camera do you prefer after testing out the different flagship devices?

I am deciding between the S6 and G4 and would love your input regarding their cameras :)

I have an S6 Edge, my Wife an G4. I prefer the S6 as it doesn't clip highlights as easy in default shooting mode (what I use 90% of the time). Lars has done far more analysis though, this is just my casual observation when I use them for a quick snap. I am a sucker for quality, so the S6 is my preference as overall quality feels better on the phone, for G4 benefits are removable battery and memory.

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On #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE article (261 comments in total)

Neat camera, but interesting choice of lenses. The iPhone already has a pretty good fixed focal lens of similar field of view. It seems to me a zoom lens would add more to the system, something like this and I would be inclined to use a Ricoh GRII or something instead. Especially since they made this only work with less than half the smartphones.

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On #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE article (261 comments in total)
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Joe Ogiba: My 6.44" Sony Xperia Z Ultra smartphone with 20mp APS-C QX1 takes any of my E /FE mount lenses or any APS-C/full frame lens on the planet using low cost adapters.

The only real use I see for QX series cameras is odd mounting, the one I tried was much too sluggish and annoying to use as a normal camera. Difficult to compose at a choppy 1 to 15 fps when a good camera display can do 240 fps refresh. Radio interference would sometimes block it from working at all, etc.

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Ulfric M Douglas: How will you know you want "4K Photo mode" instead of Video and instead of 16mpx Bursts?
What narrow range of uses would it be best for?
How willll yoooo knooooow??

It is great when you need to get a shot of a presenter or something, shoot 4k video of the presentation and you have basically full size stills of anything you want. I say presentations because too often you just miss a great shot and instead catch a person giving what looks like an O face or something.

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On Alpha dog: Hands-on with Sony a7R II article (1114 comments in total)
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ptox: What's the downside to the electronic shutter? -- I assume there is one, or why would they bother with a mechanical shutter as well?

I haven't looked at specs too closely yet, but most electronic shutters on CMOS are rolling electronic shutters where it might take 1/30 of a second to read out the sensor. This causes a problem for flash sync, flickering lights, or moving subjects. I.e., never use this feature if you don't have to. I don't know if any CMOS sensors are capable of global electronic shutters yet, once they are your mechanical shutter will probably go away.

Edit: They mention electronic first curtain shutter, that has no side effects of note (rare, some shadowing with large aperture lenses at high shutter speeds), but eliminates almost all shutter vibrations in the image.

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Battersea: Would make an ideal travel camera. Again I'm glad that Sony is pushing innovations. Hopefully Canon starts to take notice.

Many of us were reporting that SLR days were numbered many years ago. Canon (and others) kept stating their SLR business (and other premium compacts like this one) were sound. That is when Canon needed to take notice, it is much too late now.

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jiamengial: I swear these prices are rising way faster than inflation (actually I'm wrong, the original RRP for the I is the same)

I agree too, but what they are doing is making another model, you can still buy any of the RX100 models new. Don't think of them as Mark 1 or Mark 2, rather as Model 1, 2, 3, or 4, and they each have varying degrees of features. Really, it is an excuse to continually make the price higher ;)

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On Alpha dog: Hands-on with Sony a7R II article (1114 comments in total)
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Adrien S: I thought I'd wait for the 5D mk IV.

I think I won't, actually.

The SLR is going to disappear faster than I was thinking if they keep releasing cameras like these. Unfortunately, Sony has figured out how to price accordingly.

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On Samsung working on slimmer RBW camera sensors post (82 comments in total)
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GrahamSeventy1: What's the obsession with thinner & thinner phones ?, I'd rather have a phone were the battery last's a few days !

That is one use case, but with my S6 Edge, it is a bit a annoying that the camera protrudes about 1mm out the back (doesn't sit flat on a table). The battery easily lasts a day of moderate use, so don't see battery life as an issue (plus for $30 or less I can get battery packs that could expand it 3 or 4x and charge over USB)

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Everlast66: That's great, so DPR and all other 4 users will be able to upgrade ...

The influx of people in the Samsung forums on these boards, all NX1 related, is quite astounding. I have been there for several years and the new message rate is much higher now. Almost all NX1 related.

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Paul Petersen: I will have my interest piqued when they manage to build 4/3 & APS sized sensors with ExmorR technology to catch up with Samsung.

I think it is funny how clueless people are about the Samsung NX1 sensor. It really is a great sensor, better than any current Sony besides the latest crop (remember NX1 has been out for 6 months now), and even then it is basically tied for all performance metrics except it offers 4k video and faster sensor readout, all while maintaining high ISO and dynamic range. Usually getting faster sensor readout will cause a loss of quality, even when not using that faster readout (look at 1" sensor in Nikon 1 meant for high speed vs Sony sensor in RX100 series cameras). I would go so far as to say that the Samsung NX1 sensor is the best all around APS-C camera on the market.

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maxnimo: Why do they call it a 1" sensor when not even the diagonal is even close to 1" in length?

4/3" sensors (micro-4/3) are the same arcane sizing. Basically, anything that is 4/3" or smaller seems sized that way. Nothing wrong with it, but doesn't really make sense.

All that matters is that a 4/3" sensor is larger than a 1" is larger than a 2/3" etc.

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On Fujifilm XF 16mm F1.4 moves from roadmap to retailers article (228 comments in total)
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evogt500: Is Fuji still using micromotor technology for their autofocus?

Define micromotor? Usually modern CDAF cameras use linear or stepper motors. It really all depends on how much torque is necessary, etc. An 85mm f/1.4 will probably have to use a different focus motor than a 16mm f/1.4.

So motors are a lens by lens item. Some might have steppers, others might have linear, or even more than one motor, etc.

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On Fujifilm XF 16mm F1.4 moves from roadmap to retailers article (228 comments in total)
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stevo23: Once again, Fuji and the lenses. This looks like a well thought out one.

$1000 for a 16mm f/1.4 is not really that high given competition. Nikon or Canon 14mm f/2.8 lenses are more expensive and two stops smaller aperture. Granted those are for full frame, but people use those on APS-C too. Price seems fair to me given AF and aperture, and imagine image quality will be great, Fuji has been pretty good to date.

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On Samsung NX1 Review preview (1255 comments in total)
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tbcass: The king is dead. Long live the King. As soon as the NX1 was crowned the D7200 comes out and beats it. As other manufacturers come out with new products the NX1 looks ordinary so let's not get so excited about every new product that comes along. In the end the difference in IQ between these cameras is very small.

Hrmm, you can shoot the NX1 at various frame rates (including slower for better buffer performance) so not sure what your point is. Bottom line is competition is good, and Samsung just released (almost 6 months ago now) the best (given high readout and same high ISO capability as best competition) APS-C sensor on the market whether you like it or not.

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On Samsung NX1 Review preview (1255 comments in total)
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Stanny1: At current Samsung NX1 pricing, you might as well go full-frame with the Sony Alpha A7.

No, for almost any use case I prefer using my NX1 to my A7R or A7. The use case I prefer with the A7R is shooting legacy lenses.

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On Nikon 1 J5: What you need to know article (503 comments in total)
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Richard Franiec: At times I try to imagine where all of largish sensor "advanced enthusiast compact" cameras will be in 3 years. Possibly they will share the demise of small sensor cams which were considered "advanced" just a few years ago. The World is shooting and sharing with smartphones which seems more than adequate for the purpose. And their users can make calls and receive Emails at the touch of a button. Each time I see new 1" compact I feel sad to see so much wasted efforts since the enthusiasts market is drifting toward the top shelf offerings from M4/3, APS-c or FF. Some of these could be on the chopping block sooner than we thought, mainly to the lack of consumer support.

More important is connectivity, yes, they share with their phones, but if they can take a photo with a real camera and quickly transfer it to the phone to share, they will do that too. I do it regularly.

Any new camera should have NFC/Wi-Fi built in, and I see this does. I use these frequently on my NX1.

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On Making 'Art': We go inside Sigma's lens factory article (193 comments in total)
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FamlilyPhotographer: The optical quality is awesome...but the weight is damn heavy....i cant travel w 35 art and 50 art anymore :((
make it lighter plzzzz

Yeah, but the same is true for focal length (it is fixed parameter of lens). Aperture is meaningless without some accompanying information, like field of view and focal length. If used on APS-C the two would be identical in terms of focal length/aperture, but one is a lot larger because it is designed to cover a full frame image circle and designed to do it very well.

The Fuji is much smaller in part because of the APS-C sensor, but also because they can put it much closer to the sensor. A full frame camera would use a 50mm f/2 in order to be equivalent, and that would be a smaller lens on the full frame camera.

Granted, it would be silly to get the ART 35mm f/1.4 for a Fuji X series camera when the Fuji 35mm f/1.4 is pretty great by f/2 and much smaller and autofocus.

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On Making 'Art': We go inside Sigma's lens factory article (193 comments in total)

Great story, and well worth the read. Thanks for documenting it.

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