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I hope it solves the issue with defocusing before refocusing. Makes the 40-150 pretty unusable for sports.

And still no HDR mode?

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On Metz mecablitz 26 AF-1 Quick Review article (69 comments in total)

Owning several brands of mirrorless cameras, it would have been really nice to have one gun fits all. Oh well.

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The opposite side to you can "see immediately what is in each bag", is, so can everybody else.

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ZeneticX: i love tripods with twist lock legs

I have a Gitzo tripod and a monopod and two Manfrotto tripods. Gitzo with twist locks and Manfrotto with flip locks.

Of the two systems, I prefer the flip locks as they are much faster to deploy and retract.

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BrightTiger: Hi! We're Manfrotto and we are very late to the party. Look! We copied everyone's else homework. Hey - wait.. why are you leaving?

Cain and JACS are spot on about size and weight.. this isn't much to gloat about for a traveler.

Copied everyone else? This is just the travel version of their 190 series. If you want smaller, go look at their BeFree range of travel tripods.

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JapanAntoine: Still nowhere near the Velbon Ultrek tripods... they call this a compact tripod, but it's not so compact!

If you want smaller, look at their BeFree range. This is the travel version of their 190 series.

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h2k: "Who doesn't love free stuff?"
I. I abhor it. I'd very much prefor to pay money for operating systems etc.., vor a whole host of reasons.

I read a sentence like "Who doesn't love free stuff?" also in a Scott Kelby book.

What do they think of me?

Ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

What they want are your details so they can inundate you with marketing to BUY a product.

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GaryJP: They might be assuring us they are going to keep Lightroom as a standalone product, but it is a nightmare to get through their site without being signed up to a Creative Cloud you don't want. They are just pushing the standalone right to the periphery.

Liars. As we always knew.

The standalone version is not even mentioned on their press release.

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Mike FL: What's the average cost for a 4"x6" print?

So far so good for my CP510. Handy to have a postcard printer available all the time, even though I only use it occasionally.

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lacikuss: Why this short nterview took this long to edit? Did you have to get approval from Nikon? When was CP+?

In journalism this type of editing is done in two hours at max. My questions are relevant to the level of free press and quality of answers you were able to achieve.

And there are just two of you at DPR?

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tonybelding: My impression. . . Well, obviously getting any kind of useful info out of these guys is like pulling teeth. That seems to be typical of most Japanese corporations, though. It's not unique to Nikon.

The other thing that strikes me is. . . It seems like they're still struggling to work around the limitations and problems of DSLRs: micro-focus, mirror slap. And yet, when the subject of mirrorless cameras comes up, all they can say is that DSLRs have the "advantage" of an optical viewfinder that lets you take pictures "as you see them". That's a disadvantage, dammit! It's much more useful to know what my camera is capturing. The image my camera captures is the one I'm going to have at the end of the day, and I need for it to be good.

Yes, that did not make sense to me. Highest tolerances with the lower level cameras? What about the higher level? My guess is that the tolerances are the same, and the cost of implementing micro-adjustment is the issue here.

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jtan163: "And that's really the best you can hope for." - Um. No.
The best you can hope for is something like the interviews that Fuji execs and engineers give.

Nikon have great tech, bundled in crippled products.
They really seem to embody the worst of the stereotypes of staid, reserved, secretive, cradle to grave industrial age corporations - they seem to want control, not conversation.

As I said in another post, it sounded more like an interrogation than an interview with you posing the questions and Nikon denying or trying to say as little as possible so as not to incriminate themselves.

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Sounds more like an interrogation than an interview.

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On Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview (806 comments in total)
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PeaceKeeper: I just can't get over how absolutely huge those lenses are. That 55/1.8 is ridonkulous.

I'd own one of these were it not for the complete lack of effort on Sony's part to make lenses that match the mirrorless systems strengths. It's as though all they did was recycle SLR lens designs and add a spacer to the back.

I just can't get over how ridiculous your comment is unless I vector in the fact that you may have forgotten that the sensor is FF even though the camera is mirrorless. If you compare them to FF DSLR lenses, they are comparable.

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Played with one at a recent CPS event. Amazing. And that's not just the price.

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Travelling photographers need somewhere for their travel documents, audio equipment and headphones too.

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On Elinchrom announces new ELB 400 portable flash system article (23 comments in total)
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AV Janus: £1,169.00 for a 4.1Ah battery and a charger
£300 for a battery charger


Have a look at Profoto. Likely to be even more money.

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neatnclean: I'd be interested but will definitely not buy it is offered with a (native, not additional adapter) Arca-Swiss compatible clamp. Vitec Group (manfrotto is one of their brands) should have realized by now, that most potential users of this type of gear are using arca-swiss compatible plates. At the very least they should offer 2 versions of their geared heads - 410/405/400 ... one with arca compatible clamp, i dont care what they put on top of the other version. Could be square, rectangular or hexagonal.

And where do you get that stat that most people use arca-Swiss plates? I would say that most people don't.

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Gregm61: I do not even like a 28mm equivalent as my widest option, so why would I want even less? I wouldn't buy either of these lenses, but certainly not the Tamron.

In fact, why even post it?

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On FAA proposes regulations for commercial drone usage article (119 comments in total)
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Lee Jay: The drone risk to aircraft is exceeded 10,000 to 1 by the bird risk to aircraft. The drone risk to privacy is likewise drastically exceeded by binoculars and long focal length cameras.

To put it mildly, drones are a way lower risk to your happiness and health than some people make them out to be.

ANYTHING sucked through a jet engine is going to be a problem, be it a bird or a drone.

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