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  • Hey thats it, thanks dick
  • Created discussion thread Tele Macro ,,,SX50
    I've got a condition called CRS,,,,,,,,,will someone tell me the camera setting's to achieve Tele Macro capabilities. dick
  • Replied in Image Recovery
    No problem with going astray    LOL. I did recover my LR and PSE Subscriptions and yes have gone back to Windows but not with out some aches and pains,, I also got what pics I wanted following ...
  • Replied in Image Recovery
    Linux Mint wasn;t part of the crash,it;s on a different machine. BTW I'm not to found of Linux in that it won't talk to Adobe so I lost my Lightroom and PhotoShop Elements toy's unless I go to a ...
  • Created discussion thread Image Recovery
    Is there a way to easily copy any and all images I have posted to this forum. I had a computer hard drive crash and lost a number of photos that were not backed up. It would be a slow process to ...
  • Hey folks,This is why I asked the question . I suppose I should have stated such up front. I'm not much of a photographer but I like to capture  images that other's may enjoy seeing. I feel if the ...
  • Thanks all, I do it both ways and don't see much difference IMO but it may be the Camera that dictates differences. I'm using a SX50 and it doesn't seem to care, dick
  • Created discussion thread Crop or Resize 1st?,,,,,,,,,,,,
    ,,,,,,,,,,or does it matter which one is first? dick
  • Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon
  • Thanks and yes you are correct about the CHKD, smile. I am in the midst of changing over to a Linux OS and may give it another whril when things settle in. dick
  • Created discussion thread Need some Tip's, SX50
    I am trying to capture some Tac Sharp images of a Hummingbird at or near a backyard feeder. Those little critter's move about quickly and don't want to co operate in me gaining by quest. How about ...
  • Created discussion thread SX50 Digital ZOOM
    I cannot activate the Digital Zoom feature nor do I get the yellow and blue areas on the Zoom Bar. Now I used to be able to do so, so I've screwed something up or something failed,,,any tricks for ...
  • Created discussion thread Lightroom or Gimp
    I'm a not so serious photographer as most of you folks here are but I like to dabble with it. I'm 78 years old and would like the easy way to an end if you know what I mean,not much patience. I ...
  • Thanks ,without checking that's probably the answer. Now I need to decide if I want RAW or 1.5x,smile. dick
  • Created discussion thread SX50 Digital Tele-Converter
    I cannot get an option to activate the "Digital Zoom" where the 1.5x and 2.0x is hiding. I did so in the past but can't get it now ,,,,,,,,,,,HELP!!!!!!! dick
  • Without reading any of the other comments and using my small monitor(19" diagonal) to view images with, I like the color of the bird in all SX50 images hands down. I'll now go see what others had ...
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