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DBHH: As you drop a pile of cash on this thing please remember that they used to make lenses like this in the 1800's because THEY COULDN'T MAKE BETTER LENSES AT THAT TIME! If the original designer of this 19th century optic was able to make a lens that was as good as one on an iPhone this design would have ended up in his antique garbage bin.

Original Petzval type lenses are in huge demand by wet plate collodion photographers. A Dallmeyer 3B can easily do $3000… There were better lens designs (read: less distortion, more natural bokeh) in the late 1800's, but none were fast enough to shoot portraits with. Petzvals filled the gap, a typical 300-360mm (standard lens for 8x10") had a maximum aperture of F3,5 or F4, very fast for those days.

Dust is never a problem as waterhouse stops cover the opening (otherwise light could also leak in, use your brain everyone!). Besides, petzvals (the original ones, dunno about this one) could be unscrewed for cleaning or for using just the front or rear element.

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On Classic lines when clients want you to work for free article (141 comments in total)

Much better post on this subject from 2,5 years ago (not by me):

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On 10 Photo Editing Programs (that aren't Photoshop) article (355 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: Very helpful, DPR. I like Capture NX so much, I even use it for my Canon files (alhough I suppose Viveza would work just as well). Just convert to .tiff and you can use anything to process anything.

Try Capture One Pro, image quality is at least as good as NX.

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On Tamrac Evolution 9 Photo Backpack Review article (106 comments in total)
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SeeRoy: Yet another backpack. I'd have thought that anyone who likes to totter around weighed down by 10 or 15 Kg of gear was already well served by the hundreds of alternative - albeit nearly identical - products.

None of which include my (patent pending) helium "StaggerLite" gas-bag system. In the interest of serving the largest possible market there will also be a hydrogen-filled version at a substantially lower price however it may conflict with some insurance policies.

Personally I've gone M4/3.

Can't find anything on the web about your StaggerLite" gas-bag. Got a link?

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It's neither form or function, for me the connection I have with a camera or lens is more important. From the moment I owned it, my Nikon F2 AS has given me a warm, cosy feeling, an extension of my hands and eyes. Never had this connection with my F3 HP or D800e. Same story with a Rolleiflex TLR vs. Hasselblad 500. Does it show in my photos? Yes, it does! Call me crazy if you want to ;-)

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salvofoto: Back in the 90's when I used to sell a lot of Nikons, I asked my colleagues what the two round terminals by the film canisters were for. No one seemed to know. I told them probably Nikon is thinking ahead and will make a digital back for film cameras. A company from Irvine, CA did this with a low MP sensor for $700 then moved to the midwest and disappeared from the map. I'm so glad Nikon is finally going to be doing this approach since the price of the FX sensor will go down and a lot of people can simply buy digital back for existing 35mm SLR's. Although I think this will be good at first for Nikon cameras with the capability of easily removing the back with a simple lever (17c) as with the pro F series. I hope Nikon won't take so long before putting this out on the market. Also, can you imagine there probably won't be any problem with oil on your sensors?

Those contacts were for a 'data-back', the one that imprints the date into each frame. Nothing to do with preparedness for digital backs.

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Who says it will be better than the Canon 135/2? But it will draw different (!), and it will be exciting to see what that difference is.

By the way, on the inferior sensor of a 5d-III you will probably not see any difference, you'll need at least a 1Ds-III or -better yet- a D800(e).

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On Canon EOS 5D Mark III preview (901 comments in total)
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Archangel_GRE: Well in my eyes the 5D MK III, does a much better job in terms of noise suppression, edge definition and contrast detail.
That is clearly visible when compared the shadowed parts of the photo.
It also looks better than the 5D MK II.
Canon kept the Megapixel count almost as previous and indeed improve image quality compared to 5D MK II.
It looks like that it wasn't such a good idea for the D800 to climb-up to 36MP.

That Hasselblad H4D-200MS (MS=Multi Shot) you're talking about needs 6 (six!) exposures to reach 200MP. As a single shot camera it 'only' gives you a 50MP file. See The PhaseOne IQ180 gives you 80MP, more than any single shot MF-back.

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DStudio: This is good news. It's very important that Pentax is doing this.

The K-5 can already be tethered through free third-party software, but it's not as refined as it could be. What we really need is to see Pentax tethering support in major applications like Capture One Pro.

CaptureOne doesn't support Pentax 645d-files (OK, C1 does show the DNG's but they look absolutely horrible), and probably never will as the 645d competes with Phase's own digital backs. But you could probably use Lightroom running alongside with this new PIT-software.

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