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Ultan: So at a bit less than double the price of the Pentax 645z, you get the same size sensor, no camera, half the frames per second, and about 8 stops lower maximum ISO. Oh, and less than half the pixels on the screen.

Or for the same price as the Hasselblad, you can get a Pentax with better engineering, better metering, better autofocus, better low-light performance, beter proceesor, better ergonomics, everything integrated SLR-style, and two or three new lenses designed for digital.

Wait, let me think about this....

Not only the same size sensor, but my understanding is that it is the same 50 mpx Sony sensor.

BTW, the sensor on the Pentax 645z (and Hasselblad) is much smaller than 60mm x 45mm. It's not that much larger than a full-frame 36mm x 24mm sensor.

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AngryCorgi: I predict a whole lot of trying, but not a lot of buying in this offer. Still, it's a cool idea by Sigma.

They may be hoping that people are careless about returning them promptly, and thus buy them.

Kind of like rebates that you don't get around to doing the paperwork in time?

Anyway, I signed up. I've been curious about Foveon for some time.

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On Nikon 1 V3 First Impressions Review preview (432 comments in total)
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photoguy622: The biggest problems with these cameras, unless they are on fire sale, is the price. I generally like the design and features of this new V3.

Nikon would probably do well releasing an RX100 competitor alongside the interchangeable lens offerings.

> "unless they are on fire sale"

I anticipate eventually being able to get a V3 body for $300 or so to go with the two lens bundle that came with my J1. Which was $200 fire sale .... described as refurb but mine was new.

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On Nikon 1 V3 First Impressions Review preview (432 comments in total)
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justmeMN: I suspect that the Nikon 1 V3 has a much better kit lens than the Sony a6000. It wouldn't take much...

> "can't take a hood"

Hmmm ... on my J1 with 10-30 and 30-110, both lenses can use a lens hood.

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Sdaniella: Kodachrome 25 ... ISO 25
I've been asking for 25/12/6 since Canon offered ISO 50
never mind 64/32!

Canon's ISO 50 isn't really a "native" ISO, but rather quasi-synthetic. In some sense, it detracts from IQ to use ISO 50.

I have used ISO 50 with fill flash outdoors in the sun, but more as a hold-your-nose work-around due to restricted sync speed.

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A n d y: The biggest change is something that isn't mentioned much: The SDK. Depending on how much it allows: This is huge. It'll allow us to run custom algorithm on the camera.
I hope Nikon realized that software will have make a huge difference in the coming years.

Does this mean that something like MagicLantern on Canon DSLR's could be accomplished?

Canon's architecture apparently allows their firmware to be augmented from the flash card. PowerShots like the S110 (and many others) have CHDK, which also augments the camera's firmware.

If so, this could be very advantageous.

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Stu 5: Why on earth compare it to the 5D MKIII when everyone knows the 6D is the better Canon camera at high iso of the two.

My impression is that the 6d out-sells the 5d3, primarily due to the significant price difference.

So far, the A7s isn't an option to choose on the DPR Noise widget.

Oddly (to me), DPR reports DR using JPEG's rather than RAW.

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Of interest? Michael Reichmann at LuLa mentioned a week or so ago that his eyeball didn't notice the A7s having a DR advantage over the A7r. Apparently, that was confirmed by DxoMark.

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I'm mostly ignorant about video, but it would seem the A7s would be most advantageous with video where I understand the shutter speed tends to be 1/30th to 1/60th.

With static, scenic stills using a tripod, you'd just keep dialing in more shutter duration with the A7r and 5d3 to keep ISO reasonable. My practice with a Canon 6d (and MagicLantern's Dual-ISO for more DR) is to attempt to get close to ISO 100 and middle apertures, and try to stay at 30 seconds or less. Increase ISO to not go longer than 30 seconds. Especially with panos.

Hand-held street photos should also seem to be a good use of the A7s (also mostly ignorant on that), and interior sports (except continuous speed may not be enough).

My 2¢

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tkbslc: I might finally cave.

That's about 5 years of $10 a month to add up to the retail cost of buying the software retail before.

IIRC, after the initial $600 purchase, update prices on PS were about $200, about every 18 months or so.

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Lucas_: I do RAW conversion, noise control and minor editing with Silkypix Pro 6 and final editing on PS CS6 Extended. I never liked LR since it's more a file management software than anything else. AFAIK LR has the same RAW engine as PS CS ( ACR ).

To me, LR has decent print capabilities, especially compared to PS.

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uuronl: As someone who buys each new version of LR, this strikes me as a decent deal, presuming it won't get much more expensive. At about $120 for a year, it's less than the cost of the new license accompanying each major revision.

My understanding is that there is functionality in LR-CC that goes beyond LR5-Standalone, but I could be mistaken.

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(unknown member): I wanted to hate CC and the rental model--I really did. But I caved and bought into the $9.99 deal a few weeks ago when it was still a "special offer." I'm sold on it.

First: Photoshop CC is significantly improved from CS6, in ways many people don't talk much about. The Liquefy filter, for example, is much "smarter" in finding the contours you want to warp while holding those you don't. Less freeze masking required, much higher quality transitions.

Second: I think the Creative Cloud UI is fantastic. Installation was easy and fast; installing / removing / updating / syncing apps across my computers has worked as advertised--slick and trouble-free.

Third: the little bonuses aren't so little. Adobe Typekit web and desktop fonts are awesome. Love the client collaborative possibilities--comments, revisions, etc. with creative cloud storage. The Behance pro network is serious.

The whole thing strikes me as a lot of value for the price of one Subway sandwich or Starbucks coffee a month.

I've had CC since late 2013, and been happy with it. If the $10 USD per month ends up being a "teaser loss leader" and goes up significantly, I'll investigate alternatives.

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razadaz: I have decided long ago that I will use my existing Photoshop until it is too antiquated to be of any further use. At that point, when it comes, I will look at the Adobe offerings. Why would I wish to start paying a subscription any earlier than I have to?

If you are still using PV2003 in ACR/LR, you are missing out on a lot. PV2010 was a compelling upgrade, as was PV2012. YMMV.

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javiair: So help me understand how this is a good deal because I must be missing something. I have to upgrade from LR3 to LR5. I can buy the upgrade for $80 and use it for several years or I can subscribe to this special for $120 a year. So over the course of 2 years my upgrade will cost me $240. How is this a good deal?

If you are only using LR, then it isn't all that much of a deal. I consider it a good to very good deal if you use PS + ACR and/or LR. YMMV

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On A GoPro Hero's journey into a dishwasher article (167 comments in total)
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Nukunukoo: Where's the light coming from???

> "The camera, along with a couple of light sources and an assortment of dishes, "

Creative, but could have benefited from being edited to be no more than a minute long.

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On Sony Alpha 7R Review preview (795 comments in total)
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Galbertson: Curious why "reply" button not on all statements

Just the "top" of a thread, like yours. I don't think there will be a "Reply" option on my post.
Or not?

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On Sony Alpha 7R Review preview (795 comments in total)
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Galbertson: Some serious blogs regarding shutter shake on A7R. My intent is to find light system, certainly not dependent upon sandbags and added weight to pack. I will be on strong tripod, shooting mostly in multiple to 1/15th second, rarely hand held. I could solve shake issue with A7, but need better IQ of A7R.

Have any of you face this issue, and what was your results?

To add, will be shooting mostly manual lenses 24-150mm. I believe this shake is diminished with this range of lenses, but the word diminish scares me. What can i expect? Would certainly not want to buy entire system only to realize images not ideal for sensor and needing to return...if i am permited.

Jim Kasson has a lengthy series of blog articles on the A7r from late 2013 and early 2014. He addressed the "shutter shake" issue at length, and wasn't able to resolve all that well, IIRC.

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On Sony Alpha 7R Review preview (795 comments in total)
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Average User: I have been right on the edge of purchasing this camera, but after reading this review in detail, maybe not. I went back to the review of the Nex 7 which was nearly 3 years ago and the reason I purchased that camera. I also purchased good E-mount glass for it, and I have not been disappointed.
But this review is not like that. That review was full of enthusiasm for the Nex 7, even concluding: "in terms of out-and-out image quality it's probably the best APS-C camera yet, regardless of size." A far cry from this review, full of cautions and quibbles.
The only reason to purchase ff instead of APS-c is better low light performance. But with high quality much less expensive fast glass, and a number of problems in jpegs etc., it seems like the reviewers are telling me the real life results with my old Nex 7 is going to equal or beat the performance of this camera.

> The only reason to purchase ff instead of APS-c is better low light performance.

Also, more shallow DOF. And premium UWA lenses.

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On Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art Lab Test Review preview (545 comments in total)
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photosen: Nice review, interesting lens; if Canon update theirs I'm afraid it would be hitting this price point.

IIRC, the upcoming Canon 50mm may have IS. To me, that will be a huge advantage over the Sigma Art and especially the manual focus Otus.

I'm really happy with my reasonably priced, reasonably sized, very sharp, quick focusing Canon EF 35mm f2 IS.

My speculation is that the price at introduction of an EF 50mm f??? IS would be relatively high, but settle down nicely within 6 months. That was the pattern with the 35mm f2 IS.

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