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On Canon EOS 6D In-Depth Review preview (71 comments in total)
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QuantumPhysics: 12 months after buying a Canon 6D, being disappointed with Canon, I bought a Sony Alpha 7 MII and LOVE IT!

Economy is not achieved by hobbling the video, autofocus, HDR and other features as Canon has done. I feel as if Canon punished me for not buying the more expensive rig!

Having taken my licks, it's time for some fresh air. With Sony, so far, so good. Video is definitely pro quality. It does everything well. Native 16:9 delivers the same size image as a 6D and is nearly a 2X panorama. Image quality is sumptuous at 24 MP and the kit lens, contrary to my expectations, delivers excellent contrast, color, and resolution.

Using a Metabones adapter (fairly expensive) my Canon EF lenses are all image stabilized by the body. I can also use my old FD lenses, including an FD 300mm f/2.8L lens, and Sony is on the right track with clear 2X zoom, which is more than a sales feature--it draws on CPU power to interpolate pixels by unique algorithms.

6d has fallen into disuse.

TallTommy, re AF: The Canon 6D is quicker than the Sony A7ii, but i doubt if it'd be quicker than the already fast-focusing Canon 7D. Among Sonys, fastest still is the A6000.

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Just viewed the pics on the Panasonic website...

I'm sorry, but not a single image stands out.

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On Five Friends Take Same Picture for 30 Years article (108 comments in total)

Hoepfully, in 2017, we'd see at least 1 child sitting on his father's lap. :-)

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On Just posted: Fujifilm X10 in-depth review article (155 comments in total)

I think the biggest "flaw" of the X10 is its very poor battery life (as compared to its mirror-less counterparts). I have read earlier reviews on this, and that it can hardly take over 200 shots in one go...

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On Just Posted: Canon EF40mm F2.8 STM sample images article (61 comments in total)

One Fine Lens :-)

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snovs: A little help?

Nex 5N, Nex f3, A37-- what to do??

Been taking pics on my iphone for years. Love the image quality of DSLRs and recognize when pics are shot with them. In the market for a new camera particularly to take on my honeymoon (leaving June 26th, very important) and also for future use with children etc..

Seems like I should eliminate the 5N no? What features would I miss with the f3? Any help would be much appreciated. Will probably post in multiple spots.

But the F3's got built-in flash... Although with the 5N's (and presumably the F3's) superb sensor, you'd soon learn to take more pics without the flash. For handheld lowlight shots, there's always the Anti-Motion Blur and the Handheld Twilight (HHT). You can't go wrong with either the 5N or the F3. ;-) Go light. Go NEX. :-)

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On Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X samples gallery article (425 comments in total)

I love everything bout this new Canon. Everything but the 4:3 aspect ratio... :-( Having used the Sony NEX-5N's 3:2 aspect ratio, not sure if i'd want to go back to the 'squarish' image size...

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On Article: How the iPhone changed my photography article (105 comments in total)

Great article, Mr. Britton!

Mr. Jobs would have appreciated this, too. :-)

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