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Kuivaamo: Funny! Just yesterday I started looking at getting Office 365 for the 1Tb storage, and actually installed the OneDrive app and started some uploading tests with the free 15Gb you get without any paid subscription.

This announcement is likely to push me over the fence, even though 1Tb would have been enough to back up all of my current image files. Very nice to have room to grow.

I just wish the OneDrive app could just upload the existing folders on my external 3Tb drive without duplicating the files in the OneDrive folder. To make use of e.g. 5Tb of cloud storage with any convenience, one also needs 5Tb of free hard disk space, and this is a bit of a problem for me.

Read the FAQ - you can set sync on a folder level on Macs:

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Zeisschen: they can now make it unlimited cause nobody is buying their phones...

It's not just for phones and OneDrive works great with your Mac, Android or Windows system.

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Only thing I don't like is still having to wait for this lens. It's been rumored and tested and displayed for over a year now. I would have liked to have it this week :( Oh well.... "he who waits..."

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RStyga: We have an 80-300mm F5.6 (35mm equiv.) at 880gr at $1500 (yes, yes, it still has the brightness of F2.8 but *not* that DoF)

I'm not sure that the point made here is very strong. The FF Tamron VC USD 70-300 F4-5.6, 765g, for instance, costs $450. Not WR but at 1/3 of the price one can afford to water damage at least couple before equating the cost. Different system, yes, but exactly because m4/3 is compact, the lens should reflect that.

Something many seem to forget is that the focusing distance is also needed to calculate DOF and get to an "equivalance". At a claimed 70cm focusing distance at 150mm, we have a depth of field of 0.15cm on this new m43 lens - that's silly small. Nikon brags about a close focusing distance of 2.3m on their huge 300mm F2.8, that gives you a depth of field of 0.87cm - or 5 times that of this Olympus lens in practice. Meaning you "can" produce pictures with less DOF than with a Nikon 300mm F2.8. Now, I admit. It's not often you'd want to use 300mm at 0.7m distance - but even at double the possible focusing distance (140), we have less DOF than with the Nikon F2.8. Now that is pretty impressive! Even in terms of DOF!

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photoshack: I enjoyed shooting several weeks with the M and some fabulous lenses (about $14k of camera). It was a joyful experience, like drinking someone's 40 year old scotch with no penalty. The images are beautiful...but not worth the $$. The durability and output is all that matters to me and my Canon package was equal and superior in many ways to the Leica gear. or no dot...I don't go for jewelry, rolexes, gucci or any of that status stuff. I can probably afford to spend it on those things...but they are not valuable to me so I don't. If someone gave me this Leica, I'd probably sell it and buy something that I can really use or go on a vacation with the proceeds :-)

I was a disbeliever as well. Until I tried one this summer. There's just something about it that you can't measure. It's non intrusive to use (people don't get scared when you point this camera in their direction), the lenses are spectular with qualities that are hard to measure - pictures just look better. I was shooting two other pro cameras at the same time and the pictures from the Leica were better! Now if the system was only more versatile (as my photography is not just reportage), I'd probably get one... as it is, all things considered, it is too much money. I might just get a lens and an adapter though :)

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BelePhotography: Would be interesting to know what settings were used for the videos - especially when testing for "rolling shutter" as this is more an effect of misusage than just the camera ;-)

Shutterspeed... only one of importance when we talk about rolling shutter.

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Would be interesting to know what settings were used for the videos - especially when testing for "rolling shutter" as this is more an effect of misusage than just the camera ;-)

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Kim Letkeman: "The resulting video, seen in the demo below, is quite impressive. As of now, the team does not have a release date, but mentions that those who are interested should stay tuned as they 'are working hard on making [their] hyperlapse algorithm available as a Windows app' - Note that the word app most likely hints at a Windows 8 application and not legacy desktop software (sorry Windows 7 users)."

I'm looking forward to playing with this app ... and I think it might be time that users and reviewers put on their big boy pants and stop wasting so much energy whinging about Windows 8. Using dirt cheap tools from Stardock, I have been running Windows 8 exactly as I ran Windows 7 for years now.

Cool Michael! How's PhotoShop in experimental mode with gestures working out for you on the Surface Pro 3? I'm close to pulling the trigger just to try that.

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joe6pack: Reddit Link:

My Opinion:
He posted to Reddit, what did he expect?

to be contacted if anyone wanted to use the picture for commercial purposes. is that too much to expect nowadays?

Direct link | Posted on Jul 27, 2014 at 13:48 UTC
On What is equivalence and why should I care? article (2064 comments in total)

thanks for the applied physics lesson, can we now all go back to taking pictures with this "new" knowledge...

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Finally a place I know on one of these photos and not just showroom puppies, bad alcohol and old Austrian money.

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Richard Weisgrau: Born to sell Amazon services. Nothing more. Nothing less. I'll keep my iPhone, iPad, and iMac. I do not need Amazon. It is a convenience not a necessity. I think the day is approaching when I take Amazon and Amazon's DPR out of my bookmarks.

Isn't an iphone designed to sell itunes stuff? I don't hear many people complaining about that - you just proved the point. The smartphone market has long ago turned into a content and not hardware battle. As far as content goes, I believe Amazon is the only company currently able to compete with Apple. And their content is available on other platforms as well, you can even switch between platforms - my kindle books are available on all my devices (Apple, Androis and Windows), howabout yours! As for the device price - high for sure. Not sure that was a smart move.

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Marty4650: Another great "advantage" of the cloud subscription service!

This was one reason, many of us preferred stand alone software. Where are all those folks who said the cloud was a better deal?

Still around, still very happy. I have new features on a regular basis. Features I had to pay "upgrade" fees for previously. And the outage had zero affect on me.

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Real McKay: This is exactly why, I along with what I believe is the majority, prefer programs to be on our computers.
Can you imagine earning you living in photography & this happens - its just not acceptable. I am switching to something where I do not depend on the cloud. LR5 & PSE12 are available still outside the cloud so no great loss of functionality for 99% of what I need.
I also believe that this will hurt Adobe more than they think.

Adobe canceled my annual subscription for CC and gave me the photographer program (LR/CC) on a monthly basis when it came available. No quesitons asked. Your rep must have been in a bad mood Craig.

Direct link | Posted on May 16, 2014 at 15:32 UTC
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Marty4650: All these "I had no problem" folks probably don't understand... you will ONLY have a problem if it's your turn to check in with Adobe for subscription verification.

This means... one day outage means 1/30th of the subscribers are screwed. If it lasts a second day... then 1/15th are without service. If it lasts a third day then 1/10th.

So right now 29 out of 30 subscribers are baffled as to why the 1 out of 30 is complaining. They just don't understand why he can't log on.

Because they "have no problem" that means that guy must be lying.

All these non subscribers telling subscribers they have an issue. I had none. And your logic is way off. Validation occur more frequently and not per default every 30 day. It is just necessary at least every 30th day. Adobe (and other service provider as well) make a bad job at explaining how this works and your little math experiment just adds more confusion. For annual members full functionality even remain for 99 days offline. Most users are annual subscribers, as that gives you the best price. Hence the likelihood of issues due to one day of outage are far less than the 3.3% you are talking about. Check your facts.
I'm not claiming noone had any issues, just saying the it is very unlikely to be as many as 3.3 % of the user on day 1.

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MisterBG: A Wake Up call to all those that think the "Cloud" is invulnerable to disruption.
How long before this happens to all those "cloud" archives of images that people have uploaded, think are safe, and have no off-line backup for?
The "cloud" unlike it's namesake, is not something that floats around in space, it's just an array of physical hard drives on some server somewhere, and as such, however well protected, is vulnerable to disruption from electrical failure, fire, flood, earthquakes and any number of other external influences.
Those that rely on it entirely for their storage are foolish.

"Those that rely on it entirely for their storage are foolish." - totally agree, it just adds a layer to your storage possibilities and a fairly stable one at that. all systems are prone to issues - be it your local backup or your cloud backup. limiting yourself to just one option is a mistake.

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Starkiller: Very impressive MTF chart:!lightbox/carousel/media=/Photography/2217_MTF_01_en.jpg

easier to achieve with tele, but still, that is impressive

Direct link | Posted on May 14, 2014 at 18:40 UTC

pictures - found here

Direct link | Posted on Apr 16, 2014 at 05:14 UTC as 16th comment | 5 replies

when will this end... if it doesn't it'll be the end of Hasselblad :-(

Direct link | Posted on Feb 5, 2014 at 07:26 UTC as 46th comment
On Roger Cicala cynically re-defines photography article (54 comments in total)

nice gearhead :)

Direct link | Posted on Nov 27, 2013 at 14:41 UTC as 6th comment
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