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Pentax K-5
Pentax DA15 f/4 Limited
Pentax F 28 f/2.8
Pentax FA 50 f/1.4
Pentax D-FA 100 f/2.8
Pentax DA 18-55 WR
Pentax DA 50-200 WR
PK mount Kenko 1.5x teleplus, PK mount
Sigma 12-24 EX DG, PK mount (effectively replaced by DA15)
Sigma EDF-530DG Super flash, PTTL

Panasonic Lumix GM1 w/12-32
Sigma DN 60 f/2.8, MFT mount

iMac 2.66 GHz core 2 duo
Aperture 3
Pixelmator 3
Bibble 5 (now rebranded and updated as Corel Aftershot Pro, but rendered obsolete by Aperture for me)
iPhoto 9.5

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  • I agree with all Dean and Kent said - I've been doing some experiments with my K5 lately. It should be able to handle it. I'd use back-button AF – set the lever to AF-C (and make sure you don't ...
  • Hi I have had similar dilemmas and shooting requirements. Currently have a K5 with primes (DA15, F28, FA50, FA135). Plus I have the kit WR zooms (18-55 and 50-200) because they came with the camera ...
  • Not sure why he'd want FF when he doesn't print beyond 10x8 and he uses a tripod so noise not an issue, and not sure why he'd want to be using A-mount lenses when his requirement seems to be good AF. ...
  • Ah, those are clever ideas. That said, so far with my testing, I think I'll get better images by cropping the 135 alone rather than using the TC. At wide apertures it introduces masses of bokeh CA. ...
  • Wow, a definitive reply from the Jedi of teleconverters. Thanks Ron. I think I'll just take a photo of the TC on the last frame before I mount it, and again on the first frame after I remove it, to ...
  • Created discussions K5: correct EXIF with TC?
    Hi I have just got a FA135 F/2.8 lens. It works pretty well with a Kenko 1.5 DG converter. But the K5 doesn't show the correct FL or aperture in the EXIF. If it showed 202mm in the EXIF and not the ...
  • Indeed - it's quite easy to remove PF with the RAW processor I use, Aperture. If there are purples in the shot you want o keep, you just use the color brush, drop the eyedropper onto a fringe, ...
  • Hi I just bought an FA 135 f/2.8. It focuses fast and is sharp and compact and light, and has great bokeh. Those are the reasons I bought it and I'm happy. But at wide apertures it shows lots of ...
  • Surely you can connect it tho the camera by cable? That would make it more flexible and less fragile. Loads extra use-cases open up. Not the least of which would be keeping the phone in the shade...

  • Replied in A sad passing
    I bought a Contax G2 from there second-hand in about 1988. Len Lyons served me himself. Nice guy. Funnily enough I recently sold that camera with its 28, 45 and 90mm lenses for £750 to a used ...
  • I think this is one of the best wildlife and landscape series on this forum for a very long time. Thanks for posting. Post
  • Hi Kent Sorry, I should have been clearer. Your advice is very sage for shooting motorsports. But that's not what I do. I'm not a professional car photographer, I'm a professional car journalist ...
  • Helpful stuff Andrew. Helpful in the sense that what I'm learning is that there is no universal answer or watertight generalisation. I'll just have to try it. The 50-200 will actually just about do ...
  • Oh dear so I'm barking up the wrong tree in hoping the FA135 will be good for AF-C? The only other compact lens at this length is the 18-135, which is said to be soft at the long end, probably has ...
  • I maintained that forlorn hope for years. Of course a DA 135 could be even smaller than the F135 or FA135. But they won't do a new DA lens now they have the full-frame camera to think about. If ...
  • Good point, thanks. I should have mentioned the DA55-300, which is always better regarded than the DA50-200. My DFA100 macro also has a lot of PF. A moving car in bright sunlight is, unfortunately, ...
  • Thanks, that's very useful info. Which body are you using? Paul
  • Hi I sometimes have to shoot fast subjects: cars coming toward the camera at say 50mph, big in the frame, in bright daylight. On an APS-C sensor, a good FL is approx 135-200mm. I have the ...
  • They're great. They're the sort of shots I try to take, but they're much better than mine. Well done to him Paul
  • I use the 60mm with a LUMIX GM1. That and the body and the standard 12-32 makes a tiny lightweight travel kit of surprising quality. The 60mm's f/2.8 max aperture doesn't sound all that wide but...

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