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tinternaut: Micro Four Thirds doesn't really need another 25mm lens.

2 from Panasonic 1 from Olympus and one from Voightlander.
makes 4 its pathetic indeed

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If the 100mm is is good as the 135mm f2 from Samyang were in for some awsome performance. Lenstip.com stated that this lens competes against the zeiss 135mm and canon 135mm.

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paulfulper: Sony A7 needs desperately many lenses , why aren't Sigma , Tamron and Tokina jumping in this market ?
Millions of Sony A7 are being sold all over the world but we have a small choice of lenses

though no A-mount version this time.meaning no autofocus on A7 body's

though there is a OMMITE adapter that does good autofocus on EF>FE, so you could try the canon ef version of this sigma lens.

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No MFT graph???

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Just a Photographer: So basically this is a powerful in IQ, but overpriced GoPro.

No word about video, maybe the hassy cant even schoot 1080P
that would be a win for the gopro indeed.

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On Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal article (814 comments in total)
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ttran88: Canon getting serious with mirrorless!!!

Nah still a fixed lens ;)

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On Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal article (814 comments in total)
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Angrymagpie: Native advertising makes its way to dpreview?

indeed, The new panasonic AG-DVX200 4K camera is much more like this canon one. fixed lens, pro features like timecode and log profile.

and the Panasonic has even a bigger sensor in it and yet its cheaper than the Canon. O, and the AG-DVX200 Looks way cooler than that odd canon thing.

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On Apple patents triple-sensor smartphone camera post (1 comment in total)

back to the old 3CCD days ;)

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On Readers' Showcase: Rutger Bus article (44 comments in total)

Nice pix rutger, i know The Netherlands can be beautiful ,I live in drenthe too.

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the 80's called thay want their Richard Pelkowski back

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ND100,000 seems like a lot, but ive done the math, its about 16-17 stops.
edit ,I need to read, its already told in the article itself :')

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On Go wide! Hands-on with Canon's 11-24mm F4 L article (228 comments in total)

"According to Canon, the 11-24mm's front element is the largest ever manufactured for an SLR lens, at 87mm in diameter"

Nah, the front element of the nikon 6mm f2.8 is bigger(by a wide margin) 200mm!

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its still of limited use, smartphones lack dynamic range.
there is not much you can push.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 12, 2014 at 23:33 UTC as 10th comment | 4 replies

Panasonic gm1s?

i thought it was an older model, and i dont recall a S version of it

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Put this one in a smartphone please!

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I would rather buy a LX100 than the Panasonic 12-35 f2.8 for my gx7.That lens is heavier, slower apperture,and more expensive than the lx100 with the build in lens. Its a no brainer if i had the money.

of coarse the lx100 cant replace my other lenses like telezoom or uwa.But that's why i have my gx7 as a main camera anyway.

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On Hands-on with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 article (441 comments in total)
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PLAMBERT: The new GM5 might just be a better camera as it has interchangeable lenses and the size is comparable. The drawback of interchangeable lenses is that you have to carry them with you to use them! The whole outfit would be much heavier than the LX100. I use a compact coupled rangefinder camera with various lenses and the outfit bag is heavy, no zoom lenses included.

yes overall, but in the 24-75 range there are no mft zooms that offer f1.7-f2.8. Just two f2.8 zooms, wich are great, but bulky.

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bar1: Can someone confirm this:

The LX100 post has the following information:

"The LX100 integrates Wi-Fi® connectivity (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology camera to offer more flexible shooting experience and instant image sharing with easy operation."

There is NO mention of remote control functionality.

This Leica post states:

"The Leica D-Lux’s integrated Wi-Fi module allows remote control from a smartphone or tablet to wirelessly transfer still images and videos using a Wi-Fi connection."

So, does only the Leica version allow remote control? What I'm trying to determine is if the *camera settings* can be changed remotely (shutter speed, aperture, perhaps zoom, etc.).

Maybe because it would be ironic if the Panasonic image app worked on a leica camera :D

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On Week in review: 8 things we learned article (43 comments in total)

about the copyright, if a animal steals your gopro camera to take footage,it cant be copyrighted

but who is the ower of the copyright if you deliberately strap a gopro (or whatever camera) to a animal?

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samfan: More expensive than their (great) 85/1.4? That's weird. They must be really confident about it.

Also, where did the 50/1.2 rumors come from then?

yes dedicated cine lenses are different.These "cine" leses are just dslr lenses with gears bolted and smooth apperture ring.optical design is the same.

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