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ARW(Sony RAW) appears to be supported!!!
IF it really is included in the 11.99$, I am signing up right now!!!
Goodbye glacier!

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Does it include RAW files?
Please tell me it includes RAW files.....!!!!!!!!!!

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On Tamron 16-300mm Di II VC PZD real-world samples article (103 comments in total)

The zoom range is impressive. I guess only a full test with MTF graphs will reveal how good or bad it is.
But this lens has one thing going 24mm equivalent at the wide end. For landscapes, and basic architecture, that is the bare minimum must have.

At the tele end even 200mm is fine for a walkabout, but most 18-2xx lenses are limiting at the wide end.

The day someone makes a 14-140 kind of lens for APS-C or a 20-200 10X lens for full frame, it will be the ideal walkabout!

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On Stampede in Blue in the Animal Congregation challenge (7 comments in total)
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Tom Lusk: A fantastic shot and my choice to win.

Pity the fool who gave this shot a "1".

I see this happening with lot of excellent shots. Some participants start voting other good entries as 1 just to pull them down

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RichRMA: Interesting, by 25,600 ISO, detail is being clearly obliterated by the Canon and the 7R. The 7S still holds fine detail. But then who really shoots at that ISO and keeps the results?

This is not for everybody. This is for a specific target audience. Eg if you want to shoot a video in half moon without external light.

Or you are doing concert photography.

A7S is a niche camera.

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Is it useful at all? As of today, a D800E resolution is very difficult to make out unless you use very expensive lenses.
I think the weakest link in the chain is the quality of not so expensive lenses.
this tech will make sense in a 10000$ camera for professionals who do big prints.
However, for the 2000-3000$ buyer this tech will be useless as most of them will not own lenses which can take advantage of no AA filter.
Unless lens tech advances so that quality comes at an affordable price, this is not so useful.
Come to think of it, 50 year old lenses have similar quality to todays lenses optically.

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Josh152: With a major player like adobe taking up the subscription only model it will open the flood gates and using your computer for anything beyond web browsing and e-mail will no longer be affordable. It is only a matter of time before even operating systems are "cloud" only subscriptions. Just wait until your office programs, multimedia programs, games, ect, all require a different subscription fee. Imagine being stuck with one brand of software because it's another $20-$50 a month to get access to a title in the software suite from a different brand. We could end up in a situation where just using your computer as you do now costs $100+ a month. The only way this won't happen is if Adobe is forced to give up the subscription nonsense due to lack of sales. Unfortunately that will never happen. Most will just go along with it an pay adobe their monthly fee.

Nope. you will always have a choice. You do not have to use adobe, or a proprietary OS. Its entirely upto you. As companies do this nonsense, more and more people will turn to open source, which would mean more and more funds into open source, and more developers contributing.

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leoda: Reading a review of the Samyang 14mm, the comments were that the manual focusing (1) had a very short angle of rotation from closest to infinity and (2) the friction damping was virtually non existent so the manual focusing "feel" was not comfortable.

Does anyone have hands on manual focusing experience of the Samyang lenses? Would you comment on this ?

Yes, 'I own a 8mm fisheye, and its hard to believe its a lens costing less than 350D. Manual focusing is never an issue in the ultra wides. Of course, those using the 85mm 1.4 would face a lot of trouble manual focusing, but no such problem for wides

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akphot: As any independent shop of 37years I've had an open account with Nikon 36years. To all of a sudden decide I'm not capable to repair there broken battery doors is ludicrous. The nearest afs is more than 1000 miles from here.This policy will not help any of the 1000's of tourist that travel to Alaska.One side note the last of the film camera's had indepth electronic circuits & not alot different than today's camera's.This is restraint of trade.

Car companies tried this, and got rapped bad. Maybe you guys can get together, and put pressure. This is unfair trade practice, and will not stand up in court

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On The monastory on the hill in the Oh the places you'll go - Dr. Seuss challenge (2 comments in total)

Thanks drei

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On Content commenting system launched article (129 comments in total)

]This is really wonderful. What I am typing is going to be at bootom of this page!

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