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"Based around the same 28MP BSI-CMOS sensor as the flagship NX1..."

But lacking a viewfinder. On that basis alone, I can't see them getting many takers, unless those takers have generations-old, second-body DSLRs.

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I'm as partial to a gadget as the next guy, but I'm really struggling to see the point of this.

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Ben O Connor: For "Just sports!" sure it can't! But for many things at the same time YES IT DOES!

200mm at F 2.8
Macro shooting
And making 4K from all those. Not a bad tool. Sadly over priced.

Overpriced? For all that? I'd happily pay £2K for that kind of capability in one box. Indeed, I was about to drop it on a Canon XC10, until I saw the Sony.

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LEGACYMOMENTSPHOTOGRAPHY: useful to print photos that are visible from space! lol

Or to take photos *from* space... NSA etc must be watching this one with interest.


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olsenn: Why would they use a crop sensor for such high resolutions? The cost for silicon wafers have gone done immensely (or at least the defect rate has) and pixel pitch is going to be very narrow as it is.

The bigger the sensor, the more difficult it is to ensure that all the pixels actually work. For an APS chip size, you have a higher number of keepers in any given production batch.

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Alan Aurmont: The patch isn't magnified like that, is it? Instead, the whole viewfinder is. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Hmmm. It's actually surprisingly difficult to find a decent illustration of how a Leica rangefinder works. Here's the best I could find for the moment:


Scroll down to where it says "Focusing of rangefinder" and there are comparison shots of the rangefinder patch when the subject is in and out of focus.

HTH... :-)

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Alan Aurmont: The patch isn't magnified like that, is it? Instead, the whole viewfinder is. Correct me if I'm wrong.


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Alan Aurmont: The patch isn't magnified like that, is it? Instead, the whole viewfinder is. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Hi Alan

On the Leica M, no, but neither is the whole VF. Instead, there's a patch in the centre that has two images overlaid; when the images coincide, the pic is in focus.

There's a quick explanation in the video on this page, at about 2:20 - http://uk.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-M/About-the-M-System

Look up 'coincident rangefinder' to see some better explanations of how it works.

My guess is that would be very difficult to simulate in an app.

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This is what everybody - including DPR - apparently missed about the Leica T. Its simplicity of design makes it appealing to the (admittedly well-heeled) smartphone generation, who feel intimidated and/or bored by the complexity of conventional cameras, and yet - since pretty much everything aft of the sensor is defined by software - it can be set up to be as simple or as complex as anyone could wish. Granted, the software is a little raw so far, but the potential of the T - or, given its price, cheaper cameras built on the same principle - is enormous.

Samsung attacked this problem from the other end of the market a couple of years back with the Galaxy Camera, but the quality was so crappy very few people bought it. An app-capable camera with quality approaching the Leica for significantly less than £1K, though, would be a killer. I'd buy one like a shot.

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On Fujifilm X100T successor rumored to feature new lens article (308 comments in total)
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itaibachar: A 28mm is much better for street.

Ricoh GR. Much more discreet, too, and truly pocketable. I have one, and it's fantastic, except for the fact that the 28mm equiv lens is too wide for most situations. I'm after an X100T specifically because it has a 35mm equiv lens, which I've always found much better than a 28 for general photography.

I'd have no probem with them bringing out an *additional* model with an extra-wide lens, but I'd be very disappointed if they brought out a 28 as a *replacement*.

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On Fujifilm X100T successor rumored to feature new lens article (308 comments in total)

Please, God, don't let it be 18mm (28mm equiv). There are enough of those around already, and most people don't know how to use them effectively. 35mm equiv is the best all-round fixed focal length; if they have to mess with it, they should leave the focal length as is and increase the aperture or fit a proper focus mechanism with a clutch like Olympus's.

Oh, and a square lens hood. That would be useful. And look cool.

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Is it just my cheap laptop screen, or is this (and the raw version) hellishly noisy for 200ISO? I'm seeing some blotchiness on the girl's chin, too, especially in the raw. Very disappointing - I had my hands on this camera a few weeks ago and was seriously considering getting one.

I'll take a look on the Mac later, but so far, it's not looking too good.

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On photo in sample gallery (1 comment in total)

Nasty colour fringing towards the edge of frame - my Ricoh GR can do better than that (I know, it's a prime, but still...). Fixable in ACR, presumably. Apart from that, not a bad lens.

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Vanitas Photo: Dear DPR staff:

I will now hereby give you the status of Saints, because for you to suffer all the angsty, whiny, uneducated and rude comments you see here in the site everyday without shouting them a couple thousands of insults or swearing them a painful death requires the patience of a saint.

You can get your wings today once you finish working.
Kind regards,

Sssssshh! Don't tell 'em about Devon! ;-)

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On White House ban on photos and social media has ended article (63 comments in total)

Speaking of taking photos in (sort of) public places, has anyone noticed this?


Worrying. There are links in the comments to the original proposal by Julia Reda and the disastrous amendment by Jean-Marie Cavada - and to a petition to prevent the proposal from beoming legislation.

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On Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal article (814 comments in total)
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Boscocam: This camera will sell VERY well once Canon does three things:

1. Drop the price down to the proper consumer level - say $1200. It's not a professional camera and is certainly not worth $2500, but it's probably worth half that to a beginner shooting pictures of baby's first steps or the spinning tea cups at Disneyland. No journalist would use such a simplistic camera, and its stills mode is crippled by the lack of RAW shooting.

2. Simplify it even more by offering a real, one button 'auto' mode that does everything for the shooter. Consumers expect ease of use.

and finally

3. Start offering this product at Costco, Walmart and Target. They are exceptional at marketing consumer level cameras.

Wow. You've *really* missed the point, haven't you? So much so that I seriously doubt you even read the article.

Welcome to DPReview, by the way...

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electronbee: Only thing I don't like is the 1" sensor marketing ploy. The 1" sensor was originally devloped to replace a 1" imaging tube and the sensor is nowhere near an inch on any dimension. Ok, I'm off my pedastal.

Richard, what's wrong with millimetres? Just give the measurement of the diagonal of the frame. It's accurate, it's easy to remember - and more importantly, visualise - and it gives an easy way to compare angle of view with any other format.

What's not to like?

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photogeek: At this price, most people on this site would expect a camera to be included with the bag. Maybe not a Leica, but some kind of camera. :-) Really, a sucker is born every minute.

Oh, c'mon, photogeek - $400 for a cool leather camera bag? That's not much more than a Billingham or a Domke. And the Ona doesn't shout "I'm a bag full of cameras - come and get me!"

Man, I'd have one like a shot if I had the spare cash.

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Captions on the sample shots would be handy. Without knowing what films they're supposed to be emulating, it's hard to judge whether they're succeeding

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graybalanced: Like a lot of giveaways, you must first add this pack to their shopping cart, and then you can't download what's in the shopping cart unless you have or create a VSCO account with your name and email address.

This might matter if you're concerned about leaving behind your contact info for a one-time download.

I set up a dummy email account specifically for this kind of spambait. Works fine.

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