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  • Well, I came within a whisker of buying the A7II and I'll be watching the next Sony releases very closely.  Does that qualify me to post here?  ;)
  • Hi Vaughn.  Was searching DPR for Appomattox images and ran across this thread.  Great work as usual.  Looks like the A7II is working out well for you (to say the least).
  • Replied in A7ii vs 6D IQ?
    Although I'm fairly certain the A7ii would fit my needs, I've ordered the 6D.  It's a trade-off in features for sure, but much simpler and less expensive for me to stick with Canon than to change ...
  • Replied in A7ii vs 6D IQ?
    Hi tags. Thanks for a different perspective on this. I'm really curious what this statement is based on: "The low ISO performance for Sony/nikon is worlds better".  I haven't seen any complaints ...
  • Replied in A7ii vs 6D IQ?
    I'm not so much concerned about the 1/2 stop in dynamic range as I am about the character of noise when it does show up.  I can clean up the 6d noise easier than the A7ii.  That may be a limit of ...
  • Lots of great information there.  Thank you.  As I've said in other replies, I really like the smaller form factor of the Sony, but with similar IQ in the Canon at a lower price, I will probably ...
  • Replied in A7ii vs 6D IQ?
    Yes, I could certainly look at it this way.  All of the benefits of the mirrorless you've listed are enticing, which is why I'm struggling with the choice.  I believe mirrorless is the future, but ...
  • Replied in A7ii vs 6D IQ?
    Actually, I don't have to pixel peep to see the difference, I just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something in the comparison.  While I really like some of the advantages the A7ii brings ...
  • Replied in A7ii vs 6D IQ?
    Yes, I think I read that article also.  Thanks.
  • Replied in A7ii vs 6D IQ?
    It appears that when pushing the high ISO images, the noise in the 6d is a finer grain and the color and detail are very similar.
  • Replied in A7ii vs 6D IQ?
    Interesting.  The 6d image seems to retain more detail and color when pushed +3.
  • Created discussion thread A7ii vs 6D IQ?
    I'm still debating between these two bodies and although there are several online reviews of each, there are few objective comparisons to go by.  I've looked at quite a few images from both ...
  • Thanks Neil.
  • Thanks for sharing your experience.  Impressive shot for ISO 10,000 at 1/2500s.  Was there much cropping on this shot, or were you close enough with the 135mm?  Did you choose a focus point ahead ...
  • Yes, I understand that, just hard to compare apples and oranges and it seems that's what I'm trying to do.  I'm guessing that either FF would be at least as good at tracking as my 60d, but really ...
  • Will the 60d be better than either of the FF options listed?
  • Created discussion thread Canon 6D vs Sony A7II
    While I realize neither of these cameras is ideal for wildlife or sports action: (1) Would the Sony be significantly better than the Canon for tracking moving subjects at an equivalent focal length (I ...
  • Indeed it is.  Enjoyed your reply, but I don't plan on building a collection, just thinking of where I might improve on my current camera (let's limit this to a gear discussion for now, not my ...
  • Sticking with Canon is definitely the path of least resistance.  Thanks for the reassurance on what can be accomplished with crop cameras.  :)
  • Replied in 60D to D750?
    Yes, I'm not one to buy a new camera every year or two.  If only we could put all of our personal favorite features into one camera. There are several out that are tempting now, but none that tick ...
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