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On Rex aeternae? Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 II review article (64 comments in total)
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rfsIII: I don't understand the headline. What does a Japanese camera have to do with a Norwegian death metal band?

Cool; I read it as a prescription (rx) for listening to the music of the group that created landmark albums like "Dark Sorcery" and "Ascension of Terror." Either way, I like it.

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On Rex aeternae? Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 II review article (64 comments in total)

I don't understand the headline. What does a Japanese camera have to do with a Norwegian death metal band?

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On Adobe issues Lightroom 6.2 apology and update article (176 comments in total)
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sierranvin: Sounds awful! I'm just back from 4 months in the field and using LR 6.0 with no problems.
Should I just ignore any and all updates at this point in time?

I used to laugh at people who purposely stayed an update or two behind on software. Now I respect their wisdom.

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On Sony Alpha 7R II Review preview (1082 comments in total)
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jackspra: As I am upgrading soon and have Nikon gear currently I have been researching every which way to go.Do not like the size of canon gear and Nikon isn't far behind.Like the Sony gear but just don't know about that electronic viewfinder.I think one reviewer who gave samples of his work may have settled it for me,and I say me,that canon looks more film like and that is what I like.Was surprised to see an ad for a7r2 pop up up before I could go through.

Lenses, my friend. It's all about the lenses. Pick the camera whose lenses give you the look you want. Everything else is just noise.

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On What difference does it make? Sony uncompressed Raw article (612 comments in total)
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Francis Carver: Why not just shoot on film instead? That is already UNcomrpessed. No funny business with the amalgams and RAW-tricks.

You guys forget that digital has enormous costs including computers and repair, extra RAM, processing software and plug-ins, new bodies every two years, the higher cost of digital camera repair vs. film camera repair, and endless classes to keep up with the tech.

I bet if you compared the costs of film vs. digital, they'd be just about the same.

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There are already a couple of these out on the market from different makers—perhaps Lars could be talked into doing a test.

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On Canon EOS M3 real-world samples article (155 comments in total)


We are many, many years down the path of digital imaging science and a camera like this M3 should be able to produce awesome jpgs without human intervention—RAW should be a distant memory by now.

So why does DPReview shoot in RAW? Why the necessity of all this post processing? Shouldn't part of the money we pay for a camera go to better image processing?

It is time for the camera makers to step up their game and give us photos that are gorgeous straight from the camera so we don't have to waste hours fixing their shortcomings in post.

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On Heavy lifting: Leica S (Type 007) sample gallery article (197 comments in total)
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Prixnobeldefoot: you guys handle the best cameras in the world, but still make no efforts at all to shoot interesting pictures...

It's a nice idea but it means that they would have to shoot their test pix somewhere other than where they live and work. Both England and the Pacific Northwest are notorious for their lack of contrast.
Because of their latitude and climactic and cultural situation, they just don't get much in the way of strong darks or lights and any plastic that may have existed in the Northwest was recycled long ago. So unless you want to subsidize their move to the Mojave Desert or Morocco, you're going to have to be satisfied with what they shoot.

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When I read about use this camera being used for creative purposes it made me think about the old Polaroid 20 x 24 view camera that they would let certain high-profile photographers use to produce art projects.... this could be the same thing. And what awesome ergonomics!

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On Quick Review: PhotoKeeper article (103 comments in total)

Cloud storage would be a great idea if American business people had any sense of ethics or honor. Unfortunately the lesson that they learn in today's business schools is that the business owner's ego comes first and the needs of customers come last. You have no guarantee the data you upload today will be there tomorrow. And you can be sure that the courts would never hold them responsible if they lose, sell, or corrupt your data.

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razormac: We should give special kudos to the baby orangutan, who apparently was smart enough to neatly cut and trim the end of the leaf stem with his pen knife.

As science is finally beginning to confirm, primates have been using tools for quite some time. Evolution FTW!

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If you read their videocam marketing material you'll see that Sony is obsessed with keeping file sizes from getting out of hand, so extending that philosophy to still cameras doesn't seem so odd.

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On The new Canon 35L II will be a thing of beauty article (228 comments in total)
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lem12: Just curious.. how much photojournalist have to pay for just 35mm lens to capture a good story.

Photojournalism is definitely not about lenses. I just spent two weeks with the cream of American photojournalist core covering presidential candidate speeches in Iowa and I can tell that for real photojournalists it's all about movement. The great ones are part ballet dancer, part wolf. It's beautiful to watch them work.

They're hunched down on the ground in front of the speaker one minute, then suddenly they're way up on a balcony shooting down. Look away for a minute and they're behind the subject shooting over his shoulder into the crowd or climbing atop a wall. They radiate intensity, but they're so good at what they do, they look like they're having fun.
Even more impressive, they do it with a 1DX and a zoom lens over each shoulder plus a 400mm on a sling (one guy even had a folding step-stool hanging from his shoulder).

You never see or hear them move, but they take 1000 breathtaking shots from 20 unique angles in the time it would take you or I to get our lens cap off.

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On The new Canon 35L II will be a thing of beauty article (228 comments in total)
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Gary Martin: I can't tell the ads from the articles any more ...

But we like the record. It's familiar and that's comforting to us. You go enjoy your Katrina and the Waves and we will stay here with the curtains closed and listen to Joy Division

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Looks like a perfect second camera for video. Or buy three and you could produce some very sophisticated television programming.

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I hate hate hate C/A so to me this lens is worth every penny. Software gets rid of most aberration but it's not perfect. Sadly, I'm a Nikon guy. Hopefully Nikon is working on something similar.

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Is it because I'm so old that the amount of noise in the Screaming Females picture looks just right to me?
I expect a photo taken in low light to have some signs of struggle—grain/noise are the wounds inflicted during the battle between photographer and photon.
That picture would look odd without any noise—and not at all punk rock.

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On Sony Alpha 7R II: Real-world ISO invariance study article (372 comments in total)

This reminds me of the Canons of a few generations ago when photogs figured out that certain higher ISOs on the 5D's were better than lower ISOs. They had quite a thing going there for a while.

My main question would be what do you tell a client when he or she sees the photos coming off your camera and they're way too dark. 99.9% of people cannot make the exposure adjustment in their mind so you'ld end up with a pretty freaked out client. In the Cinema world we can load look up tables to correct the image before it goes up onto the monitor for everyone to see. maybe there something you could do similarly with these images.

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On Picture this: Our revamped galleries system is now live article (115 comments in total)

Given the predilections of the various DPR editors, you also need a tab that lets you sort by breed of cat; vintage, make, and model of car (with sub category racing or street); national cuisine; genre of musical group; and nose ring vs. no nose ring.

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left eye: ...many of these A7R II shots from ACR:
Sharpness +50 (1px)
Detail +25
Colour Noise Reduction 25

looking at the 5DS R gallery, this page in particular (taken with a wide zoom): http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/reviewsamples/albums/canon-eos-5ds-r-real-world-samples-gallery-beta#page=3

many of these shots from ACR:
Sharpness +25 (1px)
Detail +25
Colour Noise Reduction 25

...so the Canon files have been processed similarly, though given less sharpening, interestingly I see much more grain in the Sony shots, and detail looks clunky - angular - digital, while the Canon colours and beautiful detail rendition has a medium format quality.

I'm not sure Canon has lost this one yet!

BTW I own neither any Sony or Canon equipment - but thinking between the two.

So there you have it...if you're shooting sculptures, you need the most rectilinear lens possible and one which also lets you correct for perspective; so your best choice would theoretically be a medium-format back on a baby-size view camera with a cool old wooden tripod. But then your other criteria get in there. I can't pretend to know enough about museum photography to say what you should get, but which companies have tilt-shift lenses available in their lineups...and which have specialty flat-field lenses for shooting things like artwork? My guess is Canon and Nikon, but again, I defer to the lens experts on this site.

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