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Thanks for this story Nicolas. Your photographs are beautiful and mostly I love the idea of your adventure. Well done.

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review (1043 comments in total)
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Annom: A question for you all - I am going to buy a Full Frame for the first time. I was looking originally at a D800e but have now decided to skip the middle step and either get a second hand Nikon D3s or wait 18 months for a D4. I shooting a lot of sport, some weddings and landscapes.

If you shoot a lot of sports Annom, I would think that the D3s or the D4 would be your best bet. Speed and focus ability are what you need for sports. It would be also excellent for weddings and will make eye-popping enlargements. (the D800e has more resolution and will enlarge better but you are not looking to shoot commercial images so it will not be a significant advantage.)

The D800e will be better for landscapes also but if your main focus is sports, then the D3s and D4 are the best choices for your camera and you will still be able to get pretty good landscapes.

With the D3s or the D4, your concerns will be the cost and the extra weight of the camera you need to carry around. As the other fellow replied, it is a good thing too take one out on a trial run and see if you like it. Good shooting.

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review (1043 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Is there a Reason why the fresh Nikon D4S has less DR as a 6 Years old FinePix S5 Pro ?

Carsten, the D4S is a far superior camera to the S5 which was a pretty good camera in it's own right. High ISO performance, speed, continuous shooting, built like a tank, focus ability, battery life. Get off your high horse and see that the cameras are built to serve different purposes.

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On article SmugMug Films: Master of illusions (41 comments in total)

Joel, I love your work man. Well done on your ability to create beautiful images, whether meticulously planned out, done on the fly or a mix of both. I do enjoy them.
Cheers :)

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On article Drone films SpaceX rocket launch and landing (73 comments in total)
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D200_4me: Cool video of the rocket....but regarding drone photography in's the new "Me too! Me too!" thing these days, isn't it?

And some of them will succeed. :)

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Tom Lombardi: This "win" by Nikon will only allow Sigma to grow as a brand. Whether it is true or not, popular opinion is now that the OS system in the Sigma's works nearly identical to that of the Nikon's VR. Whether that is the case in actuality is not important, rather the perception is true: If Nikon sued Sigma over the use of their OS system in these 6 lenses, that by the way, are receiving very positive reviews, then surely anyone looking to drop $2500 on a 70-200 f/2.8 VRII lens will look at that $1000-$1300 savings of the Sigma version and say, is the Nikon really worth that much more? Sigma will recoup this loss in sales they will get from having to pay it 10 fold.

Not all apples are equal Tom. Just like there can be a big difference in flavour and quality of two Fuji apples coming from different farms, there can also be a difference in quality of lenses sharing similar technology coming from different manufacturers. They will not be equal lenses since all they share is some similar VR technology and have different facilities, company, workers. etc.

I wonder if Sigma will be able to continue using the technology going forward and if they do, will they continue to pay Nikon a 15% fee for all profits on those lenses. It would be a win-win situation for both I would guess as both are making money from the deal.

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review (1043 comments in total)
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Dimit: Fine parfums come in SMALL bottles..

Good thing this isn't perfume huh Dimit. No "odour" being masked here, just the real thing. :)

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review (1043 comments in total)
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Mike Davis: ISO 409,600 is eight stops faster than ISO 1600.

Fairground rides: 1/250 sec. @ f/16
Night street scene: 1/200 sec. @ f/16
Interior by candlelight: 1/60 sec. @ f/16
Landscapes by full moon: 1/2 sec. @ f/16

I hear what you are saying Bob. My point is that I do believe Nikon when they say they have better low light capability in the camera. (I have not used the camera so I can't know for sure) My point is not that putting up fancy numbers will give you more sensitivity, numbers are just symbols and not the actual thing, but the point is the sensor/processor combination is supposed to be more capable so the number is there to indicate that.

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review (1043 comments in total)
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Mike Davis: ISO 409,600 is eight stops faster than ISO 1600.

Fairground rides: 1/250 sec. @ f/16
Night street scene: 1/200 sec. @ f/16
Interior by candlelight: 1/60 sec. @ f/16
Landscapes by full moon: 1/2 sec. @ f/16

The point of increased sensitivity is the ability to capture a good/excellent image in less light, as when shooting at night, shooting fast moving things (vehicles, athletes, animals) in moderate to low light. That is the point of it.

The numbers only gives one a symbolic reference of the capability of the camera/film and settings used. You can go ahead and use whatever setting that you want to get the best image based on recommendation from the manufacturer or other expert or your own tests.

It is true that some cameras have higher low light resolving capabilities than others as i am guessing that the D4s is one of the best if not he best. NO, you are not going to get the same low light image quality from your prosumer or enthusiast camera by matching the settings.

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review (1043 comments in total)

Awesome camera, supremely capable. I would love to try out one for a week or two. I don't have a need for it's capabilities, I shoot Corporate Portraits, but I would definitely get it if I was a sports/journalist/wildlife photographer. It is a pleasure seeing all these cameras, the competition for the consumers attention is hot these days.

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On Preview:fujifilm-x-t1 (1645 comments in total)
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PaulDavis: I have never owned a fugitive camera but I was going to this would be it. Really nice little camera. It would be nice to put a small prime on there.

I owned the Fuji S2 Pro and loved it. I decided to buy it over the Nikon D100 at the time because of superior image quality, particularly in colour and dynamic range. This one looks pretty good but I have too many Nikon lenses now to want to switch.

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On article Wyoming's stunning weather and landscapes in time-lapse (231 comments in total)

SWEEEET! Nicolaus, great job man. You had me totally captivated looking at that for both creative and technical reasons. Well done.

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brecklundin: these sort of things are crutches for newbies and those who don't care to learn the craft of product shooting. You can do far better work with a couple inexpensive off camera flashes and some inexpensive foamcore board or just white craft paper.

These things are FINE if you want a sloppy shot for ebay I suppose (I honestly never noticed an increase in selling price with good photo's on ebay items. In fact I often suspected the opposite...people are fickle and thing Facebook quality photos are "good" photography.) And it's not bad for the price. However for a bit more cash and a few hours practice you can achieve far superior results even if using used flash units bought that a thrift shop (I have a number of those I bought for $5/ea & still use).

Google DIY product photography or visit a Flickr group "Creative Tabletop Photography". A useful group.

Last spend the cash to buy "Light: Science & Magic" by Fil Hunter. It's the best book for understanding lighting objects.

I think the main point may be that this is not designed for photographers but for the product seller who wants to capture images of a product cheaply. I am a professional photographer and I want to shoot every item and person I can and get paid for it, however, I understand that not every product needs a high end image to sell it. This product is fine for that.
I go after the clients who can and are willing to spend the money and don't wast time chasing those who have no photo budget to speak of. Where the quality is needed, the client will seek out the professional.

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RobG67: Bright red shirt and white trousers? There goes another theory, right out of the window... (that of 'impeccable taste').

Seriously, how is this news.

The bright red shirt and white pants look great, an excellent mix. Not everybody can carry off such a spunky and bright look. It seems Ali can and I love those red shoes.
BTW Rob, life is not lived in "theory", it is lived in actuality.

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I love this series. As a working photographer, parent of three, etc, I rarely take the opportunity to go shoot something for the hell of it. I have to congratulate the photographer for sticking with it and capturing the character of Ali. Of course, I have to give equal kudos to Ali for presenting the opportunity, he looks great! I had fun viewing the photos just for the create involved.

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On Fujifilm X100S First Look (218 comments in total)

Why not just process the images using the Fuji software or both Adobe and Fuji for comparison sake. It would be nice to see just what quality the camera is capable of and not, "this is the quality you can get from a software that is not up to scratch with that particular file". Particularly with Fuji's unique sensor.

Yes, it may mean using the default application for all the camera tests, but that is the true quality of that camera. This image comparison leaves me with the question "but what is the quality really like?"

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On Connect post BlackBerry betting on Z10 and Q10 to launch new OS (27 comments in total)

I have never used a BB but I d hope they deliver a competitive product for both competition and the success of a canadian tech company.
A friend of mine (Computer systems manager) want from BB to iphone and back to BB for the simple reason that the BB phone did not need recharging during the day where the iphone died during the day because he was playing with all the apps.
Will the new BB phones with all the apps and graphics also use up power? May be important for business users along with the inherent BB advantages.

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Geoff666: Does anyone else use Apple Aperture?

I find it works pretty well and I would be interested on how it compares with the others in this review...

A very interesting review nonetheless...

I use Aperture and love it. I shoot tethered with it and do the vast majority of my editing there. When needed, I use my Nik software plug-ins to get more refined adjustments or PS6 to more complex edits. The applications tested here sound pretty good but I can't complain about Aperture, an excellent image management and editing tool. I am a bit surprised it is not also compared here.

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robjons: I'm curious how big the sensor is, but I can never find your (DPR's) sensor size graphic. What do I type in the search to see it? Of course, it probably only shows FF as the largest...

It is listed above in the text under "Advantages of the S System". It reads: "S-System including the large (30 x 45 mm) Leica Pro Format sensor"

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topstuff: DPR seem to have marked the camera down because of its relative position in a more crowded market compared to , for example, the NEX range.

I think the thinking from DPR is a bit muddled here. Perhaps they spend too much time with the camera on a test rig rather than out in the field.

As a NEX5N user, I recognise that while the sensor quality is high and potential IQ is great, the effectiveness of the camera for mixed, family use ( surely its primary role ) is negated by its relatively poor AF and weak lens selection.

M4/3 does not seem to have the same weaknesses - with this Panny and the new Olympus EP3 having much better AF than the NEX and a larger choice of lenses.

Therefore, when weighting these factors, I find it hard to reconcile how the Panny is "marked down" compared to the NEX.

NEX5N does not deserve GOLD while the GX-1 gets Silver IMO. They each have advantages and disadvantages that neutralise each other and IMO should have the same score.

Good point "topstuff" on the camera review highlighting certain points and not considering some real world usage data. Noone is perfect however.

I am of the feeling that reviews are just a guide and the evaluation should be left up to the potential buyer. Of course this requires a bit of independent thinking which I realize not everybody shows. I rarely buy according to the top pick in the review but go according to what I prefer in a camera. I admittedly also favour certain brands, usually as a result of familiarity and reputation and not always because of the specs. (The competition is so hot and heavy that there are always a few worthy products in every category)

I have found the DPR reviews very helpful but I do talk with friends, visit the manufacturer's website and go pick up the camera at a camera store before buying. That way I can't just blame DPR when I make a bad pick, I get to blame everyone else......... Except me! LOL

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