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I do like the click-less control wheel. it's obvious ( to me) that Sony uses this to implement smooth manual focus. Luckily Sony remains true to enthusiasts with the controls on this camera.

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For screwy building verticals and wide-fat faces on the sides of a wide angle group shots this program is ACES. Love it !

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George Veltchev: what about 350 -600 f/4-5.6 . it may be seen as too restrictive for some but at least you can really expect exemplary optical performance .

Who buys a beast like this Tamron (or a Bigma) to shoot at 50 or 100mm ??

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marike6: Having already seen some RX10 JPEGs on another website, I knew what to expect. These samples won't please all pixel peepers, but viewed normally they generally look fine.

I'm having a hard time understanding why someone would prefer this camera over a DSLR or MILC considering it doesn't seem to provide a lot of chances for subject isolation, and at over 800 g, the weight of most DSLRs, it doesn't seem to offer portability that some favor. But everybody has different needs I suppose.

Go to a review on the FZ200 and look at the jpg's from 200mm in on that camera and then compare them to jpg's from the RX10. That's why some people want this camera. These two cameras are both fixed f2.8 and similar in size. The 1 inch sensor is the largest sensor you can put in a camera of this size and fixed f2.8 24-200mm. For most shooters, or I should say for most shooting, focal length over 200mm is non-plus.

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These look exactly like I would think they would look taken on an overcast day. Muted colors. "Fuzzy" light. Bland contrast. The lens has good resolution and corners look good. I see nothing that makes me change my mind on my pre-order.

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Rick DeBari: "Part of the problem with trying to explain why the RX10 costs so much (and we're not sure why it cost quite so much)..."

What are you talking about? This camera is expensive because it has an excellent, fast, equivalent 24-200mm f/2.8 Zeiss lens. The lens alone is almost worth the full price. Magnesium alloy top and front casings on the body also! I just wish the sensor was Mf3 but then the camera and lens would both be much larger.

MegaDittos on this comment. Elephant in the room. Sony is being very understated about this HUGE factor about this camera. Like with the RX100, Sony has again gone TARDIS Tour De Force with this RX10.

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Very nice !

But I'm not giving up my iPhone for it. Even if it took pics like a dSlr.


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Wished I could have voted twice on this one.

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On photo legs_1258 in the Bus shelter poster: "Stopping Power" challenge (31 comments in total)

For the male voters (and some females I suppose) the vote "stopped" right here.


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This thing sure looks a lot like my Sony SAL 18-250. Has an HSM motor though.

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MichaelEchos: I'd be waiting for the next generation.

Give me 24mm on the wide end.
Add another dial/Fn button somewhere.
Decrease shutter lag and increase autofocus speed. (if it is slow)
Decrease base ISO.
Auto ISO system like Nikon's.

And finally, a lower price tag. :D

I'll sell my 1st Gen RX100 when the 2nd one comes out, just like I'm selling my S95 which replaced my S90, etc. Me and Ebay. Sure is fun !

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