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the sekonic light meters Studio and Lighting Technique 10 months ago
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A lot of work...hope it was worth it Retouching 10 months ago
Alien Skin Exposure 7 is out.. with Raw editing now Retouching 10 months ago
Surface 3 Pro for Photoshop? Retouching 10 months ago
Lightroom 5.7 copying jpg files off camera instead of raw during tethering Retouching 10 months ago
Godox QS or QT Monolights | Studio Flash Studio and Lighting Technique 10 months ago
George Harrison...painting Retouching 11 months ago
Who has used Windows 8 Touch Screen to Edit with Lightroom or Photoshop? Retouching 11 months ago
Lightroom presets for Fashion Retouching 11 months ago
Sekonic LITEMASTER PRO L-478DR Studio and Lighting Technique 11 months ago
topaz impression Retouching Oct 28, 2014
Topaz Impression: art filter... Retouching Oct 17, 2014
Why Profoto D1 Air over Einsteins? Studio and Lighting Technique Sep 30, 2014
Camtree 1000 Led Light kit. Studio and Lighting Technique Sep 23, 2014
PS Pen tool, stroking eye lashes Retouching Sep 18, 2014
Profoto RFi 3.0 x 4.0' Softbox vs Elinchrom 39" Rotalux Deep OctaBox .. Images Studio and Lighting Technique Sep 11, 2014
EyeFi Pro X2 is not really "Pro" - Get the Eye-Fi Mobi Pro Digital Talk Sep 7, 2014
Continuous Light System Issues Studio and Lighting Technique Sep 7, 2014
Extraction Practice Using Patsy's Remask 4 Method and The Tut Retouching Sep 7, 2014
Godox AD360 Flash & PB960 Battery Pack review Studio and Lighting Technique Aug 25, 2014
Godox / Cheetah CL-360 remote questions Studio and Lighting Technique Aug 14, 2014
Sony A55/A65 flash Sync with studio strobes Sony Alpha SLR/SLT A-mount Talk Aug 13, 2014
Godox CL-360 (mounting AB modifiers on the balcar mount?) Studio and Lighting Technique Aug 8, 2014
Beware buying Deardorf's Smudge video from photowhoa Retouching Aug 6, 2014
Just Curiosity: Why DO non-pros try to advise working photographers? Pro Digital Talk Aug 5, 2014
must reinstall plugins for Photoshop 2014??? Retouching Jul 8, 2014
How do you pack an Einstein for transport? Studio and Lighting Technique Jul 5, 2014
Curious problem using CC 2014 and liquify using wacom pen Retouching Jul 4, 2014
Photogenic PowerLight 600? Studio and Lighting Technique Jul 3, 2014
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Poor fitting fotodiox speedrings (buff mount) Studio and Lighting Technique Jun 24, 2014
Lightroom 5 (2014) — don't install! Retouching Jun 23, 2014
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Anyone Retouching with a MS Surface Pro? Retouching Jun 18, 2014
online service for making a tricky mask Retouching Jun 12, 2014
Portrait Professional 12 Retouching Jun 11, 2014
Portrait Pro V10-12 Security Failures Retouching Jun 8, 2014