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Nikon007: It looks like a plastic toy camera. I'm sure it's capable but I wouldn't buy it.

I agree it looks different but it feels rock solid unlike so many entry to mid-grade nikons and canons that really do cheap-out on build. You really have to handle it to appreciate it. It is amazingly well built.

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raztec: Good riddance! And let this be a lesson to the idiot marketers who've got no aesthetic sense. That includes the Nikon 1 system and Canon's M.

Instead of squandering money on this pile of crap, how about Pentax putting their money into developing a FF, rangefinder style camera? Heck even make it manual focus and allow people to use all those old excellent Pentax lenses.

Any manufacturers other than Fuji out there listening? Give photographers what they really want and we'll reward you big time. Continue to chase the highest profit margins and let your marketers lead your company and we'll punish you big time.

Really... you think a manual focus body would sell? That would be an even bigger mistake than any made in the K-01 design. You can only sell that kind of silliness to prancing Leica elitists. Everybody else knows that having AF on a camera is a basic function these days.

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garyknrd: God I hope this is a turning point for Pentax Ricoh. I still have a couple of good lenses for Pentax mount. First the K-5 fiasco then this.
Now waiting on the next mind numbing offering from Pentax. I have my fingers crossed.

Yeah, one of the highest rated IQ's on DxOMark. What a fiasco!!!


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On Connect post Steve Wozniak: Apple lags behind in the smartphone business (36 comments in total)

Yeah sure... just jealousy from another Android fan-boy, Apple hater... oh wait I guess that doesn't apply. :-)

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Carbon111: I think it's interesting that the majority of the comments here imply that many photographers don't really like or even "get" modern art. I would have thought the opposite would be true. I guess I see a "nude descending a staircase" where others see "an explosion in a shingle factory"... ;)

Actually I can appreciate Albert Bierstadt and still like Jackson Pollock if you need examples. It's not that I don't "get" modern art it's just that I don't accept everything done with intention as "art". The guy next door drilling holes in a 2x4 does not contend that he is an artist but someone dancing around breaking chalk cameras claims it's art. I have always loved art in many forms but I believe the art world's biggest problem is it's reticence to police it's ranks.

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Certainly many photographers gain an affinity for their cameras or brands. It's only natural to respect the design of a tool that performs a useful function and does it well. Few pros are able to remain completely dispassionate about their gear. If no such affinity existed DPReview wouldn't have forums divided into brands and camera types.

Did we really need silly avante garde performance "art" to illuminate this obvious conclusion?

How about a new exhibit where cameras made of cheese are fed to wombats in order to make people consider how they feel about wombats eatings cheese cameras... Nah, that would just be stupid.

I must admit my surprise that none of the cameras were made from dung. It's shocking! Positively brilliant!... they would say.

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What a joke!

Look at the bandwidth and storage requirements of 4K and 8K...

Consider the visible difference between 1080p and 4K at proper viewing distance...

it should be evident that this is DESPERATION on the part of the industry. 3D TV was an absolute failure and with the HDTV market saturating they HAVE to find the next river of gold.

Another flop on the way.

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On Connect post Taiwanese accessory maker phunks with's heart (2 comments in total)

Hmm... so now we can have the bulk and size of a decent point and shoot with considerably lower image quality! Why didn't I think of that!

Fashion Sense is an oxymoron.

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On Connect post Apple claims throne as mobile king (15 comments in total)

Correct me if I'm wrong but this statistic is based on 12 weeks of sales data not on how many people own and use Apple or Android phones. Is it any surprise when the herds rush out to get the latest shiny iDevice? This spike happens every time they churn out their latest "revolutionary" phone.

All this points out is that during the same short period of time fewer Android users were compelled to upgrade their phones to maintain their social status. We may as well be tracking how many Apple or Android phones were sold today between noon and 1pm and declare a winner based on that. Worthless stats providing great fodder for sensational headlines.

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On photo Sunset glides in in the A Beautiful stretch of water. challenge (9 comments in total)

Oh common... isn't it obvious he walked out and placed a fake bird prop in the middle of that marsh and then waited for sunset.

Kidding... :-)

AWESOME shot. You just never know when some creature is going to inadvertently change your composition for the better.

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On article DxO Labs unveils Optics Pro 8 with Smart Lighting (35 comments in total)
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nekrosoft13: those that use it, how does it compare to lightroom?

Have both, and LR4 blows DxO away in terms of speed on my quad core. Liking LR4 more all the time. DxO is great if you have lenses in the profiles. Their lens-softness tools really do some great sharpening.

I like the LR4 interface better as well. The clunky DOTNET user interface on DxO was a huge mistake.

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Where is that? Not often one sees a lighthouse being reclaimed by the sea. Adds a really mood to the shot. Excellent!

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On photo Alfred Hitchcock presents 'The Birds' in the Plethora challenge (14 comments in total)

Great shot... though I hope you were wearing a rain coat. Pigeons... rats with wings!

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On article Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms (613 comments in total)
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MM67: Gentlemen, Hasselblad has obviously done painstaking research into the market they hope to exploit: the morally bankrupt, attention-starved wealthy. I'm sure they've spent plenty on demographic surveys and this design is in lockstep with their findings. I have been lucky enough to view the wealthy, both in captivity and their natural environment (I live in NYC where M9s, miniature dogs in fur coats, and a myriad other obscenely expensive accessories are paraded around without a moments reflection) and we're talking about the people who are responsible for keeping companies like this is business: Whomever thinks that $60+K for a blinged-up nokia or $6K for a blinged-up NEX-7 in this age of unimaginable inequity obviously can't handle the responsibility of the wealth they possess. Companies are realizing this more and more and have no problem offering sparkly mediocrity at astounding prices knowing some grotesque will actually buy it. Viva bad taste! Olé!

Yes, they are the same brand of self-absorbed fools that wear $2000 designer shoes. However, it certainly sounds like you're all for taking what they have from them simply because of their lack of perspective.

I still believe people should have the freedom to be wise or foolish.

There is no shortage of low-income, self-absorbed fools. They're just not as obvious in crowds.

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A designer camera was a bad move on Pentax' part but in this case it's the perfect camera brand for such a pairing.

Many buy Leica for the same reason they buy Apple... it's a fashion statement. That being the case, who would be a better choice for a designer Leica than Johnny?

Yes, Leica makes usually good cameras and excellent lenses and there are those who buy them for their quality but there are also many sheep who buy them simply because it makes a statement to those who have no red dot.

I simply wouldn't be seen in the Hamptons without one. :-)

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On photo Antarctic Iceberg in the Ice challenge (5 comments in total)

Beautiful! The sullen sky really makes this shot with the contrast against the bright blue ice.

You don't vacation in the "normal" spots do you? :-)

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On photo Orchid Face in the Faces in Strange Places challenge (5 comments in total)

Looks like one of the Cirque du Soleil performers. That's eerie. Great shot.

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On photo bourgeois opulence in the Still Life challenge (25 comments in total)

Excellent photo. A snapshot before dinner one evening?

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On photo Bay Bridge San Francisco in the Photographer audition: Postcard challenge (1 comment in total)

Beautiful shot! Nice water blur and color.

PS - time to clean the imager. Dust spots. I'm guessing you used a rather high aperture.

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On photo Arches National Park - Moab, Utah in the National Park, After Dark* challenge (9 comments in total)

Obviously the camera was tracking in order to avoid star trails. How did you avoid blur on the arch?

Beautiful image!

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