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  • Replied in Help plz ASAP
    Congratulations!!!  Awesome camera.  Enjoy, have fun, learn as much as possible, all the best to you and good luck!:-D
  • Replied in Help plz ASAP
    I think you mean "Shallow Depth of Field" not Shadow. LOL :-) Anyway, depth of field is controlled by the focal length and wideness of the aperture also the distance the lens is from the subject. ...
  • Submitted a challenge entry The Voice and The Judgement2
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  • Submitted a challenge entry My niece bday
    Birthday party at Chucky Cheese
    Placed 51st in the challenge. Birthday party at Chucky Cheese
  • Sorry about the late response, thanks for the feedback.  The lens I used is a nikkor 50mm f1.4 manual focus AIS. I have no idea how old it is since I bought it on ebay about 3 month ago ($98 US) ...
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  • I hope your right :-| thanks a lot. Rafe
  • I don't see any anomalies in your shot confyushis, however you're right about the dof, I was shooting at f1.8-1.4 here is an untouched version of this shot as you requested; its even more ...
  • Here it is again.  These are shot at Chucky Cheese.. to those not familiar with the popular rodent, Chucky Cheese is a child restaraunt and video game mecca.  There are a bunch of highlights ...
  • you mean of a gggghost? lol There weren't any particularly bright lights in bg and the shutter was fairly fast @ 1/400, I can't figure it.  This same thing reaccured on a couple of other shots too, ...
  • Created discussion thread What is this anomaly?
    Hello all, although this shot is unusable for unrelated reason, I'm very curious as to what is the strange anomaly in between the girls.  I'm referring to the bluish purple strip with the 2 darker ...
  • How well do you think they would work on exterior daylight shoots (portraits etc)? Thanks for the very interesting article!


  • Too Hillarious, lol :-D  Very good! Rafe
  • This makes sense now, I assume that this is the same method that other posters are talking about on this thread.  I had thought that shooting in mf mode was probably the easiest way to control the ...
  • This is exactly how I've been settling on DOF, you have me figured out all too well! Are photographer forensic expert or profiler of some sort :-O Ok, makes sense! I do use that technique once in a ...
  • I probably didn't phrase my original question clearly enough, my apologies. I never thought that the actual method of focus (be it mf or af) affected DOF, I just wanted to know how can one ...
  • I agree ...but I really enjoy these types of challenges I'm sure that some Post processing would greatly enhance this, having a completely brand new product to shoot would have helped also :-| Than ...
  • I fully understand this aspect, thanks Ok I understood all of this, thank you this part of your explanation was extremely helpful Now here is where I have a bit of confusion? Do you mean the closer ...
  • Two beautiful happy little girls nice photo!  I only see a bit of motion blur on the right hands of the girls otherwise it looks fine to me.  Which one looks soft to you? Rafe
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