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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (623 comments in total)

Obviously, the reviewer is trying to find something wrong. There was a picture of pros at the recent super bowl game where about 70% of them were using Canon lens. These are professionals and they can pick whatever camera system that fits their needs. They make their living taking images. If they or their gear does not capture money making photos, they starve. I trust their judgments more than any review, good or bad.


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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2442 comments in total)
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JakeB: I'd be interested to see the results from Capture One Pro 9.

Too many camera brands and not enough profit to support all of them. It isn't a question of who is best, but who will be around a few years from today. My bet is that the big three will be (Canon, Nikon and Sony) unless one of the remaining exploit a niche market and I don't see that occurring. Happy junk pile for those who bought into a brand that leaves the market. Perhaps, the current economic downturn will speed this up.

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To me this article is just trying to justify dpR (EVIEW). Pros know what system to buy. Those who bought point and shoot are moving to smart phones. So that leaves a small segment that applies to this web site. And, that segment is getting smaller and smaller. To complicate things there are too many brands going after this segment and many will not be profitable and leave. So even if there is a small need for this web site, they should include the financial health of the company brand as part of the review. But, DPR will dispute this, but they exist because Amazon wants camera sales. So this poses a big problem for DPR and its reviews.

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Alfa1: I am probably going to be alone in this thinking, but maybe DPR should not be recommending or giving awards to cameras at all but should instead just report the test results and leave it to the reader to decide. A beginner seeing a Gold award may sway them from looking at other cameras that may be better for them even if they are not technically "the best". After all the R in DPR stands for review not recommends.

If each camera has strong points and weak ones and if the buyer needs to match wan he need to those points, then your reviews should reflex this (eg strong fast af, poor high iso noise, etc). Giving an overall score means it averages out each strength and weaknesses and if someone picks a camera on an average score then your whole point of the article is undermined.

On the other hand, I believe except for people with specialized needs (mostly pros, bif, sports, etc) any modern camera will do including a smart phone camera and the market sales bears this out. The need for dpp review is getting less and less.

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On article Nikon D7200 Review (632 comments in total)
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MidwestDad: Thanks for another in depth review.
(1st comment whoohooo!)
The D7200 edges out the D5500 and NX1 as the leader in APS-C image quality, and is a good bit better than the Canon and Sony options. It even matches a very recent FF body (surpassing it in DR) I am enjoying the new comparison tool. Very informative.
Good job Nikon. Add on-sensor PDAF or DFD and and it will be an overall winner.

I think all of the above is tech stuff. Except for special situations (e.g. fast bif) all modern cameras in the right hands can and do produce wonderful images. This review and perhaps all camera reviews make too much out of this technology vs another cameras technology. So if the underlying technology for all modern cameras works, then the size, weight, feel, easy of use become much more important. Further, when one buys a camera one buys a system. I have cameras and lens and flashes from camera makers who are no longer in business, sustaining power of the company is also important. These reviews are technical reviews and not a review through the eyes of a photographer (pro or novice)

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Hugo808: Another problem is; profits are down with the big two and how much does it cost to develop a MILC?

I imagine heads rolled at Canikon when it became obvious their mirrorless offerings were not going down well with the punters. But how could they get it right without making their own product lines less attractive to the serious buyer of any MILC they came up with?

That's their problem, coming up with a challenge to the now established herd with the money they've got left that doesn't make everything else they've got redundant. Good luck with that but I wouldn't want to be responsible...

Th market is saturated with camera brands and cameras. The market will consolidate around say four or five brands. Only the top three will be profitable. So if people think the small mirrowless cameras will survive, but butter buy their stock. If you think the likes of Sony, Canon and Nikon will be the survivors better sell your other manufactured cameras before they become useless. Being the best does not===success.

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On article Camera shipments continue to fall (133 comments in total)
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Atlasman: The industry (SLR) is stalled by Canikon and their lack of interest in producing mirrorless systems: the future of photography.The old pond is drying up!

Bye, bye all the manufacturers who are not making any profit on their cameras. Bye, bye those whose return on capital for cameras is poor. And, bye, bye sites like this that will have fewer and viewer visitors. The only market left will be smart phones and high end pro cameras. And, what sites and camera manufacturers can survive on just pro cameras?

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On Connect post Nikon says it wants to 'change the concept of cameras' (134 comments in total)
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Dennis: “We’ve centralized our ideas around cameras but can change our approach to offer products to that bigger market.”
“We want to create a product that will change the concept of cameras. It could be a non-camera consumer product.”
“Rapid expansion of mobile devices is a change in business environment given to us. Our task going forward is to find an answer to that change.”

Sounds like they're more than ready to produce something revolutionary. As soon as they figure out what it is.

Just like polarid and Kodac tried to do. Unfortunate, Nikon's camera division has not shown any expertise outside of its own space. Further, whatever they try, they will be up against the likes of Samsung who has shown the ability to enter other spaces quickly, effectively and mostly profitable. In my opinion, Nikon should significantly cut their expenses and ride the dsrl space until the very end or sell the division (maybe the best idea.) And, if Nikon is having future problems, what do you suppose smaller brands are going to face.

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On article Best DSLRs and ILCs for less than $1000 (277 comments in total)
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wayfarers: Nothing from Fujifilm series X offering? Why?

This must be a filler article, because it basically only shows cameras that were reviewed by someone (the writter) in the past. For instance, the canon sl1 has not been reviewed yet by this web site, but its sensor is the same or better than the other canon cameras mentioned and it is smaller and lighter.

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Kinematic Digit: Great review. I use the Pixel Kings, and was looking at these Odins to control groups as the Pixels don't do that in TTL. Pixel tells me that group control is coming via a Firmware update, but at this point Odins have the advantage here.

Waiting for someone to come up with something that goes on my 580's that canon radio device will work with.

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