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  • Couldn't agree more Parentesi (magari lei e' Italiano....?)

  • You realize that in the USA similar situations exist....if not worse?

  • No not all lenses exhibit this behaviour; but this is a known issue with the AF 50mm ƒ1.8 D & non-D versions. Nothing wrong with the lens, but lens designs have improved upon this issue in later times.
  • McUpdate or "MacUpdate"? The former seems like malicious software, the latter (second) is a genuine site that has been in business for quite some time: http://www.macupdate.com/
  • ....born yesterday, were you? I mean owning a D60 and all :-) Seriously, you must have been sleeping if you needed that youtuber to tell you that your old Nikkor Film Lenses were usable on the D60. ...
  • News agency vs Lobby. Your comparison is fallacious (& specious), therefore invalid.
  • Replied in Italy by far
    but it is imperative that the immigrants be illegal . I'm serious: legal immigrants, even legitimate asylum seekers, must go through a ton of red tape & wait for a long time for an official reply, ...
  • ....the very recent ones, above yours? :-) The OP already came back with an update, which is why you saw this bumped thread. The OP opted for an Olympus system, and even posted some first ...
  • Replied in hmmmmm
    Hmmmm. You should talk....
  • .....wait, some already have. (Some nutcases like Thoughts R us have yet to post their drivel comment.)
  • Replied in Then....
    ....by your reasoning, he can't call them "right-wing" either. Of course you're wrong, they're as political as can be, that is if you share the dictionary definition of "politics".
  • Replied in only that
    …such (muslim)terrorists are as far left as can be.
  • Replied in JP, you have
    …some serious reading skill issues; or you're trying to be a jerk. That's not what he said.
  • Replied in You're
    ....talking about a different (although related) thing altogether. To wit: they have made a very conscious choice, amidst a solid (occidental) background & culture that has educated them against ...
  • Replied in ...........
    Ass-uming won't get you anywhere, dude. Eg: I don't own Sony equipment, but won't make any disparaging remarks just because I don't use them. You on the other hand........
  • Replied in Yeah.....right
    Yeah.....rrrrright. That's why the angry kid removed his video. You're doing what the cowardly angry youtuber did minus the cursing & cussing. Same specious arguments sans facts to back your ...
  • Replied in Clever guy?
    Clever guy? Really? He's just a loudmouth with an internet connection, who thinks spewing up curse words & BS will spruce up his "entertainment" & "authority"; he even goes as far as blabbering on ...
  • Replied in That
    ...takes cheek, to accuse others of ad hominem when you spew out so much hatred in the OP. Hatred will breed hatred, it's love and compassion that will be effective in countering racism. Ass-uming ...
  • ....by an even crazier OP. So much hatred from the OP, while preaching against.....hatred. The OP is no better than the same things/behaviours he's criticising.
  • ......gun "fear and paranoia"? A German? A country that is so paranoid about gun ownership by citizens that even old WW1 & WW2 re-enactment guns are welded into a single piece, "just in case"? You ...
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