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    You just didn't use the word "liar".
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    Keep on topic. Thug is just a word, semantics won't bring Mr. Gray back to life. You may use "wanton law-breakers" if you wish; & it doesn't (& should not) make one iota of difference if the ...
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    ANY thug, convicted by court of law, not by public opinion. Big difference.
  • ....I would definitely consider running away from malevolent cops who do that with impunity. However criminals caught red-handed often also opt to run instead of letting themselves getting arrested. ...
  • ...and pray tell: how many times a day do you beat her?
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    Payback? It's a about justice & verifiable accounts, proof. Which may lead to convictions & hopefully to (harsh, IMHO) jail sentences. Payback in these cases is for thugs; like you apparently.
  • Right. Language is a static phenomenon that is written down "in stone", or rather in dictionaries. Great, because the point is flying so high above your head it's no wonder you're missing it :-) "N ...
  • Yep.
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    Being considered "nuts" by others on how you conduct business does not make your activity/profession immoral or illegal. It's the interpretation of the law by the judge (not even "the law") that ...
  • Nice mental masturbatory fantasy of yours, but has got nothing to do with what I wrote; or with the whole point of the thread for that matter. I know it's difficult for you to comprehend; but ...
  • (Snipped for clarity) Then just say "indigenous Americans" if you so wish. The capitalisation argument put forth earlier (eg" China vs china) is just a fallacy for a number of reasons; including ...
  • ....your useless drivel in a reply to what he writes? You might need to revisit the meaning of "ignore"....and the meaning of "honesty" too, before even thinking about commenting.
  • No he/they didn't "sucker" anyone; and that is precisely the point. That's the difference, the bakers didn't expect (read: "force") anyone; however the lesbian couple expected to have the right to ...
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    That's just Silly Semantics propaganda.
  • Nice response to the trap set up by the gay customers. I'm surprised no one is commenting on the fact that it was obviously a trap. If the vendor happens to be a close-minded bigot, just take your ...
  • .....you're lying. For others reading this thread (I know Tractor read it), nixda's attitude is articulated in his own words: "When you say you have years of experience with cameras you are ...
  • Cool story bro......

  • RRS was already reviewed a while back. Acratech heads are not only just as good; they are even a bit better if that is your price bracket.

  • Somehow I think (read: it's plainly obvious) that the nerve struck is with the butthurt RRS commentators here.....

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