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  • Yes, lower costs for the manufacturers combined with higher prices for the consumers means much higher profit margins. That is exactly what companies seek to achieve when sales volume is shrinking.

  • DSLRs still outsell mirrorless ILCs, so it's understandable that they still make them. However, at some point they will have to take mirrorless more seriously, and I'm pretty sure that they will.

  • kadardr is right. The answer to why mirrorless is the future lies with the manufacturers, not the consumers.
    Mirrorless cameras are (mechanically) less complicated to manufacture, and therefore...

  • No, I don't yet know it about the 7D either, so that's another reason to wait with the comparisons until we have actual real life testing to go by.

  • You should compare real life performance, not numbers on a specs sheet. We don't yet know if the NX1 lives up to its promise.

  • You clearly don't understand the target market for this camera, if you think it should be FF. There is certainly a place in the market for pro-grade crop sensor bodies like the 7D and D300. For...

  • Commented on Sigma announces dp1 Quattro article

    Not everyone finds the design ugly, and a lot of people don't care how a camera looks as long as it works.

    At least some reviewers have reported that the Quattro handles very well, if you know how...

  • Commented on Sigma announces dp1 Quattro article

    Sigma seems to have a similar 'pure photography' philosophy as Leica, in making a point of not offering a lot of bells and whistles, but only the basic features that a photographer needs. I don't...

  • The specifications for the KW1 mention it having an Exmor RS sensor. That's the 'stacked' BSI-CMOS sensor (not to be confused with a layered Foveon-type sensor) that is also used in some camera...

  • If it's possible because of the Bionz X processor, then they could update not only the A6000, but the A7, A7R and A77 II as well.

  • Has that been confirmed? I know that the rumours said that the KW1 would use a curved sensor, but the press release didn't mention it.

  • Your own line of reasoning really tells us that the brands most likely to still be around in a decade, are Canon, Nikon and Sony. That is if this poll really tells us something about future sales...

  • Sony also makes a 20 Mp sensor. It's used in the A58 and A3000.

  • Commented on Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 article

    Ricoh/Pentax makes very capable cameras, but they need to forbid drinking during working hours.

  • If it's good enough for the Hulk, it's good enough for me!

  • The less time you spend in post-processing, the more time you can spend using your camera. I guess that is one reason why some people prefer having things like film emulations, art filters, HDR and...

  • Because it's the most recently announced. The popularity list is based on the number of views in previews/reviews during the last five days. The X30 won't stay at the top for long.

  • Of course one can compare cameras with different sensor sizes (and therefore different IQ and DoF control), just as one can compare cameras with different AF performance, ergonomics, build quality...

  • "All other things being equal, a 16MP full-frame sensor will outperform a 16MP APS-C sensor."

    Yes, but all other things aren't equal. To rule out the influence of sensor size, you should compare...

  • At least for high ISO work the Hasselblad approach probably works better than a (current) Foveon sensor.

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