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beavertown: Another piece of super junk.

Change the sensor to 1" please.

Still no EVF in 2014?

The SX50 has an EVF, but these budget superzooms usually don't have one. It's the same with the competing budget models from Nikon (L series), Panasonic (LZ series), Fuji (S series) and Sony (H series).

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Review preview (661 comments in total)
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rgs_45: Is the FZ-1000 already available? I have been reading and following updates on this camera since I'm interested in getting one.

How can this be a review if, as far as I know, the camera is not available yet? Did the reviewer got a production model?

I have to admit, it's a very nice review. I hope they will do an update once the production model is available. I will be waiting for the "end user reviews and experiences" before I get one.

The first sentence says that they used a production model. Professional reviewers usually get sample units directly from the manufacturers, so they don't have to wait until the products are available in stores.

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On Nikon 1 V3 First Impressions Review preview (626 comments in total)
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beavertown: NX Mini has been selling really well worldwide and doesn't have shortage problems.

V3 must have been selling AMAZINGLY well now with shortage problems.

Congrats Nikon!

That's a flawed argument. The only conclusion we can draw is that Nikon underestimated demand, while Samsung didn't. Samsung likely have produced a much larger volume than Nikon.

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Daniel Lauring: Truly revolutionary would be a hybrid SLR/mirrorless. With both Canon and Nikon their live view plays a distant second fiddle. They should make it as good as mirrorless cameras with fast focus and focus peaking.

Nikon 1 doesn't have a 20 MP sensor. They have used 10 MP and 14 MP sensors, and the current generation has 18 MP. And nothing suggests that Nikon has switched from Aptina to Sony.

As for autofocus, Nikon 1 is at least as fast and as good at subject tracking, as the E-M1, GH4, X-T1 and A6000. The A7R is certainly slower than all of those.

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Deutsch: Under the article for most reviews, there's a section you can click as a tally for "I own it", "I want it", and "I had it". Am I missing something? I thought the camera wasn't being introduced till mid-July. How could anyone already own it or had it? Even the preview was based on a pre-production model. Or do people just like to click on things?

Some people evidently use them as like/dislike buttons. I think especially those who click 'I had it' before a camera is even available, do so because they want others to believe that there's something wrong with the camera.

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maxnimo: For me there's nothing better than a "good" product that's been further refined and improved. Version 2.5 of anything is usually 10x better than version 1.0. A dramatic new camera design may be exciting, but it always comes with issues and problems. This new Nikon looks to me like a machine that's been polished to near perfection and it surprises me to see so many negative comments.

The negative comments are perhaps made by people, who are more interested in the latest technology, than in the practicalities of photography.
As I see it, a change to a camera design (or any other practical tool) should always be made because it solves a user problem, and if there's no problem to be solved, no solution is required.

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On Budget M43: Kodak Pixpro S-1 First Impressions Review article (137 comments in total)
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stratplaya: Is Kodak still "Kodak"? I wonder if the company sold the brand the same way Polaroid did.

You're correct about Taiwan. However, to avoid confusion people not living there should use the adjective 'Taiwanese'.
China claims Taiwan as one of its provinces, while the rest of the world's countries either recognize Taiwan as an independent state, or regard its political status as undetermined.

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On Budget M43: Kodak Pixpro S-1 First Impressions Review article (137 comments in total)
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Peiasdf: Is it legal to post review of product banned from being sold due to copyright/patent infringement? This is a real question.

You're confusing two different companies and cameras. Nikon sued Sakar because their Polaroid-branded camera infringed on a Nikon design patent. The camera being reviewed here is Kodak-branded and marketed by JK Imaging. It's a Micro Four Thirds ILC camera, whereas the Sakar camera used lensor modules with smaller sensors.

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On Budget M43: Kodak Pixpro S-1 First Impressions Review article (137 comments in total)
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stratplaya: Is Kodak still "Kodak"? I wonder if the company sold the brand the same way Polaroid did.

JK Imaging is an American company, not Chinese. And the manufacturer, Asia Optical, is Taiwanese.

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On Kodak Pixpro S-1 First Impressions Review preview (180 comments in total)
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depscribe: Why does DPR do this: the minimum shutter speed -- shortest being the minimum -- is 1/4000, whihc the maximum -- longest -- is 30 seconds. They have it backwards.

The minimum shutter speed gives the longest exposure, and vice versa.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III Review preview (774 comments in total)
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AndreSJ: RX100 III

NX Mini

Nikon A

Ricoh GR

this 1" battle is getting interesting

But which is right for you??

It's a bit unfair to say that Canon is asleep. The G1 X Mark II is certainly a rival to the 1" cameras. It's remarkably compact considering its sensor size and lens, and the image quality is fine. The Panasonic GM1 is also a rival worth mentioning.

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SushiEater: How do you get same exact crops on three different resolution cameras?

No, it wouldn't. The rationale for normalizing resolution is explained in the article.

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koseng: If it would improve the corner performance of the legacy range finder lenses, I am in. If not, what's the point? Sony will end up having confusing lines of lenses for A mount, E mount, FE mount and now curve sensor. Also what is the performance of those existing lenses on this new sensor?

This is for fixed-lens cameras, so you won't be able to use any existing lenses at all.

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On Mockups emerge of new Olympus OM-D 'OM-G' article (334 comments in total)
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SteveNunez: These April Fools posts are foolish and undermine the site's integrity to a point- we come here for information not trickery.

I'm two months late to the game here, but I have to reply to Peiasdf. Seriously, you're judging my sense of decency and moral fiber based on the fact that I found an April Fool's joke funny? A joke about nothing more serious than a camera? And you're comparing this to eating human foetuses? Absolutely incredible!

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Bram de Mooij: I will not buy a Leica because I cannot afford it. However, making Leica ridiculous because of one person's mistake is pathetic.

One advice for dpreview. No unboxing, no first impressions, no first shooting experiences. Only real reviews please. That will do.

What's wrong with having something to read while waiting for the reviews?
The previews and first impressions articles are usually written based on handling pre-production units, whereas the review proper has to wait until the arrival of a production unit. So it's not like the previews delay the actual reviews.

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On Canon PowerShot D30 real-world samples gallery article (14 comments in total)
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Rob Bernhard: The "cold proof" bit is an odd rating. What does that really mean? I already operate regular cameras at temps far lower than 14 deg F without incident. Unless I've missed something, the rugged camera market does not make any claims about longer battery life or more responsive screens in cold situations, so why do any of these companies assign a temperature rating as a part of the marketing materials (as opposed to the operating manual)?

Most cameras will work a bit below the freezing point, but the manufacturers don't guarantee that they will. So if a regular camera fails because it was used at those temperatures, it's the user's fault. Otoh, if the camera is labelled as cold proof down to a certain temperature, and it fails above that, then the repairs will be covered by warranty.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2970 comments in total)
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trunksye: I'm going to buy this camera, and I love the fact the there is someone with great influrence protesting for me to make the camera greater. :)

Sony guys, please update your firmware soon. I think there is only one factor that's stoping Sony from becoming one of the major beloved camera players like Olympus and Fujifilm.

I don't know in what sense Fuji and Olympus are major beloved camera players, while Sony isn't. Sony is #3 in terms of market share; only Canon and Nikon sell more cameras.

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On Sony a6000 Review preview (739 comments in total)
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FiveForm: Setting the focus point is what we used to call "manual focus," and that is easily engaged by programming it to the AE button (or button of your choice), wherein if you have focus peaking and magnification turned on, you can instantly precision focus on any area of your choosing. To do the same with a touch screen is to have to remove your eye from the EVF, and free-up a digit to touch the screen. With touch screens, any frequent manipulation of the articulating LCD is risky, as it's more than easy to set focus while pivoting the screen back to position. This was my hands-on experience with the 5N. I'm personally quite happy without touch screens and will save those for my smartphones where all the main controls on on-screen...

I would interpret "setting the focus point" as referring to choosing the AF point, and not to manual focusing.

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On Sony a6000 Review preview (739 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Sorry to say, but I'm not convinced and actually I don’t see much value anymore in the reviews. This is mainly caused by the way the comparisons are made. DXO has a bit more value for me, the lenses are tested in combination with the body.

And don’t misunderstand me, I like the Sony camera’s a lot!

First of all I don't see any example pictures with tele-lens. 70mm is max or do I miss something? The Sony Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm F4 ZA OSS is BTW one of the better lenses. It is difficult to compare this configuration with the bad-commented Olympus E-P5 configuration with less qualitative good lenses and then draw conclusions. Try the E-P5 with the new Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm 1:2.8 PRO!
And... in picture DSC00032-ISO100 it looks that the so called ‘shutter shock’ issue also pops-up in the Sony cameras. There are plenty other pictures online shot with longer lenses that have the same effects. But I don’t read anything in the review about this effect?

DPR reviews cameras, while DxO rates sensors. The former is much more useful to me.
Also, DPR's percentage scores and the awards aren't connected. They're intended to tell you different things. There's a page somewhere here on DPR that explains their scoring system and the awards.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2970 comments in total)
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jkoch2: A wider 24mm equivalent focal length. Otherwise, resembles its two baggy pant pocket predecessors. For the near $800 price, couldn't they have added time lapse, or how about 4k video? The latter is being offered on phones, so why not?

The <$300 coat pocket LX7 is more bang for buck: smaller 1/1.7" sensor, yes, but as many or more controls, 24mm wide end, longer optical zoom, and time lapse too.

Any as-good-as-new RX100i models priced below $400 might also be viable options. I seriously suspect that many are as-good-as-new, since not many buyers of a (originally) $650 camera will want to bang it around much.

The camera manufacturers usually don't publish sales numbers for specific models, so where is the data that suggests that the LX7 hasn't sold well?

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