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peevee1: The lens sounds awfully lot like the one from Panasonic FZ70. Now not just Olympus but Panasonic too sells its lenses for fixed-lens cameras?

Maybe they're all buying their lenses from some third-party vendor, like Asia Optical?

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Mirrorless Crusader: Why does Nikon keep doing this every year?

Because people buy them. Even though the compact camera market is shrinking rapidly, it's still much larger than the interchangeable lens camera market. I guess Nikon wants to enjoy the party while it lasts, and deal with the hangover later.

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On From NEX to Alpha: Sony introduces 20 megapixel a5000 article (150 comments in total)
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DT200: 'the world's lightest" = lots of plastic.
The 5N is still the best NEX "5" camera.

This is the replacement for the NEX-3N, not for the NEX-5T, even if the model name A5000 implies otherwise. They should have called it A3000 (or even better, keep the NEX designation), but unfortunately, they already used that name for their DSLR-shaped entry-level model.

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razorfish: I'd like it even better if it was called Noctilux like a real Leica. Panasonic should have demanded that. What's a "Nocticron" anyway??

The -cron suffix is used for a lens that is slightly slower than a -lux lens. So just as a Summicron (F2.0) is slower than a Summilux (F1.4), a Nocticron (F1.2) is slower than a Noctilux (F1.0 and faster).

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peevee1: They insist on remaking the same thing over and over again...

You can't say that he lost his objectivity, when he was asked to write a subjective opinion piece, and make a personal choice based on his own needs and preferences. The whole point of the exercise was to choose their personal favourites, their personal "gear of the year". There were no awards, no recommendations, just personal opinions, and they are as valid as anyone else's.

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On Canon shows off new PowerShot N100 'Story Camera' article (162 comments in total)
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wlad: Is there some sort of competition between Nikon and Canon in who can come up with the most ridiculous product that sells the least units ?
If Cannon & Nikon really want to lose market share and become irrelevant, they both are doing a great job.

Seriously - what were the last exciting products these two have released ?
You know it's bad, when Sigma makes more exciting lenses (Art), and Sony makes more exciting cameras (A7/R, RX100 etc).

There is a tendency among photo enthusiasts to think of themselves as representative of the camera buying public in general, but apart from the high-end stuff, Canon's and Nikon's DSLRs mainly target non-enthusiasts. A Canon Rebel doesn't have to be exciting to an enthusiast, the regular consumers buy them anyway. The Sony A7 and other "exciting" products have very little impact on the part of the market that actually generates the most sales.

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peevee1: They insist on remaking the same thing over and over again...

Why would you call a person you don't know stupid, just because he liked a camera that doesn't suit your tastes, enough to label it his personal "gear of the year"?

If you like how a camera handles and performs, have fun using it, and you're satisfied with the images you get, then you have every right to say it's a good camera FOR YOU.

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d3xmeister: And this will be the official death of most APS-C dslrs. Unless Nikon and Canon decide to learn from Pentax and really support their apsc cameras with lenses, features an ergonomics at pro levels they are doomed much quicker than we thought.

The vast majority of interchangeable lens cameras sold are APS-C DSLRs, mostly Canon Rebels and Nikon D3xxx/D5xxx, and they are mostly bought by people who don't buy many lenses, and don't care about pro-level ergonomics. The Fuji system is more enthusiast-oriented, and so has a different, much smaller, target market. The X-system is excellent, but thinking that it will overthrow the Canon/Nikon dominance anytime soon is not realistic at all.

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Abaregi: If that camera worked where the sun was not shining (indoors/evening and nights) it would be quite nice.

You'd need a rectoscope for that! ;D

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mpgxsvcd: I can see a lot of novice users shooting in the rain with this and then calling up customer support to find out why the camera couldn't get rid of the water spots in their images.

No one needs a weather proof camera. You either need a water proof(Submersible) camera or you don't. There is no in-between. If you are worried about a camera get damaged in the rain then by a weather proof bag. You won't actually be using the camera in the rain if you want to take good photos and videos.

Nothing beats a GoPro in the water proof category for video.

I have seen many great photos taken with weather-sealed cameras in rainy or snowy weather, or in extremely humid, dusty or sandy conditions, where a non-sealed camera likely would have been damaged.

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On Best Gear of 2013: The results are in! article (159 comments in total)
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mpgxsvcd: What I gathered from this is that Dpreview readers are starting to take notice of Olympus M4/3s cameras and lenses but not so much with Panasonic M4/3s cameras and lenses.

They also agree that Sony flat out owns the compact sensor camera category.

Canon is starting to make a better product but it just can't quite catch up with the other brands.

Pentax has made a great product for many years. They just can't get the review sites to acknowledge that.

Nikon made some great products lately but they probably priced themselves outside of what the market would accept.

I don't recall reading many bad reviews of Pentax DSLRs lately. K-r, K-30, K-50, K-500, K-5, K-5 II, they all have received mostly praise from the major review sites, and the K-3 will likely get great reviews too. I don't think the critics are to be blamed for Pentax's small market share; the great camera buying public (who rarely visit gear sites to read reviews) is simply not aware of the brand, which has low visibility in stores, and is, quite frankly, poorly marketed.

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mpgxsvcd: The only sad thing about this press release is that Canon won't consider it to be any real competition to them.

This won't be enough to pull me away from M4/3s just because I have so much invested in AF m4/3s glass. However, it would be a very convincing argument if I was just starting out.

The amount of glass is not the sole determinant of lens price. The optical design, the materials used, the lens barrel, the manufacturing tolerances, R&D, quality control, production volume - all those things influence the price of a lens.

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ianbullock: I think this release shows that Samsung is aware of the current strengths of their NX line (tiny lenses, esp. the pancake primes), as well as starting to fill in some of the obvious weaknesses (lack of fast zooms). Certainly encouraging for current users of the system (such as myself).

And certainly more encouraging than the somewhat confusing Galaxy NX release. I've started to wonder if the Galaxy NX, at its ridiculous price, is more of a low volume experiment to get data and better develop future products. Who knows.

Spending resources on developing and producing a product, just to get sales data for the development of future products? That sounds like an awfully costly way to do marketing research.

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On Samsung NX30 First Impressions Review preview (357 comments in total)
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Tapper123: DPreview,

In the specs you say it's not weather sealed at all. Is that true?!

Why then is the new 16-50 f2-2.8 lens listed as splash and dust proof if the camera is not as well? Very odd.

If the NX30 had weather sealing, Samsung would have mentioned it in the press release. You don't forget to mention such an important feature. And neither DPR nor Imaging Resource mention anything about the body being sealed in their previews.
Just like Olympus hinted about the first OM-D by announcing a weather sealed lens before they announced the camera, it seems like Samsung is giving us a hint about a forthcoming high-end camera.

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On Best Gear of 2013: The results are in! article (159 comments in total)
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Lee Jay: I don't consider the RX100 to be compact enough to be a compact. It's too thick and the lens sticks out too much. I consider it in the same category as the Canon G-series - too big to be a true compact. A Canon S-series is the upper end of the size I'd consider to be "compact".

If it were 8mm thinner and started at 24mm instead of 28mm, then it might be interesting.

Compact camera is just a marketing term for cameras with non-interchangeable lenses. I guess that is what DPR means by the term, anyway.

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On Best Gear of 2013: The results are in! article (159 comments in total)
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techmine: I can't get over the fact that Sony rx100 II is without a viewfinder. It is an enthusiast camera and enthusiasts (like me) have always been critical of absence of viewfinders in their cameras. Picture quality trumps this stark absence? Hard to digest. On top of it, Sony hasn't released an external evf, yet. Numero uno is all right but I can't imagine myself buying it. Nikon not making into any of these categories is a shame.

Sony have released an EVF for the RX1. I believe it works with RX100 II too.

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On Best Gear of 2013: The results are in! article (159 comments in total)
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Michael Ma: I hope Canon and Nikon have been humbled by what happened in 2013. While they were busy purposely building inferior models to their high priced flagships, the competitors finally caught up to them and left them in the dust.

They need to fight back and fight back hard.

With that said, I felt the results were a little strange for some categories.

Are you implying that Sony didn't build the A3000 on purpose? ;-)

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photogeek: Ever since Samsung ripped off the iPhone, I can't view their products as anything other than a cheap rip-off.

Declaring a lens to be a top offering before it's released makes you a fanboy, but declaring it to be the opposite (and declaring a camera to be a POS, also before release) makes you... what exactly?

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tecnoworld: Same hw as the 1 year old nx300, so I guess the tiny buffer issue is still there.

My guess and my hope is that there will soon be a higher end nx model with newer sensor and better hw.

The sensor is the same one that made its debut in the NX300, I think. Both cameras have on-sensor PDAF.

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igorek7: I guess, the success of the Panasonic GX7 has encouraged Samsung to make the NX30's EVF tiltable ;-)

I don't think the GX7 has been on the market long enough to be declared a success just yet, or to have had any influence on the design of the NX30.

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