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maxnimo: People still make prints?

Seems kind of outdated and wasteful of resources considering the growing abundance of tablets and 4K TVs with superb image quality and resolution.

So if I find prints more pleasing to look at than a screen, or think that an e-book just isn't as engaging to read as a 'real' book, then I must necessarily be afraid of change? Sounds like you just can't accept the fact that people have different opinions and preferences.

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On article Sony launches αUniverse online content platform (21 comments in total)
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Osa25: This will bomb. The clue is the fake "social" which in fact is going to be steered by them and not users - thats what "curated " really means.

Easy to understand that Sony aims to save advertising spend like Coca Cola is doind withs its fake magazine website format, called " Coca Cola Journey":
The phony social/blig thing is abig trend among brand managers these days. Howevet i'ts just not clear why the public would care about this thing.

It's a stream of selected photos that have been tagged with #SonyAlpha in various social media. That's what they mean by "Social". And I think the meaning of "curated" is clear to most people. I fail to see a problem here.

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MustyMarie: Seems there could be a much more 'logical' manner to collect extra taxes/duty for Professional use cams than an import/purchase duty - maybe tax the actual professionals for their work and equipment rather than CURSE all users of cams w/ potential video use for those who do not want a 30min time limit ??

I guess EVERY problem is a nail if all you are a hammer - huh EU ? (or any other country!!)

But OTOH, can not see too many types of Pro video where you do not take a break within 30mins (change lighting, mic placement, bio break, makeup touchup, etc), more like a Scientific/Researcher use of more than 30min than Professional Video - no ?

All those 'behind the scenes' movie 'happenings' they take a 1-2min scene, then pause, re-view, re-take the scene, etc - not likely 30min scene either - so an Odd notion that the 30min limit is for Pro video, or makes a cam now a video-cam ?

Makes little to no sense to me. Am I alone on this ?

It's not about collecting taxes for pro video work.
From an article on

"Back in 2006, the EU controversially decided to classify high-end digital cameras as video recorders, which attached a customs duty of 5-12% for digital cameras imported into Europe. The classification was decided not just based on digital cameras' improving abilities to record video through its lens and sensor, but their ability to record direct input from external sources like televisions. A home video recorder tax would theoretically offset money lost from users recording movies off broadcast television or cable onto digital devices, though the EU has never been very clear on the tax's intent. The tax's consequence, though, has been felt in every digital camera user looking to use a DSLR in place of a camcorder, as camera manufacturers would rather limit recording capability in software than raise the price of its cameras (or lower their margins)."

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On article BSI Boss? Sony Alpha 7R II added to studio scene (535 comments in total)
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PhotoKhan: I can't see what all the excitement is about, regarding this test, specifically.

There are other features in the A7RII that appeal to me but I really expected more from the first use of BSI tech on a full frame camera.

Compared to the 5DSR it features lower overall chroma noise, true, but at clear expense of detail. In addition, the Canon keeps rendering more "contrasty" and pleasant looking colors at high ISOs.

If someone was offering me one of these two cameras, nothing else withstanding and just based on these studio tests, I would have to flip a coin.

Yes, what we are comparing isn't really raw sensor performance, but ACR conversions using default settings, which is like comparing JPEG engines. It's just that the JPEG engine is external to the camera.

The default settings doesn't treat raw files from every camera equally, and in many cases you can achieve a better balance between noise and details by tweaking the settings yourself. Not to mention tweaking colours and contrast according to your own taste. So downloading raw files and putting them through your preferred workflow is a better method for comparison, unless you always stick to the defaults.

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wooac: Canon was once a leading camera manufacturer. Now it isn't even following well.

"Canon's mirrorless objective is to make a crappy product and sway people away from mirrorless cameras."

That would be a really crappy business strategy. If consumers would get the impression that Canon makes crappy products, that would be bad for the whole Canon brand, not just their mirrorless line.
People wouldn't think: "Wow, Canon really makes crappy mirrorless cameras, so I'll buy one of their DSLRs instead."
They would rather choose a brand that isn't known to make crappy products at all.

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Hurricain711: yawn. My a6000 kicks its ass

Cameras don't kick ass, photographers do. ;)

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BLongborough: As usual, the firmware is written by the janitor's cousin.

I know the janitor's cousin. He's quite good.

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Mike FL: Fujifilm loves patches, kind of liking Microsoft.

Yes, they released a firmware update that supposedly should fix the "white orbs". It didn't, so they instead offered to replace the sensor.

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vroger1: why are we so quick to forgive and forget? why should we get the m111 when the m was such a dog of a camera? can't photographers see that we were insulted by the release of the m? this one, thankfully will not sell either.

Forgive? Insulted? Come on, they released a camera, but you talk as if they caused you harm in some way. If you don't care for a product, then just ignore it.

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On article The new Canon 35mm F1.4L II will be a thing of beauty (230 comments in total)
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TheEmrys: Only one lens and you would choose the Canon 35 L? Deeply disconcerting as there are at least 10 better 35mm options out there.

Well, you choose a lens in the context of the system you're using, don't you? Given that you own a Canon DSLR, most of the mentioned lenses aren't any options. Comparing lenses in that way presupposes that you haven't yet chosen a system.

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SamTrekker: This will be under many a Christmas Tree! Good timing! Lets see that Christmas EOS M3 tv ad to come.... 🎄🎁📷

While I agree that the EOS M3 isn't the most capable camera in the current market, how can it be pointless? I mean, if you're interested in photography, then this camera is perfectly good for that purpose. And it's more capable than most consumer cameras we used five years ago, and those are still capable of producing excellent photos.

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(unknown member): It matters little if Canon's camera is inferior. It WILL steal market share from Sony, Micro Four Thirds, and others in the US. It will equate to few sales for competitors.

Make fun of them all you want, but Canon has a dedicated following, and many in the US believe that Canon makes the best cameras (try telling a Ford truck driver Chevy is better).

I see there are already over 250 comments. Like it or not Canon is the Gorilla and they WILL sell a lot of cameras.
And didn't I just read Sony has dropped to only about 10% of ILCs sales world-wide now? Gains in mirrorless wiped out by bigger losses in SLT/DSLRs. Though like Olympus and everyone else they are making money now.

Didn't the Japanese executive whom DPR interviewed a while ago, say that he'd be happy to sell the EOS M3 in America, but that those decisions are made by the regional subsidiaries, not the corporate headquarters?

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Craig from Nevada: A tweener--forgoing the advantage of a full frame sensor and the size advantage of m43 with a rated battery life of 250. You get this for $679.

Is that enough to attract anyone other than Canon users?

Well, around 40% of all interchangeable lens cameras sold are made by Canon, so there are a lot of users.

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tom1234567: Sensor does not do it for me could they not have used a 24meg aps-c sensor

And the price is far to high its only worth about £500 and that's stretching it

As usual with Sony you pay for the name,
Its a total rip off and as a video camera its very good but for photos

To much noise. IQ is just not there
Tom G

APS-C sensor, really? With the same lens specs and without being larger, I guess? Sounds like a fantasy to me.

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W4YNE 1: I just find it hard to coceive that you are holding a "camera" in your hands worth the price of a small car. Like designer clothes you are paying for something to be different, it won't guarentee you success or better pictures?

There was only one S2, the one from 2008. It was replaced by the S (Typ 006), which in turn was replaced by the new S (Typ 007). But the previous model lives on as the cheaper S-E (Typ 006). Confusing to say the least.

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captura: Is there anything that Samsung can't do?

Actually, the NX10 was announced several months before the NEX-3 and -5, which were announced in the summer of 2010. So much for the frequent accusation that Samsung copied the NEX name, when naming their system NX.

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straylightrun: It's a shame that Samsung has a very strong APS-C mirrorless lineup with lenses and body, but nobody buys it simply because it's a Samsung. If this said Canon on the top instead of Samsung, it would sell like hotcakes.

Old Camera, what's wrong with a camera sharing the same brand name as your washing machine or television? Is it worse than if it shares the same brand name as your printer or the copier at the office? Only Nikon and Leica have cameras and lenses as their main business among the major manufacturers, so are those the only camera brands that people feel comfortable buying?

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MarkMonckton: I'm surprised that DPReview contributors can now publish rumours on the front page. Perhaps DPReview should be renamed 'Digital photography rumours'.

This is not a rumour. It's a news item that reports the fact that a rumour was posted on another site. ;)

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tkbslc: This has so few serious updates, it's a good time to take advantage of the discounts on the original E-M10.

Yes, I forgot about the electronic shutter. That's pretty useful, too. :)

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D 503: Still not enough for the price.

But this discussion was about working pros, not hobbyists.

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