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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review preview (1042 comments in total)
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kinglau711: WOW not able to bring a single real innovation in two years !

Even incapable of adding a GPS, WIFI or a viewfinder as large as the 5D Mark III and 1DX.

Having GPS in a camera that is going to be used by reporters is perhaps not a good idea. Some countries prohibit the use of GPS devices.

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review preview (1042 comments in total)
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babalu: five to ten years any camera with a mirror box will be as antiquated as film cameras are today .

Only a gear junkie would say that a certain type of camera is only for gear junkies. People who are interested in taking photographs care more about how they use their camera, than about what type of camera they use. Any camera that allows control of basic photographic parameters can be put to serious photographic use.

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On Nikon announces flagship D4s professional DSLR article (70 comments in total)
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cgarrard: ISO 409,600



Yes, this must be a sad day for all those elusive, black cats.

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On Nikon announces flagship D4s professional DSLR article (70 comments in total)
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Just a Photographer: The s stands for Software update?

Come on Nikon what kind of update is this really?

The sensor is supposed to be new, and they promise improved image quality, processing speed, AF performance, battery life and ergonomics. Aren't those the kind of improvements a working professional would want?

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At first, I thought Casio EX-100 was a typo, and that they meant EX-10. But it seems that Casio has released another enthusiast compact, this time with a 28-300mm F/2.8 lens, similar to (or the same as) the one in Olympus Stylus 1. The form factor is the same as EX-10, though, so no built-in EVF.

I wonder why these are only released in Asia? Has Casio abandoned the European and American markets completely?

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venancio: If you don't need the D4S or Fuji XT 1 equipment to come up with the processing objective of this release candidate, are they able to include one for the 7D Mark II and D400 to pacify a lot of people ? If you actually need the equipment, did Adobe already receive way way back, maybe many moons ago, a working unit from Fuji and Nikon? Yeah, it's only the profile, and then another revision will come when the actual production unit of these cameras become available... the Sochi games bring more excitement than the pre announcement of the D4S, pardon my naivete... and I see a lot of white colored lenses in the games... where's my converter that will allow me to use Fuji lenses on my Nikon bodies? Oh, ok, so there's one that will allow me to use those white lenses on my Nikon bodies? Cheers :)

Considering that the E-M10 gets preliminary support, whereas no such qualification is made regarding D4S and X-T1, I'd imagine they've had access to production-quality units for a while.

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Eigenmeat: ACR is still a blurry mess compare to OOC JPGs.

Try not to pixel-peep.

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On Hands-on with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition article (212 comments in total)
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Sdaniella: not sure why gopro , primarily a videocam not a stills dcam, is at all reviewed, never mind mentioned, when others aren't. and that specs not be included along with conventional dcams that also do videos, especially absent in the dpr comparison database.

how does it compare to, say Canon's new VIXIA mini X vcam/dcam for portability/mobile 'action' needs ? (includes liveview screen for realtime monitoring or review).

the gopro type has compactness only when recording without a monitor for playback or review later. one has to bring some additional computer hardware which means both reviewing and processing in the field for immediate sharing a bit less portable.

I may be wrong, but isn't this a 'freelance' review? The writer isn't a member of the regular DPR staff. In other words, I don't think DPR reviews action cams or other video cameras, and that's why you won't find them in their database.

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On Eye-Fi Mobi Wi-Fi SD card review article (100 comments in total)
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luben solev: Or you could just usel Google+ if you are on Android (or something else if you are an iPhone user) and set it to back up your full-res photos to "the cloud" over either 4G, 3G or WiFi. Then you can download all the photos to your PC as and when you want.

The downside of this method over EyeFi is that you are doing two actions instead of one. But if you have fast internet connection the time loss should not be too bad.

And the big advantage over Eye-Fi is that your photos are on an offsite backup, so if your PC gets stolen or breaks or your house burns down, you can still get your photos from said cloud.

Don't your method involve three steps? You have to transfer your photos from the camera to the phone or tablet first. And if the camera doesn't have built-in WiFi, isn't that when the Eye-Fi cards come in handy?

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On Hands-on with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition article (212 comments in total)
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88SAL: Hmmm is this relevant compared to more.... Camera-ey things. Surely the go-pro series is reviewed to death in it's relevant crowd... Lets stick more on topic? Enough of us whinge about certain products the get neglected or even missed... In favour of an action cam which kets be honest is almost strictly a video genre device.

I don't think any camera was neglected in favour of this review, since it wasn't written by any of the regular DPR staff members.

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On Hands-on with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition article (7 comments in total)
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eyefuse: The 4K is a "joke" ... 12FPS isn't usable video - but at least they can put the 4K sticker on the package and keep marketing.

1080p 60fps, on the otherhand is excellent!

Unfortunately I just updated my hero2 to a hero3 last summer.. just before this 3+ version came out... so none of my battery/lcd/case parts will fit this new one.

Let's wait for the 4 - with 4K @ 25fps... :)

"Really good 4K should have 50/60 fps anyway.
Otherwise the unsharpness caused by motion blurr is compromising the extra sharpness you get from the extra pixels."

Regarding motion blur, aren't you confusing frame rate and shutter speed? If you record at 12, 24 or 50 fps, but with the same shutter speed, then there should be no difference in motion blur. You get more jerky movements with lower frame rates, of course, but that's another matter.

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alcaher: The one at the top left side looks like a japanesse teacher at Harvard, the one at the botoom left side looks like a retired jappanesse actor, the one at the botton right side looks like a lawyer with so many lost cases and the one at the top right side i dont know what does he look like

... but none of them know something about global market and photography.

So I guess you know more about the global market and photography than the Nikon executives?

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pancromat: going to their website i don't see spotting scopes and binoculars. i see a manufacturer of high precision industrial and CCTV lenses. so they chose a few lenses off their portfolio which are capable of 4/3" and affordable, put on a MFT mount - thats it. no big invention, no "joining the MFT waggon".

And as you can see here, Kowa is an official member of the MFT group, so in that sense thay have joined "the MFT wagon".

Not every member makes cameras or lenses for consumer use, though. There are several members that makes equipment for industrial use, for example.

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DrugaRunda: How much larger is this combo comparing to RX1 as the price is about the same for A7r + this 35mm.,468,ha,t

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b craw: Vast contrast in energy and forward thinking between Nikon guys and others - anemic attitude on Nikon's part.

But let's not fool ourselves, Nikon is observing a simple economic reality; they did (and arguable continue to) develop a sound DSLR consumer base. And even if they would otherwise be compelled to, many of these customers have invested in multiple lens that discourage a brand change over. This coupled with a marketing mechanism that continues to win out in a bigger-is-better consumer mentality in Western markets. Only at the point of truly diminished returns on this emphasis will Nikon (and Canon) produce better mirrorless models. Even then, both makers will maintain a relatively conservative stance, able to carry over decent numbers milking name recognition. Economics discourage much else innovative, or inspiring until that point, wherein the playing field will be much more level.

All the companies are profit driven, it's just that they may have different ideas regarding how to increase their profits.

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Smeggypants: "So you find that in America your customers equate physical size with quality?"

LOL :) - They got that right. :) :)

That might work for specific assignments and planned trips, but for general, spontaneous walkaround use, who wants to carry around such heavy gear?

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ljclark: 1. If Nikon is trying to gauge the mirrorless market in North America based on their own product, they are likely suffering from cranial rectal inversion. Maybe Nikon mirrorless sales are declining...

2. I don't know if DPReview was softballing on purpose, but where was the APS-C/D400 question?

3. If Nikon tells us that Dfs are in short supply then I guess we have to believe them. (Assuming they are manufacturing them as fast as possible.) Meanwhile, Fuji showed they how it should be done -- with the X-T1. Odd that in the U.S., which is supposed to be the mirrorless Dead Zone, my local retailer tells me that the X-T1 has produced pre-orders unlike any camera other than the D800.

BTW -- Could we turn the tables and let Nikon license the Fuji X-Trans sensor for a D400? My D300 bodies are getting tired.

Even if you gauge the mirrorless market based on all manufacturers, it's still very small in America and Europe, where roughly four DSLRs are sold for every mirrorless ILC.

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hajiaru: nikon please stop making cheap stuff we need more pro dslr 40 50 mpix

The market for professional gear isn't likely to be expanding that much, so who would buy all that expensive gear? It's more important to develop products that make regular consumers open their wallets, I think.

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tex: 8th question down, on physical size and quality: That Nikon is doing focus groups with consumers that are this stupid is not a good sign for Nikon. Nevermind what it says about the idiocy of average American consumers....
As others have stated, if Nikon wants to stay where it is, #2, it needs to be thinking more out of the box and doing focus groups with a more refined set of consumers of their products---and their critics. Furthermore, they should be extremely circumspect in drawing conclusions about the mirrorless market in the U.S. There are a lot of moving parts to the U.S. market that I bet are not being considered here---and don't draw conclusions based on the Nikon 1 series, for starters. Does anyone really think that if Nikon had produced something like the A7r it wouldn't have been a smash hit? It's already a big hit (critically, and initial production runs were too small for the unexpected demand...) and it's a Sony!

Those smash hits are still not selling anywhere near as well as DSLRs in America and Europe. As the Fujifilm executive said, mirrorless ILCs are still only 10% of the global camera market. So the main problem is not that Nikon 1 isn't a competitive system, it's that the whole concept of mirrorless ILCs is still not widely accepted in western countries.

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beavertown: Nikon needs to listen to their customers. Not telling this BS.

Yes, but if, for example, American and European customers are saying that traditional DSLRs is the way to go, not mirrorless, which the sales figures suggests that they do, how should Nikon respond to that?
Nikon 1 is not the best mirrorless system, to be sure, but the others aren't doing that well in the West, either. So making a more competitive system doesn't solve the problem of selling mirrorless as a concept to us westerners.

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