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I agree with the article that the 4s does has finer detail over the 5, as you can see the smearing is the new thing even in some apps does this as well. nothing major to get all worked up about, the size and speed is the top seller on this one. software can do much more than what the 5 can and has always bin doing. only buy it if you need it or of course your a fan. Im no fan of apple products but I can say they are well made, its sad to see how long things get before they hit a good market for the user to be satisfied. Photography has many different means to different people, but im sure it will get to the point where phones will no longer be stressed as oh its a toy, cause its not a toy its a small computer that we all take with us every day sending emails, capturing memories as we go along, there are many areas that a dslr is just not acceptable and a phone fits the bill for the discrete photographer or journalist. It will always be the person behind the machine get that straight.

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On Canon EOS 6D preview (1035 comments in total)
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Lee Dye: Too may get caught up with specs. I will admit that after years of Canon ownership from the awesome 20D to the Mighty Mark II, I jumped ship, sold all of glass, and went to the Nikon D800E. However, some of my best photos were with the 20D also. 80% photography, 20% camera.

I thoroughly enjoy the D800E and it is perfect for what I shoot, however the Mark II will always be at the top of the list also.

Sure, Nikon destroys the recent Canon releases on paper, however, out in the field, your skills, opportunity, etc all play into the final equation. Consumers get too caught up in specs. Sure the Galaxy III blows away even the new iPhone5, but the iPhone has other things going for it. Same for cars where folks send too much time reading 0-60 times, TVs, everything.

Everyone has a different purpose in life, enjoy what you have, and learn how to properly use it to your needs. Both the 6D, D600, and even a 20D will still take great photos at the end of the day.

well said man, that's what im talking about, its the person behind the camera not the camera behind the person. and its just a tool we take the photos so the results will only reflect our skills, all cameras are more than able to get a very well balanced image at the end of the day. thanks for sharing that one.

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On Canon EOS 6D preview (1035 comments in total)

A few months back I read something about canon making this camera for star shooters astronomy, dont; know how true this is or was, but the gps tracking seems like fun and good thinking if your going to be shooting from different locations pointing to the sky. its no biggy but they should have added this into the mk3 as well the gps and wifi i mean. the mk3 still feels so unfinished and rushed down.

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On Photoshop CS6 Blur Gallery Tutorial article (162 comments in total)

if you can afford pscs6 you can afford fast glass, this is a nice add on to fool around with and is nice to have, im more interested in fixing a bad blur shot that to make a out of focus worse than it is. I love ps for years now and having more tools added is nice, the feather that i think most people will like more is that fix blur option, only time will tell if it makes it into this version when its out and how well it works. Also any glass that's at least f8 makes nice boken its all how you use it. the average consumer dont have the correct tools to out put the high quality from a 12mp camera further more a 48mp censor.

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CraigHarris: Why didn't they just put IS on the 24-70? it would render both those primes pointless and would justify the otherwise insane price tag on the new glass ... I'm utterly disappointed. Having to buy a 24-105 f/4 just to get a sensible zoom with IS is really annoying.

That new tamron 24-0mm rocks big time and the quality is just as good as the L glass, only the feel of the lens will be a draw back but who cares its cheaper and just as as good.

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On Samyang announces 24mm f/1.4 ED AS UMC lens article (73 comments in total)

is it as sharp as canon L series lens, nice option here thou. 1.4 is very nice will the price be as nice?

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