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Lives in United Kingdom Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Works as a Retired Professional
Joined on Apr 2, 2005
About me:

Nikon Coolpix A camera w. 18mm lens - APS-C Sensor and wonderful little camera
Sony Zeiss 24mm T* lens - what a superb lens .. old Zeiss standard for sure
Sony A6000 bought as Body only
Fuji X100S w. fixed 23mm lens
Fuji 35mm f1.4 lens
Fuji X-E2 with 27mm + 18mm lenses
Pana GM-1 [Black] Body - super compact for use mostly with Oly 17mm (below)
Oly 17mm f1.8 - really super lens on the GM-1
Canon G15 - incredible bargain buy - incredible camera !! .. lovely
Sony RX100 - excellent .. belies its compact size
Bought G3 - Mint as new - mostly for EVF+artic LCD - Excellent.. although still prefer the GX1
Bought Pana GX1 - MINT as new, VERY minor shutter count - Exc.
Olympus XZ-1 - finally got one at a good price - very nice small camera
Samsung NX10 with 30mm - 20-50mm - 18-55mm
Canon S95 now added - nice carryable one !
Oly E-P1 w. 14-42 lens .. originally used this camera with the 20mm Pancake lens
Pannie 14-45 lens bought separately to use with the E-P1 or the GF-1 , as fancied
Pannie 14mm Pancake lens - prefer this to the 20mm
Panny GF-1 .. bought with the super 20mm Pancake lens (lens since sold)
Ricoh GX200 - still nice camera to use - very good results
Fuji F31 - excellent vintage P&S
Panny FX150 - little mini-carry - excellent for pocketability
Canon Ixus800 (SD700) - VERY good little cam
Panny LX2
Panny TZ3
Fuji E900
Panasonic LC-1 (reminds me of Leica 'M' days !!) .. alas sensor gone bust ! .. now scrap !
Olympus 8080 - (lovely cam but unused now)
+ my old original first Canon G1, and even my very first ever digi-cam - Sony F55E - still works great !
Leica Minilux Zoom FILM cam - 'gold' look finish - real Leica one
.. and not forgetting my dear Hasselblad 2000FC w. 100mm f2 Planar - my treasure between 1982 and 1997 - alas now set aside and nobody wants ..

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  • The "flip camera" trick is a very good idea...IF it is feasible/easy to do it and still keep the camera very solidly set (just wondering for instance how many tripods would allow you to  flip over ...
  • A far more simple and more accurate test is just to set up your camera on a FIRM tripod or something equally solid... set it about 8-10 feet from a brick wall, set it at I'd suggest say f5.6 and ...
  • I'm not that sure the following is exactly what YOU may want but I came across it quite by chance somewhere and set it up.. since then I find it does work very well indeed and it SOUNDS as though ...
  • Makes you wonder , doesn't it !!..  how they ever got appointed..  and just WHAT they are supposed to be appointed for !!
  • It is not for us to decide that. The Forum has clearly decided that Moderators of however many are allocated to each Forum and if that is a job too much for them to do then the FORUM is wrong..it ...
  • Yes.. of course you are right to a degree.. but there is a BIG difference between expressing an opinion and saying the sort of rubbish and aggravating things that certainly do seem to be very much ...
  • Thanks Jerry but that was the very first thing I found from a Google search.. did it.. and it made no difference at all. It's a nuisance since it doesn't always happen.. and there seem to be many ...
  • Bear in mind.. it's a fairly newly setup machine so I've no idea what may be missing from a bog-standard setup..or maybe it IS that right now.. I ran Command Prompt with Admin privileges and ...
  • I did a little search via Google and find that this does seem to be a thing not unknown .. it's not happening EVERY time with me but it does happen intermittently and can be a bit of annoyance ...
  • Replied in Sorry guys
    Are you sure that you did EVERYTHING that Jim explained above... Run AdWare....Scan.. Remove EVERYTHING it finds Run AntiMalwarebytes .. Scan . remove EVERYTHING it finds.. Run Hitman Pro.. remove ...
  • Replied in A quick pic ..
    A quickie just to show you mine.. lovely fit.. barely more than the camera size but superbly padded and comfortable.. all that you need for easy carry anywhere... A very flat compartment across the ...
  • It's pretty clear from what you say that all you want really is a GOOD bag which is suitable to take your A6000 and the one lens you have ... I've used Samsonite bags now for what must be about 20 ...
  • I have the 35mm lens myself and I think it is wholly fair to say that such lens is MAYBE one of the best in the Fuji range.. it's certainly a super quality.. but as a 35mm FL it IS without a doubt ...
  • Perhaps to add to the confusion .. and ask the question.."why should that be right" .. (using M) My X-E2 has the letter N which seems OK for UK (the first above posted list says N=all the rest of ...
  • You might well have a look at this.... wish I'd got the chance but alas not for UK...may as well buy a new one with post etc etc http://www.ebay.com/itm/Domke-BLACK-F-5XA-Canvas-Case-Pouch-Bag-/111 ...
  • Last year when I was then using a Fuji X-E2 I was mostly using a neat neck-cord for it but I saw the below Wrist-strap advertised on Ebay-UK here ... fancied the look AND how it seemed to be when ...
  • That's quite true.  When I first got my A6000 I naturally spent a lot of time in going through the MANY Menu items (I think this could be THE most comprehensive Menu system I can remember ever ...
  • To put it quite bluntly - if you cannot afford to buy a GOOD quality lens.. then don't spend your money on the A6000..  you have already got a decent camera (5000) and you have the 16-50 lens.  ...
  • EXACTLY !!..I've HAD that with a previous Sony laptop that I reinstalled a system on....it did it without loads of important Drivers.. even WIRELESS was missing... and frankly a reinstall of that ...
  • Because I'm stubborn !!! .. I'm old in years now and been using computers for about 50 years and none have so far totally baffled me..it just takes time these days and I set it aside (now for some ...
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