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On Sony: An eye on focus article (648 comments in total)

I question the choice of lenses for this test. Short lenses are always going to be easier to track than long ones. When you get the actual samples for a real review, please make appropriate tests using a long lens (400 mm at least for a full frame). Don't do the easy part of telling us how it works with a standard lens -- all systems are perfect with that type of test.


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On P1000319 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (8 comments in total)

I do not understand this image. These are conditions to test the AF of the camera, and the photographer chose settings that defeat that purpose. To test AF it is necessary to have short shutter speed and use the zoom in the long end, but in this image, the shutter is slow and the F18 almost certainly detracts from the sharpness as well.

I hope there are more appropriate images for the purpose still in the coffers at DPReview so that the final review of this camera can become usable.

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On Am I missing something here? article (626 comments in total)

Equally important: lack of a built in viewfinder at the same time where a true supertele is announced for the format. That does not quite make sense to me.


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On Canon EOS 100D/Rebel SL1 Hands-on Preview preview (353 comments in total)

Small size body -- but what about lenses, these are still the APC size it seems


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On Mobile-friendly forums launched article (102 comments in total)

Now we just need a forum optimized for PC users. The combination of font and colors chosen means that the list of topics is very near unreadable. I guess I should be thankful for not wasting my time here anymore :)


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On The Lightroom catalog article (304 comments in total)

As a DAM program, LR chose to use import. That is not a necessary choice, ACDSee uses also a centralized database but will catalog any file in a folder you have browsed to inside of ACDSee (except if that folder is excluded). So use of Database and import can be separated.

Secondly, Writing data to the files themselves (or to .xmp files) can be seen as an additional way to backup data from the database, and as such may be a good idea.


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To make this kind of comparison worth while, we also need reviews of the Pana 14-140 and the similar Oly 14-150


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On Just deployed: New dpreview.com forums system article (699 comments in total)

Seeing this live I realized one thing I did not notice on the test image above: when opening a forum looking at a bunch of threads, it is very easy to read who started the thread, and quite difficult to read what the topic is. Please switch so that poster is blue and thread title is WHITE!


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The one thing I have been missing the most is a link to new messages (currently called "new") that actually works. Clicking the current link usually goes to the first post on the first page, and not to the post following the last one I read.

It would be even better if it worked across machines (so that if I read one post on one machine and hours later check back on a different machine, I still get new going to the next post -- however, this last feature is not absolutely necessary). I use Firefox on a WinXP PC, but doubt it has much to do with either of those.


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