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  • Elektronics and Software may come to a high degree from Panasonic. Panasonic is for sure able to do a 35 mm camera if they think that there is a business case. They would make it different. The ...
  • Replied in Private events
    At such private events I am also most times (not always) the only one with a real camera (mirrorless). The others use just their smart phones. I dont care, it is just my hobby, I like it taking ...
  • Replied in Good compromise
    As I always say, m43 is a good compromise for me, as it is for many others. But who thinks he/she needs a larger format just should buy it. I think in digital age there is nothing wrong with ...
  • Replied in Good compromise
    For many a good compromise between size and weight and image quality. But if you do not like it, or you do not have confidence in the system than just buy something else. As simple as that.
  • Replied in Direkt Focus
    Just set Direct Focus to Off. Third line from top (wrench with C) page 3.
  • Well, I am not interested in this camera, not even if I could effort it.

    But this picture makes it really a lot larger than it is.

  • If it started at say 24 mm it were a very good compromice. I still have it but for me 28 mm is often too wide.
  • Window 7 works on my laptop. I even did not want Windows 8. When I need a new Laptop I might buy what is available than. But I have really no interest to upgrade to Windows 10. Every new software ...
  • Replied in Good compromise
    Good compromise of size (especially lenses) and image quality. But what is a good compromise for my needs and preferences must not be right for you. Just buy what you like best and be happy.
  • Well in the meantime I know that this add on EVF needs a special port which only the EM1 and the EM5-I have but no Panasonic G with inbuild EVF. I have the G7 already. But I for my part need ...
  • Well I have the G7 already and I know the EVF is good. But when I walk in the morning sun as I did this morning and I want to make a picture from near the bottom I do not see good enough in the LCD ...
  • Well as I see now it is not possible anyway as these EVFs have also a additional port which the G7 does not have. I was not aware of this. Otherwise: I am a bit far sighted so I need glasses to see ...
  • Created discussion thread Do add on EVFs work with G7 ?
    Does anyone know if add on EVFs work with the Panasonic G7. I did not want to buy the more expensive GX8 just because of the tiltable EVF, but in some situations it would be a "nice to have". Must ...
  • Replied in Sensor size
    At the GX8 you see a little bit more of the surrounding of the sensor that is all. The cutout in the body is a litte bit larger, most likey because of IBIS. There ist no multiaspect ratio sensor ...
  • I was pretty much setteled on the EM 10. IBIS is nice. Also sizewise it would be a good companion to my 9-18. OOC JPGs are still the better one I think. On the other hand: With the 12-35 I also ...
  • Replied in Built quality
    My 9-18 is also in for repair. After 4 years of moderate use the camera does not recognice it after turning the zoom ring on the wide side. Built quality is really not great.
  • Replied in 4K
    But you can get decent single frames out of it. In situations were you are not quick enough you can use it for a high speed sequence of stills. And that seems quite usefull to me.
  • It is not bad. But the Panasonic do 3840/30P the so called 4K
  • Replied in 4K
    Panasonic has now 3 bodies with 4K, Olympus has none. A bit behind in this department. Not sure if 4K is worth it. But when you upgrade every 5 years or so, as I do, it may be a consideration.
  • Well in this case the deformation of the lens hood absorbed a lot of energie, so the impact on the camera itself was a lot less hard.
    A bit like the bumpers of a car absorb energie.
    Also that the...

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