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On Nikon Df preview (2817 comments in total)
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Al Downie: Oh.. how I've wished for a digital FM2. And this, sadly, is not it. It's not even close. What on earth were they talking about with this 'pure photography' marketing campaign???

I want:
- Metal body
- Manual focus with bright ground glass, split-screen and microprism
- Manual exposure
- Match needle metering (or LEDs at a pinch)
- Mechanical shutter from 1s to 1/2000 + B
- Shutter speed knob on body
- Range of high quality lenses with mechanical aperture rings
- ISO dial
- Shutter release
- Mechanical self-timer
- Depth of field preview
- Tiny display showing frame count.
- High quality digital sensor with only RAW capture mode.

That's it. I don't even want an LCD panel on the back. Anything else is just fluff that gets in the way. If Nikon could provide that, I'd happily pay £3k for it. I'd find a way. It'd hurt, after selling my FM3a for £300 just a few months ago...

- check
- check
- check
- indirectly: check (it's showing the same, only not in exactly the same way as FM2 did)
- check + little bonus
- check
- check (Nikon made plenty of lenses, and still sells several lenses with mechanical aperture covered by warranty)
- check
- check
- well, here you got electronic timer.
- check
- check
- check (JPG is just a bonus - you're free to forget about it)

Sounds like DF is a brilliant camera for you!

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On Nikon Df preview (2817 comments in total)
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dmartin92: The error Nikon has made is comical. One has the impression that they looked at the success of the Fuji X100 and said to themselves, "buyers want retro cameras", and then they went out and acted like robots designing a camera that would be very, very retro. Which it is.

But the camera is ugly. It's so retro it makes one chuckle. It's so retro, it looks fake.

The priority that the robots at Nikon didn't see is that it should be a modern, beautiful digital camera, first and foremost, and retro, secondly.

People said exactly the same about X100. Yet after actually playing with it - not just judging from photographs - most changed their mind completely.

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On Nikon Df preview (2817 comments in total)
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Just a Photographer: On the 28th of november, you can walk into any photography gear store and buy it of the shelves with no problem - I think that says it all...

This is not going to be the huge success the D800 was, which was sold out for.... many month. Those who ordered in march where lucky to receive their camera's in june and july.

At this price (especially in europe), this is not going to happen with the Df.
I was ready to spend and burn money. Now I am keeping it in my own pockets.

I'm impressed with your skills of predicting future
(ps. Amazon announced delays with delivery since day 1 as they were overwhelmed with pre-orders)

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minzaw: That is why Sony shares are down n struggling
5 days ago - Japanese electronic giant Sony slashes its full-year profit forecast by 40% as it continues to struggle.

Their imaging division is just as troubled.

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Marek Rucinski: "which bring full-frame imaging to the mirrorless interchangeable lens market"... not. Leica's been there since like 2009...

HowaboutRAW - by that definition any compact is a mirrorless-type camera. Which clearly isn't the case.

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Cailean Gallimore: The only companies that have any vision at the moment are Fuji, Sony, and Pentax/Ricoh. Canon and Nikon just shuffle mindlessly forward like zombies.

Yea, things like Nikon DF or Canon 100D clearly prove it.

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samhain: Good interview, I like that guy!

But... I wish you would've asked him why Sony has completely abandoned the OVF.

Lol. Yesterday's? It's timeless technology. Just like shoes, t-shirts, and cameras with comfortable grip.

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RedFox88: 'Every six months I want to do something new'

That's the exact reason why I avoid sony products like the plague. They don't concentrate on their products long enough for them to be trusted by buyers. I want to know I'll be able to use my lenses on new cameras while sony clearly now wants to make new things, who cares about the old, right? Geez.

Through adaptor. Hahaha. What a joke.
I don't want to toy with adaptors. Sorry. If I want to use legacy glass - I can buy Nikon DF or Sony A-mount camera right now. Why the heck would I toy with E-mount and plenty of metal rings to make stuff work?! That's part of the problem that Sony got - blind faith in 3rd party solutions.

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parallaxproblem: Poor interview - all we get to know is that the guy has no prior E-mount or A-mount experience... no wonder both ranges seem to be so confused now!

Also that the guy is an intellectual butterfly wanting to 'create something new every six months'... fantastic for gaining new customers, but what about the existing customers who want to see some coherency and ongoing continuity in their product range? And new customers become existing customers as soon as they buy something..!

What does the cancellation of the 'NEX' product range name mean?

What is the future for A-mount?

Will there be future small Emount cameras like the NEX bodies were or will they all be huge monsters like the A3000 or expensive mini-DSLRs like the A7?

Will there be future low or mid-range A-mount bodies?

How are Sony going to integrate E-mount and A mount?

Yep... none of these questions and more were answered

Sorry, I'm disappointed, and I suspect many other current Sony owners are as well!

Britton - that's exactly the reason why I can't recommend anyone investing in Sony gear.

There's no clarity on what will happen.

Imagine someone invests 1000$ of his hard-earned money in A-mount gear just to find out 6 months later that Sony decided to throw it out.

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MarkByland: Build an optical pentaprism camera, Sony. You'll gain sales and even more respect. The 'this is the electronic view finder you are looking for' jedi mind trick is not what any consumer wants when I slide one of your cameras across the counter for them to check out. The initial reaction is "ewwww ... no thank you" and they pick up the Nikon or Canon and are much more relaxed when looking through the finder. Simple.

"Most consumers don't event recognize they are looking through EVF nowadays" - I don't know a SINGLE person who wouldn't recognize Sony EVF. Even my friend's grandfather complained about EVF (that's A77 - pretty much the highest end EVF out there in perfect light conditions - daytime, outdoors, couldn't make it any better, yet 70 years old person recognized EVF in an instant debunking your whole BS theory).

"They already built it. Check which fullframe camera had highest magnification (0,74x) and 100% coverage-vievfinder back in 2008." - Yea. And than there was NOTHING. A900 successor turned out to be half-assed SLT (couldn't even make proper AF system for it). When most people would he happy from a simple A900 body with the new sensor (Nikon DF is basically a smaller A900 - these two cameras share huge amount of features).

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Jim Evidon: "....'Every six months I want to do something new' Kimio Maki of Sony...."

I think we now understand Sony's problem.

They were no.3 already in 2007.
Nothing much happened since.

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AlanG: I wonder how many here have actually handled an A7r or seen images produced by one.

I know many pros who started getting interested in Sony after the RX100 and RX1 came out. The A7r is very well received by them now also.

Nice. But noone cares. There's no system for this camera. Body alone won't shoot photos.

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J Parker: Sony has a well deserved reputation for being one of the world's most innovative companies -- I'm glad it has extended that innovation to the photography field. I'm always amazed that despite Sony's years of experience with film and video, Sony is treated by some of us like a novice when it comes to still photography. Although I still shoot with Nikon's, the Sony's are a pure joy to use -- their innovations simply allow things that other cameras don't. For example, I recently used an old Sony F707 and shot landscapes and macros in pure darkness with the camera's built in infrared scope. I then used its built in laser holograph beam to focus on subjects that none of my current cameras could nail (remarkably, all this from a 2001 camera). Current Sony cameras like the RX1 and A7 are natural progressions from a company that chooses to make cutting edge cameras instead of recycling the same models. Sony has pushed photography forward in ways beneficial to all of us as photographers.

"bought and destroy Minolta" - Minolta was destroyed before Konica bought it. Than Konica killed the brand even more by screwing digital era. Sony only brought new light into the Minolta A-mount. Every A-mount shooter will tell you that Sony brought more good than bad into the A-mount.

Pity though that managers like said mr. Kimio Maki prefer to toy with mirrorless instead of developing a system further on.

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sirok: Sony's moving forward while others are still stuck in the last century with their flapping mirrors. Its a digital future ..The Mirror is gone and the mechanical shutter will go next. Just a matter of time before the processing power is available, affordable.This tech is already used on small compacts.(electronic shutter). And why are these posters jealous that Zeiss has aligned themselves with Sony. Cause Zeiss can see the future too.

People trying to turn OVF into a disadvantage.

That never worked and never will work. Sorry to inform you.

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RStyga: I still believe Sony would benefit from retiring the SONY logo on their cameras to a discrete position at the bottom and creating a new brand without the consumer electronics associations "Sony" has. Panasonic has done it very successfully.

It is negative, whether Sony can see it or not, to have this crude SONY logo plastered on top of a A7 camera! I thought they are a for-profit company; why Mr. Maki insists on risking market share on account of brand arrogance, I don't quite follow...

Actually Sony is one of most discreet brands out there.

Think about Nikon with enormous flashy straps with a model name and a big red thing on a grip.
Think about Pentax with their huge "PENTAX" text on telephoto lenses.

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leonche64: Once again, there has been no mount change.

Relax. Wait 2-3 years and surely they'll have some new mount for people to play with.

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"what will happen if customers start to lose interest" - yea. What if Hype for mirrorless fades out? Sony would be really screwed. But not even nearly as much as Olympus.

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On Hands-on with the retro Nikon Df article (230 comments in total)
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nathantw: WTF, no XQD card? And SD instead of CF? What the heck?

Yea. CF too big because of the camera size.

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On Hands-on with the retro Nikon Df article (230 comments in total)
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samfan: Well I have to admit it does look gorgeous.

That said, Nikon still completely missed the point of why would people want an old-fashioned camera. For crying out loud, it comes with a G lens!! Seriously, no aperture ring? And what about that plastic back?

And the price, well, that settles the whole thing.

It's another camera for rich hipsters, sorry to say.

Jeez... Just go on eBay and buy yourself whatever you want. Someone forbid you from using old lenses that you whine so much, or what?

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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1396 comments in total)
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Frank_BR: NR: Nikon Df body only price: $2,746.95

Df = Digital flop?

Actually - Sony said that RX1 exceeded any expectations they got. That's why RX1r got released and that's why (according to rumors) they started working on RX2.

RX1 was anything but flop. And people also complained that it's horribly overpriced.

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