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d3xmeister: Comprison widget, and gallery slideshow not compatible with iOS. really dpreview, are you in 2013 or 2006 ?

yes, 2013 and Apple still does not support flash...

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bobbarber: Oh, God, here comes everybody making excuses already for the IQ.

This looks like a great camera, and I shoot m43. The reason to buy a DSLR is not IQ, but performance.

Remember film? Absolutely no difference in "sensors", but people still paid more for cameras that performed. That's what's going on here. You can stop already with the breathless analysis of what you found or didn't find pixel-peeping.

A bit of an unjustified statement in my opinion, most people buy a DSLR to get better IQ..

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On Just posted: Hands-on preview of the Canon EOS 100D/SL1 article (379 comments in total)

I presume if Canon can do this to, what is basically, a 600d, then they could perform equal size reductions in the next generation 6D?

I am very interested in this, but initial pricing I see online doesn't show any advantage over a 650d.. (or 600d still for sale..)

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On Just posted: Hands-on preview of the Canon EOS 100D/SL1 article (379 comments in total)
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raizans: Olympus already tried the tiny DSLR thing before concluding that mirrorless was the way to go. I guess Canon didn't get the memo. ;)

maybe they decided that the guy who wrote the memo didn't really think it through or have the lens/existing customer base to make it a viable proposition.. Things look different when you have the volume customer base like canon seem to do.

I like it, I have Canon lenses I can use on it. I already have an Olmypus EPL-2 but have not bought any other lenses as I don't want to invest in another lens series and actually I bought it as my P&S camera, but this product from canon could really work for me and I guess i'm not the only one.

I could not care less about a "vari-angle" rear screen, I am only interested in aan optical viewfinder, that's it.

If it's a decent price (i.e. cheapee than a 650 or 600d) itz will be replacing my main camera (500d) in the next replacement cycle..

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On Pentax to ship more affordable WG-10 waterproof camera article (19 comments in total)

Shame they splashed "33ft" over the front of it, most of the planet won't understand what the hell they're talking about.. (Unless there's a metric version :-)

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JustDavid: Guys, sorry, but you really need to work on your priorities. How is this more important then finishing the K-30 and other reviews? It is interesting, but certainly not an A1 priority. You have stuff to catch up with

Actually, having tried the filters, they don't quite work as I expected, it shows acceessory reviews.. (like the "Nimbus Cloud Dome "...)

Would it be possible to add a filter category "Camera Reviews"!

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JustDavid: Guys, sorry, but you really need to work on your priorities. How is this more important then finishing the K-30 and other reviews? It is interesting, but certainly not an A1 priority. You have stuff to catch up with

Actually I hadn't noticed that, and it is very useful. Thanks!

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JustDavid: Guys, sorry, but you really need to work on your priorities. How is this more important then finishing the K-30 and other reviews? It is interesting, but certainly not an A1 priority. You have stuff to catch up with

so why not invest that money in something considered more fundamental to what DPReview is known for? (or did something change..? :-) Probably..

Actually, there are so many of these articles i'm having difficulty weeding them out from the ones i'm actually interested in...,

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On Accessory Review: Tamrac Zipshot Tripod article (94 comments in total)

Please , if you are going to quote units of weight and length in your articles can you consistently use metric equivalents too.

Without getting into the politics of using units that most of the planet doesn't, a huge % of your user base will simply have zero idea what a weight of 11oz actually is? (err, like me.. :-)

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gl2k: Nikon wants to surprise the market. Mission accomplished.
I was very surprised to see a totally outdated version of Android (2.3) on a brand new device.

There are a number of new devices with Android 2.3 (Samsung S6802 for example). I guess the HW reqts are too high...

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Brad Morris: I wonder how long it will take Apple to sue Nikon for Patent infringements?

Some of the patents that the US patent office has awarded apple (e.g. multi-point camera focusing system for multitouch-equipped devices) are just plain ludicrous, so I imagine it's not long...

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On User Review: Gura Gear Kiboko 30L Backpack article (113 comments in total)
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Jim Scarff: I bought one shortly after it came out and LOVE it. My previous bag was a Lowepro Roadrunner AW which I still have, but very rarely use now. I bought the Kiboko 30L for international travel, but now use it all the time. The Roadrunner AW has wheels and is very secure....but very heavy (15+ lbs.?) The Kiboko 30L is about 4 pounds - a huge benefit.

I travel with a Canon 400mm DO lens, a 70-300mm L, 1.4X TC, a 7D and a 60D cameras, a medium weight carbon fiber tripod, flash, 18-135mm lens, etc. No problem fitting that all in/on the bag with quick access to everything.

The biggest challenge I see in travel outside the U.S. is the common 7 kg (15 lbs) weight limit for carry-on baggage. My experience is airlines enforce this. With the Kiboko I can pack my 2 cameras, and lenses and still be under. Plus although it is slightly longer than international length limits, it is soft and can easily be compressed to fit into the allowed volume. Never had a problem.

I have been frequently flying around europe for 20 years (business and pleasure) and have been repeatedly pulled up for excess weight of hand baggage... (Swiss Airlines mostly..)

It's less now that you print your own boarding cards (and hence don't have to check-in at the airport) but i've even had the case taken off my at the gate when the plane was full of business people who always bring too much stuff in their hand luggage plus laptop etc and they were struggling to fit it all in the overhead lockers..

I wouldnt' want my camera gear going in the hold withoutit being in a secure or padded case..

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davidgp: I've been tracking the comments here for severals days... lots of statements such as "the 550 image quality is clearly better than the 650" as well as "Nikon D3200 image quality is clearly better than the 650."

After looking at the samples a lot (JPG and RAW), I've found examples where, to my eye, any one of the three cameras is the winner (yes, even the 650). Though, speaking as a totally unbiased 550 owner, I do think the 550 won most often, then followed by the Nikon D3200.

But seriously, I don't see that the IQ of any of these three cameras is notably better than the others, such that it ought to drive a purchase decision. Among these cameras, I'd make my choice on features rather than IQ.

I agree, but whereas the D3200 and the 550D were clearly evolutionary steps from their predecessors, what exactly is the 650D? And, should we really be comparing with the 600D? (although I agree the 550D is possibly going to be cheaper, but here in switzerland it's there's only $25 difference between the 550d body and the 600D body or $50 for the kit (18-55)

The moment I saw the 650d specs I wondered who this was trying to please, clearly no really significant improvement in photography "features" but clearly some improvment in the video area (but I don't care). Also, the new sensor type (like with the new S100..) is arguably a step back in some ways..

The final review is going to be very interesting..

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dmanthree: Well, at least DP Review is outsourcing their camera reviews now. But I haven't seen a new lens review in quite some time. Time to rename the site?

Regarding re-introducing lens reviews later this year, I specifically remember the same statement last year..

Anyway, I hope it's true..

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Chris Crevasse: Thanks for the link, dpreview, and for the other valuable information you provide.

Because it strikes me as odd that Canon would make a pancake lens apparently designed for full-frame cameras when their current full-frame cameras are not at all small, is this new lens perhaps an indication that Canon has a compact, full-frame, mirrorless camera (in other words, my ideal camera) in the works?

I was wondering this (enthusiant FF; like the rumoured Nikon D600), but would you not buy the excellent lightweight 50mm F1.8 as a standard lens, in that case?

I would, and I's rather have the F1.8 then F2.8 too..

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derfla1949: To me this lens smells very strongly like a precursor to a soon to be announced mirrorless system.
m43 is going to have serious competition.
This is good news.

Not sure (personally) how useful this is for aps-c.

I have the canon 50mm F1.8 and the 28mm F1.8 and the 50mm is never used, it's just too long and the 40mm is closer to this than the 28m...

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On Preview:canon-eos-650d-rebel-t4i (274 comments in total)

(context: 500d owner with zero interest in video..)

Feeling somewhat underwhelmed, can't even see this as evolutionary from the photographic side..

Seems more like a shift towards multi-purpose photo-video.. (which I think, arguably, Sony have got the technological leap on Canon..).

Clearly Nikon are about to release a successor to the D5100 given the volume of discounts around, wonder what they will bring to the table given that their entry model D3200 is quite impressive already..

Posted on Jun 8, 2012 at 13:05 UTC as 76th comment
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Denis James Evans: Is this for 2011 or 2012? Absurd.

why absurd? Presumably they include any cameras since the last award and the award is made in 2012...

Both the D800 and Nex-7 are currently the best cameras in their class and were released in the last 12 months..

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NikonScavenger: Now can we have an affordable Canon or Nikon mount monochrome for about 1200 dollars?

It's not that hard to make one, but I applaud Leica for doing this--hopefully it sets off a wave of imitators.

Shame, you're probably right, but I wonder if a monochrome version of the X100 or X-Pro 1 would sell in reasonable numbers?

There's a review of the Leica MM on Luminous Landscape and it looks very interesting..

Need to do the lottery again.. Damn.

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you lot just don't get this do you! Most people don't go underwater with these cameras, they use them in situations where water or dirt ingress would be catastrophic but you still want to take snapshots - such as on the beach, kayaking, a rainy day, kidproof fun, ice-cream proof, swimming down a river, sailing in a storm or choppy water, kids playing in a fountain etc etc...

Well, these are the places i've used mine, I even once used it under water in a swimming pool..


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