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I don't think is is very hard to change some metadata to state that an image is an out of camera jpeg vs an edited raw converted to a jpeg.

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The triggertrap link has a space at the end which causes a %20 and the link not to work.

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showmeyourpics: As usual, lots of bitching and moaning in these posts. In his presentation, Brian Smith is very clear about what he is talking about. Mirrorless is here to stay and, in addition to a number of features that makes it particularly attractive to many photographers, there is the extraordinary ability to mount a number of larger formats lenses through inexpensive adapters. These can be either modern or legacy lenses, probably models that are exceptional in their quality and performance. With a positive attitude, Brian takes advantage of the opportunity and, for example, has no problem using manual focusing with an otherwise excellent lens. BTW, there is plenty of pros who are already using mirror-less equipment and EVF's and make no mystery about it. This is another feature that makes the format even more attractive.

It was a great presentation and for hit type of photography this is great. If you are into wildlife or sports then it would be better at the moment at least to stick with a single system. If you can get away with manual focus then the Sony A7 series are amazing.

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Eric Glam: I'd like to express my thoughts on this new camera, based on specs alone:
1. Shutter limited to 1/4000 sec. They could easily offer 1/8000 sec.
2. Still no optical zoom. Not even x1.5. And no, cropping won't get you the same quality you'd achieve with optical zoom.
3. No touch-screen, so no touch-focus and no touch-shutter and no quick menu adjustments.
4. $3300 USD!! insane.
5. Battery life is pathetic.
6. Video limited to 1080p60. Bitrate limited to 50Mbps. In this day & age? really??
7. No weather sealing. Why not?
8. EVF with XGA resolution. Nice to have the EVF, but why limited to XGA (1024 x 768)? That's less than 1MP. I would have liked to see an EVF with 1.92MP (1600x1200) which can refresh at 120Hz.
9. Only 25 Contrast-detect AF points. They should at least double that.
10. 42MP is way too much. 33MP would have been more welcome. larger pixels, smaller files, faster writes to card, better low-light high ISO shots.

I think I said enough.

What do you need 1/8000 shutter for on a 35mm lens? Its more useful for long lenses but since this is fixed at 35mm it doesn't really matter.

I disagree, a prime lens is the correct choice for this, a zoom will not give you the same image quality and bokeh.

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nboyer: I wonder if Sony addressed the slow motorized zoom on the RX10? I like this camera, but zooming with it is painful to me.

It is too slow but there was a post on here recently showing that by twisting the zoom ring at the right speed it actually zooms a lot faster.

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GodSpeaks: Hmmmm, so this is supposed to compete with the Panasonic FZ1000? And at $4-500 higher price?

I hope at least the build quality is better than the FZ1000, as it seems the FZ1000 beats it in most other areas.

The lens on the RX10 is very good, the constant aperture is great, I'd take that over the longer reach with lower quality.

Either camera is good though.

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I only have two complaints about my RX10 and sadly they don't seem to be resolved:

The screen articulation is too limited (though obviously better than fixed).
The Exposure dial is too easy to move accidentally.

It is still a great camera, especially if you can find one on sale. I don't see anything in this new version to make me want to upgrade.

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Dmitry Novak: Not indicated - only one shot or multiple are possible?

BTW the 'no money again' complaint doesn't look reasonable because the main content that gains most visitors and ads income are the reviews and news. Plus, you dont have to complain any internet photo gallery showing some favourites on its main page. It's normal. And 'Best shot of 2014' isn't a contest, it's just an initiative and motivation to choose and post here another good photo.

It says best "shot", upload your "photo" and my-best-shot-2014 so I think it is safe to assume only one picture.

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Stollen1234: Hey thanx..try harder next time

You are the one visiting the site...

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Scottelly: There are digital watches, with three or even four control buttons on them, which are waterproof to 100 meters. Why can't SOMEONE make a digital action camera that has the same sort of toughness as a $100 watch? It's pretty damn pathetic, if you ask me.

A watch is sealed with screws and you don't have to take the battery out every few times you use it. It is also recommended to replace the seals when you replace the battery. Also a watch is tiny with very little space for air in it so physics help it along as well.

Making a camera with 100 meter water proofing that is also easy to get the card and battery in and out of, and keep it tiny would be very difficult and expensive. Also this camera would be next to useless at 100m as it is so dark down there and this is a small sensor. If you are diving to 100m then you can probably afford a proper dive camera.

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The a5000 does have a built in flash, the chart above says that it doesn't.

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Bexter: This site is going downhill with these silly articles and multiple previews.

Simon, I appreciate your response and realize this one is a bit tongue in cheek. What I mean about multiple previews is that it just seems like there should just be a single preview and a single review rather than them coming out piecemeal.

I see why you do it this way and it probably gets more clicks. My honest feedback is that it is a bit frustrating on the front page as there is enough good topics you cover that we don't need to see links to the same camera on 3 or 4 consecutive days.

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This site is going downhill with these silly articles and multiple previews.

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robbertleopold: According to the announcement in DP Review the Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 will become available for USD 897,99 and Pound 749,99. At the moment the equivalent of USD 897,99 is Pound 523,63. Does this mean that the FZ1000 will be 43 % more expensive in the UK than in the USA ? That can't be true. There must be a mistake in the announcement.

UK price includes 20% VAT but NA price doesn't include taxes. Still expect to pay 15-20% more in UK.

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mosc: I think the RX10 is overpriced. The lens is great but in a few years it can't be used with a newer 1" sony sensor that offers new things like 4k video or real action tracking on-chip PDAF. If they make an RX20 one day, you'll have to re-buy the lens. Maybe it'll be a little longer at tele or a little lighter but your old glass is throw away. Usually, fixed glass comes at a discount. No mount to deal with, the lens can have fewer compromises, saves money. That makes up for it. This one doesn't seem to have that.

You can't find 1" lenses that compete with this but there are plenty of APS-C sized lenses that do. The article lists a couple, the EF-S 18-135 and the very impressive sony E 18-105. There's also the 18-200 sigma that just came out which is under a pound and has 11x instead of 8x range and usable macro. The dimensions of the RX10 isn't revolutionary either compared to one of those lenses attached to a small camera. Several combos come out LIGHTER than the RX10, all are CHEAPER.

It is very expensive but this is a constant aperture f2.8 lens covering that huge range. That is what you are paying for.

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The Davinator: No OVF. Pay extra for an EVF. Hello Canon.....anyone home?

Helps keep it small, I don't think I have ever used the viewfinder on my G11 in 3 or so years of having it.

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Glad they now let me disable that Movie record button on my A77. I never use it and often hit it by mistake.

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Another half assed Macro ring light, we need a ring flash as my at least 15 year old Minolta one won't last forever...

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nicolaiecostel: Why did they make it SLT ? How do sony people clean that mirror ? I can't imagine working with a camera like this at slow apertures. Is the dust a problem for those switching lenses frequently ?

Same problem as without a mirror, instead of the dust getting on the sensor, it gets on the mirror. What difference do "slow" apertures make?

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Do we really need to cut down the rainforest for this?

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