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BurningPlatform: Time to switch my phone (Nokia N8) to a new one. Should I take this one, or wait for iPhone 6, Sony Z3, Samsung Galaxy 6, or even MS Lumia 1020-II?

Wait for the Sony Xperia Z phone... with the curved sensor. That should put it performing near the large sensor Nokias.

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Valiant Thor: As I observe people and society I am 100% convinced that the smartphone is the worst invention in the history of the world, bar NONE. It has turned a once observant and interactive society into pathetic, electronic addicted, anti-social zombies who walk around with their glazed empty eyes affixed to those crappy little LCD boxes glued to their hand, their thumb frantically pushing stupid little chicklets around the screen with the look of a meth addict on their face and mortal fear in their mind that they would accidently miss one non-essential, meaningless message from an emotionless fellow zombie doing the same thing. They roam the malls dressed in jackass attire of distasteful, offensive, or sports related t-shirts, baggy silk exercise pants, bright Nike clown shoes, tattoos, and all the while radiating themselves with dangerous levels of packet-data microwave energy. The corporate illuminati puppet-masters must be laughing their billionaire butts off. Other than that, nice phone!

As though it didn't happen with television....nice job though.

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I could not believe what I'm reading and see. After giving it a hard thought, these specs are plausible considering this device will have Android L which won't be available until the end of this year.

This device might be announced mid of 2015 and available in the holidays of 2015.

The curved sensor to be out soon is possible since they gave a hint that the curved technology is not yet possible with larger sensors. The f1.2 lens is a little bit harder to accept but this could be possible with the curved sensor and the Z3X may start with f1.8 and the f1.2 the best possible estimated performance for future devices.

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On LG launches G3 Beat with Laser AF post (31 comments in total)
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Suave: Why, why, why smaller screen always means downgraded specs? Why can't there be a high end 4" Android phone with top-notch hardware? Why it's either 6" monstrosity or bastardized "mini"?

Not easy. The makers need a larger screen so that a larger a battery is possible to power a high resolution screen and fast CPU.
Aside from that, a larger phone allows for better heat dissipation unless it uses an aluminum frame which makes a phone heavier and much more expensive.

My Nexus 5 is pretty topnotch in many aspects except that it has average battery life and the heat from the phone is pretty annoying.

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On LG launches G3 Beat with Laser AF post (31 comments in total)

fail. it is far too expensive compared to their G2 or Nexus 5.
this is only comparable to the Moto G or in some markets, the Asus Zen5.

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On Nikon 1 V3 First Impressions Review preview (647 comments in total)

Some images feel weird because of little DOF but has the image quality of small sensor camera or an APSC camera 6 to 8 years ago. Looking at the price, way too expensive versus an a6000.

I don't know what Nikon is up to. It feels that this is just a science project to Nikon, building technology in preparation for a mirrorless PRO camera in the future.

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On Samsung Galaxy S5 camera review post (89 comments in total)
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Peter62: Sorry, but the Galaxy S4 is BETTER!

Look for yourself at the studio scene image comparison, low light, then look at the coloured, concentric cirlcles !

Another reason not to buy the S5!

He's right. I checked. The S5 doesn't resolve any better and it is a bit slightly inferior probably due to NR.
It is even worse in low light test since the S5 is at a lower ISO with less color resolution.

I hope in the future that this MP race in smartphones come to a stop. Sony can make a case of making new small resolution sensors by marketing them similar to HTC one's Ultrapixels.

These sensors might also be lens limited.

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On ZTE announces Nubia Z7 with 5.5-inch QHD display post (35 comments in total)

the QHD eats power too much and with inferior display performance compared to a good 1080 display.
I'd skip this generation.

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On What is equivalence and why should I care? article (2077 comments in total)

Nice, good job DPR. I also like the part discussing diffraction. In diffraction limited photography with the same DOF, all formats are equal in terms of information captured regardless of MP count.

One caveat though with equivalenc, is that larger formats has the potential to produce sharper, more detailed images. It is not only for better IQ in low light situations or better background blur.

Personally, I just find the APSC to be the sweet spot when taking various factors, especially the price.

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Jogger: May have been a contender if not for the gimmick grip design.

It is not a gimmick, it houses a larger battery.

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Marcelobtp: LOOK AT IT: http://www.magezinepublishing.com/equipment/images/equipment/dp2-Quattro-5446/highres/Sigma-dp2-quattro-Sheffield-SDIM0015_1404148755.jpg
AMAAAAZING, im bought by this image, JPEG OOC

terrible. it works best with RAW.

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Mssimo: Great camera crap software. If only lightroom supported it.

I tried the 6.0 and it is dog slowww even if I compare it to processing Merrill files.

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I need that better efficiency, my new Nexus 5 doesn't feel new due to its poor battery life.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III Review preview (809 comments in total)
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GriffinMI: Like a few others here, I decided to buy the camera even after reading this article.

From an engineering perspective, I completely understand the logic behind the viewfinder power-down operation. The pop-up mechanism no doubt has a finite cycle life and Sony wanted users to avoid over-use by suggesting that when you put the viewfinder down you are done shooting. Is that a major fault? - not anymore that acknowledging that operating the convertible top on a car 20 times a day will eventually wear out the motor.

There was a similar engineering decision with the lack of clicks on the front dial. While the smooth operation might be initially disconcerting for some coming from certain other cameras, adding detents on the dial while zooming video on this tiny and light camera could easily ruin the shot. That's a trade off that is easily justified in my view and not a sufficient hindrance to pan the many other advances this camera brings to the market.

Yes, I agree. It's the first thing I thought when DPR mentioned this. It will never be a high cycle mechanism. Why increase cost, bulk, and weight for such a feature?
If you're out to shoot, you might as well leave the EVF up there to decrease time.

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Good, sample RAW files please!

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2962 comments in total)
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orion1983: Why, just WHY is the M3 significantly more noisy (RAW!) than the M2?!!!

Did they really use the sensor of the M1 as some mentioned??!! And uf so...why?!! Because it is cheaper?! Or to make the M3 not as good as possible on purpose...as it will be a top seller anyway and there is now a superior M4 feasible for late 2014 just by taking the sensor of the M2 and spend a hotshoe?!!!

f5.6 versus f5

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2962 comments in total)
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ftpie: Ricoh GR. Same price, APS-C, superior interface, smaller; no EVF, though - gotta give Sony credit for that one. Sony needs to figure out how so squeeze the larger sensor in there like Nikon and Ricoh did.

The "faster" nature of this new Mark III isn't that big of a deal - just reduce the focal length and you're at least halfway there.

No, because they don't want to compete with themselves (NEX/AL PHA). Same reason why don't see a fixed lens m4/3 from Panny or Oly.

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On Sony announces pricing and availability for Alpha 7S article (131 comments in total)
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Lux Painter: The price is not bad, although it should be less than 2k considering:

- extremly low frame rate
- less than 16 MP
- no internal 4k recording

The only interesting feature that's left is the superb ISO performance.
But the first 3 points are a no go for me (even if it would be priced less than 2k)

Expensive for stills but the video specs just leave the competition to dust.

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On Lenovo introduces 10-inch ThinkPad pro tablet post (38 comments in total)

Oh no, the dock is too expensive.

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On Lenovo introduces 10-inch ThinkPad pro tablet post (38 comments in total)
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utomo99: Why still using atom? Atom is not fast enough.
USB and hdmi port better on the main body instead on dock

It's quad core and has a better architecture compared to Atoms of the past.

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