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I guess they were smart enough that this would be cheaper than lose a lawsuit.

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Hmm.....very subtle update. I was hoping better so that S4 and other phones would drop in price.

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On Shooting Raw with the Nokia Lumia 1020 post (72 comments in total)

There is very little to be recovered on those RAW files since the scene's DR is too much for any camera (maybe except for FF).
Anyway, the article above limited itself to 5MP output making it seem that RAW is useless.

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photogeek: Should have been f/1.8 at least. If Nikon can do it for $200, I'm sure Zeiss should be able to do it for $400. $700 for an f/2.8 lens with vignetting and less than ideal sharpness is ridiculous, no matter how you slice it.

Oh no, not possible. You need additional size and weight to mitigate vignetting and improve resolution.

In terms of price, there's no competition for a compact prime lens for the FE mount, yet.

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All sounds good to me! Sigma is a young Canikon, started selling lenses then cameras.
Once again, I just hope the best for the company since they're the only one concerned with true Image Quality. Producing Medium Format quality images at small resolutions.

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On A look inside Sigma's lens factory article (89 comments in total)
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Rytterfalk: Beautiful!

omg, Carl! Welcome back! I thought you left completely. (i'm a small fan yours)

Anwyay, I have seen this vid and wish Sigma the best especially they really have made a great move with dp Quattro.

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On CP+ 2014: Hands-on with Sony a6000 article (99 comments in total)
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jaygeephoto: Although I'm a Canon(pro equipment) guy for the most part; this seems like a better camera than the new G - Especially the fact that it has a built in flash AND a viewfinder. Waiting for the inevitable DP showdown between the latest round of high end compact mirrorless.

Oh no, the Canon just couldn't stand a chance on this one. They better drop the price of that to avoid comparisons to this Sony.

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On CP+ 2014: Hands-on with Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II article (200 comments in total)

Good job Canon. ...a bit late though and too pricey considering the same old sensor.

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On Sony a6000 First Impressions Review preview (899 comments in total)
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km25: 24MPs is a little high for APS-C, I would rather give up a few MPs for better low light use. The 24MP is fine for the mass market, but I think most serious photographer would rather a better balance, leaving 24MP for FF. I fell as if 16-20MP is best for APS-C in all the noise tests I have seen.

there's little nothing we can do about that...t.here's still plenty of consumers that there is no progress without a jump in MP. As can be taken from the sensor of the Nikon Df, bigger pixels still matter.

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I'm just warming with the recently announced Canon G1x II...but seeing this at a price of $800 makes the Canon look like a joke. (even considering equivalence)

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exdeejjjaaaa: fastest AF ?

"Amongst interchangeable-lens digital cameras equipped with an APS-C image sensor as of February 12, 2014. Determined with internal measurement method with E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens mounted, Pre-AF off and viewfinder in use."

as usual the real kings of mirrorless AF = Nikon 1 and m43 are excluded for marketing purposes :-)

Why not? The size and weight of the lens affects AF speed. I could not find fault in Sony's claims.

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II: a quick summary article (534 comments in total)

I would like love this new camera as a fixed zoom lens MFT, but it has been a while since the G1X came out. If the sensor is essentially the same from the G1X, then the sensor would be inferior compared to a 50% cheaper Olympus E-Pm2.

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Trollshavethebestcandy: It would be interesting to have a sensor of two layers, quad blue on top and a semi random Fuji like array of red and green underneath. 20 megapixels in both layers. This would reduce the limitation of red issue being under only one layer instead of two. Any thoughts? Am I crazy?

Not possible. The Foveon depends on the penetration of light into silicon to determine colors.

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On Nokia rumored to launch Android phone at MWC post (34 comments in total)

In a tech website, Nokia has been known to secretly working on an Android phone.

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b craw: My photography is often preceded by deconstructing and reconstructing physical form(s) - I'd say my skill in terms of tactile anticipation is pretty good - yet I don't feel comfortable making an ergonomic evaluation until a camera is in my hands. The definitive judgement of ergonomics some are making here is just bluster. And it also belies that certain ergonomic characteristics are subjective/preference based.

easily, this handles closely as a Sony NEX.

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Sigma Nick: I can't be the only one who wished Sigma would license this sensor out to other camera makers. I would love to see a Epson R-D2m Digital Rangefinder. Id pay a couple grand for that.

Oh, almost everyone in the Sigma forums wished for that. For now, this new Quattro fixes the problems of the high resolution Merrill generation.

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noegd: A local shop sells the DP Merrill for 399€ (each, not the three of them) Maybe I should get one before the last "true Foveon" cameras are gone?

Had an original DP1 and loved its IQ (in good light).

in my view, you should not. this is the correct direction for the DP series. The Merrills should have better resolution than this but I don't find them to having the Foveon look.

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LaFonte: Do I understand that you need to buy three cameras to have three focal lengths?

It is a bargain as the lens will include the camera.

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Kodachrome200: i always considered a big part of the appeal of these cameras compactness. i dont get the new design its dorky and it makes the camera to large for the category.

It think the Ricoh GR is a gold standard for small cameras design like this. really accessible controls and a comforatable grip and still small and not bizarre looking

I believe the radical external design is a good move to differentiate it from the previous DP cameras and to catch some attention outside from the megapixel spec.

I even reckon that this will inspire other makers to do radical designs as well so that their cameras look fresh every year and not depend on specifications to get sales.

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