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Henrikw: regardless how big you make these hotshoe softboxes, they will never compete with the result achieved from bouncing the flash on a white wall. If I can't achieve directional light from my flash I'd rather turn if off


LOL. that was a good one. A portable white wall would be spectacular.

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BartyLobethal: Those backgrounds will have to be placed close the the subject and framing will need to be tight. Avoiding shadows on the backgrounds will be a challenge.

Huge light or shooting from parallel / 45deg.to hide the shadow?

And how many times is one goign to use a bg like this. Im curios.

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On article Hands-on with Canon's new PowerShot G5 X, G9 X compacts (140 comments in total)
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justmeMN: Large sensor compact cameras are the future. MILC Dinosaurs are just so behind the times. :-)

Less size, less features. The wish lists on here get a little bit...wishy washy, eh? (sorry :P )

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On article Hands-on with Canon's new PowerShot G5 X, G9 X compacts (140 comments in total)
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2eyesee: "...the G5 X takes the guts of last year's G7 X."

Unfortunately they took the lens too. That lens is awful at the wide end. This was to some extent understandable in a camera as compact as the G7X, but why cripple the larger G5X with it?

That's a rhetorical question - the answer of course is to save the cost of developing a new lens. Which is unfortunate, because it's a missed opportunity as other than the lens everything else looks great.

How about going and actually trying the camera out..

just imagine that...

and NO, the camera doesn't look odd by any means. Odd could be your tastes.


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On article Hands-on with Canon's new PowerShot G5 X, G9 X compacts (140 comments in total)
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Henry Richardson: It appears like Canon took as much from the G7X as they could to make the G5X. Same lens, same sensor, same battery. Probably same firmware too. How is the G5X AF? You said the G7X AF was awful in your review so I am concerned about the G5X. Also, you said the G7X was slow.


the UI on the new compactres are definitly not as speedy as the old M1. everyhting is instantaneuos with that body. th ehandling on the M3, and i suspect the new powershots, are indeed slower from my first tries- but not fatally so. Ill give them a visit tomorrow as well. Ive already begun to compare shooting scenarios to see how it could stack up in real world usage. The g5x has editable button layouts so that is to be taken inconsideration...a good test would be to set it up as close to whatever your current body setup is, and take it from there.

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On article Hands-on with Canon's new PowerShot G5 X, G9 X compacts (140 comments in total)

I handled the g5x today....


It is much smaller than it looks in the photos. The evf has a denser resolution than the lcd screen, and nice refresh rate.

But that body....solidly built.

Fully articulating screen feels great. Shutter lag is minimal to nonexistent. The lens protectors are still flimsy....canon really needs to make a proper solution to that. They simply move too easily.

Did I mention that body?

Worth. It.

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ShutterNot: CANON seems to intentionally want to confuse everybody with their GX? models. Just seeing these new models ticks me off. It's pure B.S. that I don't plan to wade through

Agreed, that naming convention is stoopid. the g series usually went up with newer models...now, well, (scratches head)

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aut0maticdan: Sorry, if it has a dedicated record button, it should have 4K these days. Its like not including raw in a stills camera. They aren't priced low enough to exclude it. These cameras are all dead to me.

Enjoy your 4k video on your full hd tv...good stuff. On your phone also, which may not even be fullhd.

4k is a good spec, but even now, almost no one can even view it properly.

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photomedium: Canon's definitely showing erratic behavior with the M10. First they launch the M3 but not in the US, then they change their mind, then a couple of months later they come up with a camera with a 2yo sensor and that does nothing new. You serious? I don't know what these guys are smoking up in the corner office.
Canon: people get emotionally attached to their camera and buy new ones MAINLY when they are promised better images (read new-bigger- better sensor).

Maybe the G5X will work if the touchscreen turns out to be good would appeal to people wanting RX100III quality images but with a have-to-have canon stamp.

So canon comes out with a baby model that begins to flesh out its mirrorless category- and the marketing geniuses in here cant understand why?

The m2 sits at top, the m2 is now middle, and the m10 is the baby.

Rocket science, i know...what were they thinking.... :P :P :P :P


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NoMirror99: Ok Canon guys, I come in peace. What am I missing? At these prices you could get a Sony a6000. Why on earth would someone want one of these instead? I really don't get it.

For all the "why not a a6000", there seems to be a lack of common sense in the approach. To get a a6000 means you have to buy into a new camera and system. Personally, i'd never buy a sony body- i just dont like thier customer service, and that's coming from a former trinitron / xbr ultra fan.

So a better start to these kind of replies would be "Well, if you want to buy into another system like sony, which offers the awesome a600...yadda yadda..." - seems more appropriate. Sony lenses vs. Canon lenses (yes, ef adaptor included as a+++) - its not even a comparison.

I tried out all the mirrorless bodies i could get my hands on a BIC camera in japan...and the most impressive was the Oly's. Holy hell they felt so goooood in the hands, with instant af..it was a dream.

However, the gotcha is the eco system- is it supported by lightroom lens profiles, etc...all those things matter. And with canon /nikon there's no worry about coverage.

So no, to many, a6000 is not an option at all.

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The Squire: I'd usual say 'what no 4k', but I get the impression Canon want these cameras to sell to the mid-market where 4K still scares manufacturers becuase 99% of their customers haven't got the hardware to play or edit it.

Canon Customer: "Hey, why's it taking so long to transfer my [2GB] video over bluetooth to my phone?"

This. Im all for bells and whistles that are usuable, but that seems a lot to ask from this segment.

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armandino: Steering clear 4K with all its cameras Canon is making a big mistake I think.

In some models, maybe - but almost no one has a 4k monitor. So what now?

What was the last 4k video you edited, much less shown to anyone that can view it proper?

Getting ahead of ourselves, arent we.

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mike emerson: I don't think Canon have got the hang of this retro camera thing with the G5 X. I suppose they think the retro design belongs to the compact camera market as a novelty. It looks like a toy and a horrible design. Maybe they should get Fuji to design one for them.

Um, NO.

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Juck: I'm a fan of the M1 & M3,, with all their faults,,,, but this seems like the answer to a question that noone is stupid-enough to ask. Baffling.

Entry level in a category is hard to understand?

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ProfHankD: Unimpressive at launch list price, but a while from now at street pricing and running Magic Lantern (ML) this could be useful.

In other words, it's the usual Canon story of hardware that lags behind by several years being potentially rescued by low pricing and being able to run completely-unsupported-and-unauthorized-by-Canon 3rd-party software in the form of either CHDK or ML.

One last note: the IQ delivered by my EOS-M doesn't even compete well with my original NEX-5 (let alone later Sonys), but the horrifically poor grip of the EOS-M is its worst feature; the M3 seemed to address that, so why is the M10 back to the evil griplessness of the original M?

Some of these commenters are just embarrassing.

Ive had a grip on my M1 for two years. Works great. While the whambulance chasers comment that it doesnt have one.

No EVF? No problem! Ive taken thousands of images with this terrible, inferior (chuckles) product with terrible IQ.

Either im crazy or some of you whiners in here are sad. Even a low end entry level is ravaged by the elite (but not in skills!) clown show that these dpr forums has become.



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misspiggy01: my guess is that the load of data handling is still problematic for a LiveView camera. so sony puts responsivness of the system before ultimate quality. reasonable for a consumer product.

btw if you want small file sizes get a low resolution camera. if you want lots of pixels get a bigger card.

i think you forgot about the 70d.

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Lawrencew: Too little, too expensive, too late...
It wasn't a class leading product when it was originally launched in the RoW.
Since then the competition has moved on.
Look at the OM-D E-M10 also released this week that can include a 2.36m EVF, IBIS, Timelapse, focus bracketing and a wealth of other useful features at this price point. Or a G7 with 4k movies and 30fps 4K photos
The M3 can't even manage 1fps in RAW.

Not even 1fps...lol

You own this camera, I presume

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ObelixCMM: $679.99 for body only, you can get Sony a5100 with 16-50 kit lens for $598.00
Good luck Canon

Yeah, what if you dont want a sony camera?

Those Olympus mirrorless though...wowo those things are demons.

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akjos: At this point... who cares really. I bought original M with 18-55 and 22 and it turned out to be the biggest photo gear mistake i ever made. Camera had been sitting in the drawer over a year after i only used it twice. Should have sold it long time ago.
The canon files just fall apart way to quickly compared to nikon and sony. Plus very bad dynamic range.
and considering you can get a6000 for less or even mint used A7 for about same... that will be hard to sell , canon.

Well I did say maybe....

But your opinion about post processing belies canons enormous dslr marketshare. My second dig camera that i learned how to shoot in manual was a sony p200...still have it right here. great files (jpeg_, 7.1 mp.

But to say that you 'cant' process canon files...cmon. That's dramatic, unrealistic, added with a touch of lunacy.

SO yeah, it's certainly not a bad camera, the files are easy to post, and the 22/f2 rocks.

Sounds all good to me. I dont shoot jpeg, never have, never will.

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TriezeA72: I really cant see the American market saving this piece of crap from an absolute fail

Glad you're not a sales guy.

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