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josikim: Does anyone think it's worth selling my 24mm f1.4 for this thing? I always had a hard time choosing between the 24 and 35, and this thing has both! I'm just curious if f2 will satisfy me and my love for primes. From the samples (Thanks Rishi), it appears to have a decent bokeh when shooting up close. And that sharpness, ouch (in a good way)... I love sigma's efforts in giving us common folks the best glass possible.

Btw Rishi, There's just too much shadow recovery going on in some of the pics. I'm sure the harsh sunlight didn't help, but it feels a bit unnatural. :)

Mac and PC gamma have NEVER been the same. PC gamma is much darker.

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Bob 1: I read the text and I'm immediately excited... expecting to see what $4,500(+) worth of new, top-end, photographic equipment can really do. You (DPR) really know how to burst my balloon. I'm a photo hobbyist and an active equipment consumer. These snaps only tell me that my Canon M, yes my $400 close-out w/22mm kit lens, can take snaps which, IMO, look as good as these on-line samples. Personally, I don't want to see photos like I might take.... I want to see sample galleries taken by professionals who know how to bring the best out of top-end equipment and without PP, color or otherwise... Amazon, are you listening?

I have read DPR reviews and forums for many years, prior to actually signing up. Overall, the reviews are usually very informative.... and I love the forum discussions. I just wish a little more planing could be put into new equipment sample galleries :)..... like the videos with DPR staff and a pro showing how the sample photos were made.... GREAT!! HAGD, Bob

Dude, my M take s as good pictures ad my 5d3.

i think you're kind of looking at this all wrong. If you dont have the skill to produce those super awesome pro pictures, then what's the point of the gear.

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haiiyaa: I have two hobbies, one is photography and the other one is computer gaming. The average age here is probably around 50 while the average age in the games I play is 13-14. Despite the constant trash talking and death threats I receive when playing games, I still think the dpreview community is worse and more immature. is it because they spend thousand of dollars on their camera equipment, yet will never be able to get a shot like this?

@fri 13

I very much dislike this criticizing of 'pixel peeping'- it is utter nonsense. If your not looking at critical sharpness in your images, as far as im concerned, youre not that bright.

It's no everything, but its damn sure important, especially when photog equipment costs serious cash - it better damn well work as good as it can.

Whats next? AF is overrated?

Sheesh already.

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On Canon introduces 430EX III-RT Speedlite article (93 comments in total)
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phazelag: Does anyone know where I can find a list of Canon Cameras that can act as a commander for this flash or cameras that will support the Canon ST E3 Transmitter?

I know it sounds crazy but I would love it if I could use the G1X Mark 2 or maybe the G3X with this flash as the leaf shutter will allow full power flash up to very high shutters 1/2000 or 1/4000th maybe without HSS lowering the flash power. And radio wireless TTL would be great in a small package for creative shots while traveling.

Amy camera with a hotshoe. st-e3 even works on an eos M v.1, and im sure it works on my g12 with possible limitations.

Go enjoy

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On Canon introduces 430EX III-RT Speedlite article (93 comments in total)
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Darkk: Just found out about this new flash tonight on Canon's website. Great specs but a little bummed out that it's slave only in RT mode. I've read some complaints about the ST E3 transmitter which lacks auto focus beam assist. It seemed the 430 EX-III RT would fit the bill pretty well until read the part about slave only.

Ah well. I own the 430 EX-II for my Canon 60D. I also own the Canon 7D Mark II along with 600 EX-RT. Still the 430 EX-III RT is an improvement over the previous model. I may get it anyway to have extra flash in RT mode on hand.

I should point out despite the added features from the 600 EX-RT it is not weather sealed which won't be a big deal for most people.

Nope. transmitter. Cheers.

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On Canon introduces 430EX III-RT Speedlite article (93 comments in total)

Additional specs of the unit include a shorter recycling time (0.1-2.5), faster firing, a maximum Guide Number of 43/141 at ISO 100 (in meters/feet, same as the 430EX II), Hi-Speed Sync, !?!?!!!! Second-curtain Sync !!?!?!!!!, auto zooming from 24-105mm, and a metal locking foot.

Second curtain sync? Ive hear many moan that this wasn't avail on the 600

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On Canon introduces 430EX III-RT Speedlite article (93 comments in total)
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DME: Canon's E-TTL is very unreliable. I have to fix in PP almost every single picture I take with the 600 ex-rt flashes in E-TTL mode. I tried Nikon's SB-910 and was amazed at how accurate the TTL on that flash.

ettl has always driven me nuts, especially on a 6d/5d3/ its all over the damned place, forcing me to use manual all the time

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On Canon introduces 430EX III-RT Speedlite article (93 comments in total)
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dedirg: can you tell me any reason to purchase e3-rt over this??

pocket-ability, more shooting options. You should have both unless you like those ratted ocf cables yanking your light stands.

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599? Only an idiot would buy this. The price makes the entire conversation moot, unless you REALLY hate separate P & S options.

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On Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review preview (455 comments in total)
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GeraldW: No micro-adjust. I think that's a critically important feature for any phase detect camera. The 70D has it, and it made a big difference with some of my lenses. Contrast detect cameras don't need it, and that's a feature that needs to be played up more for the mirrorless and fixed lens cameras. One of those dirty little secrets that the DSLR folks don't mention.



@Richard Butler

AMFA makes renting cameras a nightmare. I rented a 5d3, and had no time to shoot charts and other nonsense. I used it as is, and pray that it was at least decently compatible.

This is an issue that the camera sites- like DPREVIEW- should be taking the manufacturers to task for. This issues affects SOOOO many people, it's amazing that sites like this dont make a big deal of it. Pressure them already. This is a bullsh** situation, falling on the consumers to correct something that the manufacturers should have figured out a very long time ago.

A few weeks ago in japan, i was taking portraits of a streetwear model....and i noticed that the camera consistently focus on the eye BEHIND the front-most one. Like clockwork. I had to dig into AFMA repeatedly to quickly find a setting that captured the proper focus area.

Even for video games- the market is very vocal. For cameras? The audience is only vocal when it comes to stupid snipes in the comments sections.

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On Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review preview (455 comments in total)
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Cane: Does it still feel like a plastic piece of junk compared to cameras from Pentax, Fuji, Olympus and Sony?

To each is own. My t2i gets plenty of use, with BEAUTIFUL, pixel -peeping results.

In my opinion, its the finest canon sensor next to the 6d (excluding the most high end bodies)

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On Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review preview (455 comments in total)
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Vanitas Photo: Nikon and Canon will have to rethink their strategy for AF microadjustment pretty soon, tolerances from the time of the 450D are not the same today and with high resolution sensors they will have to add it sooner or later.

They keep trying to keep their entry level cameras "dumb" while others slowly eat their market.

And yes I'm a Canon shooter... One of the many who asked why TF didn't they added AF Microadjustment in the 60D at that time...

The entire reason for micro adjust is because the inherent issues with the system anyways. Canon should develop a tool for users that automatically sync the camera and lens. Bam.

Who the hell wants to take hours snapping charts when they could be taking real photos? You people are gluttons for punishment. :P

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On Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review preview (455 comments in total)
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mugupo: T6s would be great except there's already Canon 70D which has more feature and actually cheaper as well with import or bundle. I don't see the appearing of T6s when there's exit of 70d. There are test been that show 70d does better focus than t6s for some strange reason despite is the same system.

The problem with the 70d is the AF. seriously the Af on the one i had from canon was so busted, im still shocked by it. Im galld it was however, as i bought a 5d3 instead. The noise isnt the greatest at all, but holy hell the focus is heavenly

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On Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review preview (455 comments in total)
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nicoboston: If you want to have fun with a DSLR and good lenses, and don't want a big camera, get a 100D (SL1). The 100D should be the only "Rebel". The other ones (6 Rebels !!!) are mostly useless. Those who want a simple entry level DSLR will get the 100D, and if they need more "serious" gear they have the XXDs. Currently Canon has 17 EOS DSLRs available and it does not make sense ! In the current context it is totally counterproductive.They should get rid of at least 50% of current DSLR bodies, unless they want to make this wonderful EOS system totally incomprehensible :-(

Uh, im pretty sure two of them at least are tests with the market. And once you said these cameras can be useless, you pretty much summed up your comment as a whole.

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The Silver Nemesis: What I find very intersting on this site is how (some) people owning the camera equivalent of a Lamborghini are expressing their point(s) of view about a VW Polo (entry level cameras). And that is...considered fair, by the...general audience.

I would have loved the 70d...the iso performance was very good, i enjoyed the picture profile. The Af was bad though, so i didnt get to enjoy the camera. one day id like it to replace my workhorse t2i.

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Chronis: I've counted the word "disappointing"/"disappointed" five times....

Well done Canon.... replacing the 450 will have to wait...

What other shocking news have I learned?

that expensive L glass doesn't focus as well as crappy STM plastic .... WTF ?!?!!? I've been investing in L glass for a reason... to outlive any body for a couple of decades AND to make the so much awaited move to FF without having to change lens...

something is seriously wrong with Canon...

if you havent replaced a 450d...then you havent been paying attention. While the 450 still takes super sharp beautiful pics, the color depth and mp combined cannot compare to the t2i +. I noticed that 5 years ago when i rented a t2i. I still own one, and used it for model pictures in japan. It's a great lil body.

If youre still too scared or jilited or whatever from these websites, do yourself a favor- go rent, use, explore. the xsi is severely lacking in features at this point, and there could be some of those that you will love.

For the record, i have a xsi/t2i/6d/5d/m3/g12. And i know what kind of images come from all of them. :)

Cheers, happy shooting

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Im a canon guy, with my first body being a xsi. I havent bough another rebel since the t2i.

One main reason is the bodies feel especially cheap, with the plastic finish getting softer finished, greyer, and easier to scratch every year. The old xsi has almost a shine to it, but it looks liek a premium body compared to these cheapos.

I was able to play around with these bodies and the M3 in Bic camera japan- and man, i wanted to put them down, quick.

Shame, because i have yet to own a variable screen dslr, and i really would love to have one. but these rebels arent getting my money...just feels too cheap :(

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview (818 comments in total)
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showmeyourpics: Camera gear should be judged by what you get out of it and at what cost (money and aggravation). If what you do with it is pixel peeping and/or bragging about it, then let's face it, you are not a photographer. Making large prints is the most demanding output with slide shows and sharing on the web being much less challenging. I love to travel to places that inspire me (Nature, city's, etc.) and can afford or intend to visit only once, and want reliable gear at affordable prices that is comfortable to carry around and let me make high quality prints up to 24x36". Here comes the M4/3 system with the new killer E-M5 II body and a record selection of good-to-excellent lenses (minuscule F/3.5 or f/4 lenses, larger pro level f/2.8 models, and all the 4/3 lenses with an inexpensive AF adapter) at a decent price. I do my diligent and fun research and, to the best of my knowledge, there is nothing else out there that can match its combination of quality, versatility, ergonomics and price.

IQ will always rule the day over here, i dont care what the vendor has to do to achieve it. And yes, that means Pixel Peeping™ :P

PP allows me to see if i achieved critical focus (if that was the gaols, usually so)...for every image select. i wonder what your method is

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Bill Bentley: T6s looks nice enough. But when, oh when, will Canon finally drop the Rebel name? Just go with 760D worldwide for crying out loud.

you guys are crazy, and apparently are oblivious to marketing.

If the name makes you not want the camera, you may have other issues

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lightmatters: Selling 60D and buying 760D (aka T6s) ... Am I crazy?

heck no, you're quite smart

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