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Maybe I've not been keeping up with Lytro but the only thing that is going to win them and their technology market share is if they can get large content carriers like Facebook and Google to support their file format "natively".

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On Transcend releases new Wi-Fi memory card post (47 comments in total)
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steve_hoge: WIFI in an SD card? Don't have those kind of real-time needs, so I could take it or leave it.

But when are we going to see SD cards with auto-tagging GPS built in? I'd LOVE to eliminate that step from my workflow while still being able to shoot with any camera I choose.

Sort of. The Eye-Fi cards record the BSSIDs of the Wifi hotspots around it and they use a triangulation sytem (can't remember the company name) to narrow down the location. This is OK-ish in tourist areas but has severe drawbacks when no WiFi is prsent at *shooting* time (not upload time, doh!) or if you carry your own Wifi hotspot like a tethered phone or MiFi device - then the EyeFi gets it very wrong...

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If this can be a phone it'll make a nice update to my Note.

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I have a couple of older models but I am pretty much not using them because of the prohibitive consumable costs. Used to be I could buy the 108-sheet/ink packs for about 5p/print. Now the best price I seem to be able to get is closer to double that, sometimes a little less if an offer is on.

Convenience is one thing but being gouged is quite another.

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It's not only about the money but also about press freedom. This would be just the thin end of the wedge. What next? Perhaps the music journalist covering the night will be expected to sigh a waiver restricting how they are allowed to portray the event and how they can syndicate their writing?

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On Canon significantly improves EOS 7D with firmware v2 article (296 comments in total)

Wow. Canon is getting with the modern age and updating stuff rather than freezing it at release. Only a couple of other examples - most notably the 5DII - where they have added new features. I wonder (and hope!) they do something similar for my 1DsIII :)

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Tom Z: Seems like it's the same thing they added to the Android version, then pulled it out, because people didn't want multiple facebook icons in there app drawer.

.. which is a shame, cause it's the first new feature in the Android app I thought was any good. That and not having to have a separate Messenger install (which is maybe why they pulled it?)

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On Coffee in the Clean (Capture date and size rule) Please read all... challenge (8 comments in total)

I like it, and I don't want to sound like I am taking the p*** but the handle of the cup is ever so so slightly non-horizontal (anti-clockwise) which after all the conditioning I have tried forcing myself into for horizons just jumped out at me.

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You can also share a G+ album via a URL without the viewer having to "sign up", unlike facebook.

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On Panasonic launches rugged DMC-TS4 / FT4 article (75 comments in total)
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Streicher: As I understand the TS3 already featured both a compass and an altimeter ( see ), so I have a hard time seeing exactly what it is that has been added hardware wise. Any ideas?

Yep, sounds like a marketing "mandatory annual update" model. The only feature that sounds new is the loading of maps.

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On Panasonic launches rugged DMC-TS4 / FT4 article (75 comments in total)
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Cy Cheze: How fast or slow does the GPS calibrate when you turn the camera on at a new location? Will the meta data of photos taken continue to report an old coordinate until the GPS has enough time (minutes?) to update?

Are the barometer and altimeter readings reliable? Do they have to be calibrated every so often? What do they signify under water? Can the pressure reading really differentiate 35' from 39'? Captain Schettino insisted depth mattered less than the shore view.


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Posters here are confusing the different aspects of Copyright law, especially the UK law, when it comes to this judgement. Copyright is not about duplication per se in this case, it is about the creative elements of the works in question. I especially like the (traditional) way posters from the US assume that their particular version of Copyright applies globally.

I recommend a good read of and all the various updates since for the "real" issues in this case.

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On EXIF tracking services help find missing cameras article (77 comments in total)

I once got a call from a stranger who had just bought a Canon D60 (yes, 2002 it was) and asked why my name and mobile number was in his EXIF under Copyright.

Turns out that my first D60, which I returned after 2 days with hot pixels in the rear LCD, got shipped back to Canon and then refurbed and just pushed out to another (different) retailer. The gent in question went to have strong words with Canon and the retailer.


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Thanks Uwe. Look forward to reading it soon.

PS Thanks dpreview for the pointer and *NOT* (given you are now owned by Amazon) forcing us to use crappy Kindle DRM to download even a free book. Please don't do this in the future either.

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On The 15 Minute Makeover: Photoshop Beauty Retouching article (168 comments in total)

I can't see the watermark that says "this is not real, this is a faked face" ? Perhaps less retouching and we would have less in the way of body image issues with the vulnerable out there ?

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On Lytro announces Light Field Camera article (269 comments in total)

I wish Ren Ng and Lytro every success. While the concept and the execution may seem alien to many, including myself I have to say, it is the first time that digital photography has moved beyond a direct adaptation of film photography and is trying to use technology to do something beyond faster/cheaper/smaller.

I may well take the plunge and throw some money at playing with this next year. The only thing that concerns me is actually the primary selling point - no prints ;)

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faroutfella: Cats please................


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GPS. I like my FT3 but the GPS performance is poor. I have used Garmin bike computers for years and while the Edge 305 was ok, the 705 is excellent in acquiring a lock in city conditions. So the technology is there.

So, in future, with the increase in GPS on cameras can DPReview construct a standard set of tests for GPS - time to acquire cold/warm both in open and built-up areas ?

I also suspect battery life as quoted is affected by having GPS on (getting 10 minute locks etc.) which are not shown in the standard tests.

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Peter Galbavy: If you're travelling then GPS is an excellent addition. Problem with the FT3 is that acquiring a lock takes ages and ages. Maybe this update will help.

I spoke too soon. Tried after 8 hours in an office and the camera would not get a lock again until I got home to suburbia and open skies. Sigh.

I speak as the long time user of Garmin Edge products that seem to have well designed and engineered antenna and chipsets. no problems in cities with the 705...

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Peter Galbavy: If you're travelling then GPS is an excellent addition. Problem with the FT3 is that acquiring a lock takes ages and ages. Maybe this update will help.

Well, earlier this week my FT3 would not get a lock at all in the City of London (either errored out early or ran until the end of the progress bar) while I was walking around on the way home after work. Up to 25% of sky visibility at junctions where building work was happening and there was some cler sky.

This morning, in a very unscientific test after installing 1.2, the FT3 acquired 4 satellites and a fix in about 45 seconds while walking down a build-up street (Cornhill to those who know the area). A sampler of one, I admit, but I will perhaps try again this afternoon in a different area.

So, I'm happier with 1.2 at the moment :)

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